20 Replies to “Would You Like Bacon With That?”

  1. That loaf of bread looks more like the Easter bread or Paska that my wife bakes. It uses yeast and is sweetened with sugar. I may be wrong but I think Passover bread has no yeast in it to make the dough rise.

    Dumkopf NDP as per thread below and this one do not have a clue about anything other than flogging Karl Marx’s lies.

    1. Key to Passover is ridding the home of hometz, leavened bread products, right down to the crumbs. This photo is perfectly wrong.

      1. Thank you for the explanation.

        The more I learn about my religion, the more I realize how little I know about Christianity, much less related faiths like Judaism.

        1. Learning about ancient, medieval and modern Judaism has been helpful to me to know Christ better, to be more aware of how important Israel and the Jewish people are. It will enrich you appreciation of the OT. They do not think it is just a foreshadow of the NT, but they are our compatriots in faith.

    2. It’s Challah. A Jewish bread eaten on Sabbath and every holiday EXCEPT Passover where we eat Matzah.

  2. The Manitoba Dippers must have borrowed Climate Barbie’s staff to have come up with that one.

  3. Quite frankly I’m surprised the Manitoba NDP hasn’t gone on a rant about Joo’s and Israel.

  4. For the Friday evening meal, this bread is ( Hebrew) Challah or aka hallah, which literally means loaf.
    ( fine white flour,eggs,water,yeast,sugar, salt)

    Also known by 11 other names see google ‘challah’

  5. Jewish dietetic prohibitions are easily ascertainable for anyone with minimal curiosity or wit. Flatworm journos need not apply.

    If it’s doctrinal contratemps you’re after, try reconciling mainline Christian churches’ Easter Readings with Saint Jerome’s 4th Century Latin Vulgate or the AD 1611 King James version of Matthew 28 (the Resurrection): No angels or earthquakes in hierophants’ PCBS venues, indeed no sense at all that the Faith’s most central element was anything but “the two Marys'” rumor mill.

    No wonder serial Archbishops of Canterbury, just now the Pope himself, turn apostate while believers fall away.

  6. Challah makes GREAT French Toast! Is that what they were going for? Not many Joos left in France anymore. THAT genocide is nearly complete.