In an anti-industrial landscape, where does energy education go from here?

Energy literacy has never been strong – as our society’s comfort grows, we take for granted all the industrial processes we can’t live without. With our dominant and critically vital energy sources under ferocious attack from armchair quarterbacks, where does energy education go from here? (And Happy Independence Day, American friends.) Read on…

5 Replies to “In an anti-industrial landscape, where does energy education go from here?”

  1. energy education begins,once the effete elites and Gang Green get what they are working for.
    We are very close now,in many parts ,thanks to government idiocy,you can generate reliable power cheaper with a home diesel genset than you can buy it from your utility.
    Once mass blackouts and rolling dropout are the norm,energy education will set in.

    Power engineers are a neglected breed,disrespected and ignored.
    Possibly because they did their jobs too well for too long,the current political leadership and the voting public,know nothing of system instability,base load and customer panic..but they will learn.
    For as their asinine policies drive base load equipment into retirement and promote unreliable,erratic sources,those days of taking electricity supply for granted are passing.
    “Power comes from the wall outlet” will be replaced by “Mommy what did people use for night light before candles?”..”Electric Light being a thing of the past.

    Funny how politicians can find ways to steal in even the most essential of services,the parasitic theft on your hydro bill is a work of art,a most creative web of surcharges ,levies and theft all driving the cost of civilization ever upward.

  2. SAIT offers a 2 year power engineering course for under $13,000 that boasts a starting salary of $92,000.

    Our deregulated Alberta power system is, unfortunately for us in rural areas, quite fair. We pay hefty power line costs that Calgary doesn’t, because they don’t incur them.

    Our power was off for one scheduled outagelast year. What, more specifically, do you think is wrong, and why?

  3. In an anti-industrial society where does energy come from?

    Burning wood. So cut down all the trees like Haiti.

    Cow dung. Except PETA will say that’s barbaric. Plus cow farts emit methane, a gas that is 27 times worse than CO2.

  4. Pffft.
    People take their luxuries for granted and most just nod their vacant, cud-chewing heads when they are told what to think by the loud-mouth on the pedestal.