Nursing homes didn’t “matter”.

The confused and heartbroken seniors who thought families had forgotten them, the shuttered emergency rooms, the cancelled surgeries, the Easter services forbidden, the graduations uncelebrated, the bars and restaurants and other small businesses that struggled to survive for eleven long weeks in a province wide effort to protect our vulnerable?

Didn’t matter.

Now, after those eleven long weeks we learn that not one Saskatchewan senior, not one health care worker, not one businessperson, not one employee in this province was as important as some dead guy in Minneapolis.

That a random criminal turned network news celebrity corpse, who met a tragic end while high on meth and fentanyl, with a rap sheet that included five incarcerations and a home invasion (during which he held a pregnant woman at gunpoint) — would “matter” more than any of us.

To Premier Scott Moe: as you hold your breath over the next couple of weeks over a potential new outbreak from these demonstrations know just this one thing — we’re not going back to “Phase Two“.

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  1. I gave my vote and my $$ to the Sask Party for the past 15 years; they just sold out their base tonight.

    1. Moe better get a grip quick on his entire bureaucratic machine, from justice, to health, to environment. Bureaucrats almost by definition vote NDP, they are working hard to ensure things are broken just in time for the next election. He’d be better off firing the whole damn lot and refunding tax money rather than keep them employed.

  2. Well said. Cannot stop the politically correct mass gatherings..

    Like FFS…Wally mart and Ukrainian tire and every grocery store has been open for business as usual for the whole thing..

    Wash yer hands don’t touch yer face etc move along.

    If Moe and blackface et all want me to social distance…they gotta splain ^^^^^^^^^

    Yeah… some dead guy in Minny some hero he is

    1. Walmart, Canadian Tire, and Loblaws will have a record year. The little stores that were shut down – tough tittie.

  3. Like the other SDAers, I too, shut off my TV on Thursday.

    The family and friends of the fallen police officers had to bury their loved ones. Where were their funerals? They certainly were not televised. We mustn’t forget them. Kayleigh McEnany the White House Press Secretary, very wisely, included the mention of their names during her Press Conference on Wednesday. Most of the MSM didn’t bother.

    Then there is the sight and nerve of DeBlasio, picking sides:

    Enough already.

    1. Come to think of it:
      Apology for being off topic @ 3:02 am.
      (Would be better placed in Reader’s Tips thread)
      Sending you best wishes and better days, Saskatchewan.

      1. N R I did not watch one single minute of it, just like the cov2 saga. When my wife would have the TV on and was listening to it I was magnanimous and said if you don’t shut the TV off or put the headphones on I will shut it off. Usually she would put on the headphones and mute the tv to save me from myself.

    2. Nancy

      I shut off my TV about 10 years ago. I can honestly say I don’t miss it.

      At times I would miss pro sports, but on trips to the US, I’d quickly get tired of endless commercials and turn off the hotel TV.

      1. I once gave up TV for awhile– I know what you mean, Joe.

        I enjoy using a PVR, it offers ~ 500 recorded hours so I record what I like and fast forward the junk. Giving up cable TV is not anything I’d consider because I enjoy movies and some ‘live’ events are inescapable, at certain times.

      2. In BC we have the Knowledge Network, no commercials other than them requesting donations. Many fine British dramas and programs for the kids.

  4. COVID-19 was a Chinese Communist plot to overthrow President Trump. So are the George Floyd riots.

    Remember this when President Trump tires of having a Chinese province next door and the US army, fresh from driving the globalists from Minneapolis, head north to finish off the Libranos and Canada’s collaborationist conservatives.

    I don’t think the provisional military government of the Saskatchewan Territory, tasked with preparing the territory and its people for admission to the Union, will need Scott’s services any longer—except as a source of names of fellow globalist agents.

    Free Derek Chauvin. Assign him to making Scott talk.

  5. We all know what things are important and being a white Canadian is not one of them.

  6. Politicians and the media have been telling us for months, to stay at home, don’t meet in groups, etc. and now the same politicians and media are excited and supportive of large groups of protestors. In Ontario thousands of people gathered for the cameras in cities across the province yesterday. Toronto the city of painted circles for people to stand in, is having a large protest this weekend. Stores are already boarding up their windows.

  7. I’m old enough to remember when the biggest issue in Saskatoon was whether to stores should be open late on Friday nights instead of just Thursdays.

    It’s sure not the same place I knew when I lived there nearly 40 years ago.

    1. I remember when the issue in Saskatoon was to allow Thursday night openings. And yet Mayor Cliff Wright’s brother paved the Idywyld parkway how many times before it finally stuck? I believe the last number was 5 attempts and no one said anything. And then Wright was shocked when he almost lost the mayoral campaign not to Fink, but Hugh Arscot’s German Shepherd.

      1. The mayoralty campaign that I remember was the one in 1982. One of the candidates based his platform on Wright and the city council of being pimps. The argument was that escort services need a license to legally operate, and since those are issued by city hall, that made the mayor, et. al., responsible.

        You can’t make this stuff up if you tried…..

  8. These days things gain momentum quickly and sheeple like to jump on the Holier Than Thou Wagon so everyone else can see how awesome, woke and wonderful they are as they roll along… not much different than North Koreans really.

    1. Buddy, there is nothing quite as satisfying as that virtue signaling thing. Man, I will regret it when the few intelligent people that I converse with are all gone. They are disappearing rapidly, not sure why.

  9. The left has long been fond of its martyrs, some who died in circumstances which conveniently fit its ideology.

    One such example is Bishop Oscar Romero, who was murdered during a church service in El Salvador over 40 years ago. Immediately, the right wing in that country was blamed for it and I remember his name being brought up almost every week during church services as an example of how evil capitalism was.

    However, over the years, there are indications that the official explanation wasn’t quite true. There were stories about Romero having ties to left-wing parties, though it seems unclear just how strong those might have been. But there are also indications that his murder was actually a false flag operation designed to generate sympathy for the left-wing cause during the unrest at the time. (Don’t forget that a number of countries in Central America were dealing with leftist insurrections at the time.)

    But, none of that was ever reported by news networks back then.

    1. Hey BA, and the RCC was the left’s biggest buddies in south and central america at that time.

      1. The doctrine of “liberation theology” was created by a clergyman in South America when he proposed it in a book he wrote. The fact that he happened to be Catholic is probably co-incidental.

  10. “Smalldeadanimals doesn’t speak for the people of Saskatchewan”
    It appears calvert wasn’t the last politician who had to learn how wrong this is.

  11. Good one, Kate. It’s all about being seen. You couldn’t sift out one ounce of genuine concern from the lot of them.

  12. It is actually kind of creepy to watch just how easily people are controlled these days.

  13. Scott Adams suggests saying this to the zombies might help with the problem of brainwashing:
    “Racist Police Brutality is a serious problem everywhere in North America except statistically.”

  14. The left have people who will hit the streets to try and influence opinion and policy. They are being incredibly successful. Conservative thinkers are not prepared to do that and will suffer the consequences. If the selected BS that makes the media or is spouted at public forums is not challenged then it becomes truth. The fact that much of this activity is directed by political forces behind the scenes should not surprise anyone.

    Bottom line is conservative thought bleats a story but does little to defend that story. Political representations by those who seek to promote and defend conservative thought are abject failures. CPC anyone? AT whatever political level you want to look at; school boards, municpal, provincial or federal, conservative thought is losing. Schools, media and government workers are controlled by progressives/socialist/communist. Take your choice. As we continue to descend into the “Atlas Shrugged” world the realization that it will only be an economic armageddon that
    will bring change. It will take decades and by horrific.

    1. Conservatives have jobs to go to and lawns to mow on weekends. Some years ago I got really disgusted by the protests demanding Canada pull out the troops from Afghanistan. I went to counter protest a few times. I learned that there is a small group of people for whom these protests are the de rigour thing to do, a sort of elitist virtue signalling get together. Just before the protesting began a self proclaimed Palestinian pulled up in a white van and he had a whole bunch of signs in the back. He shuffled through the signs (End Israeli Apartheid, India Out of Kashmir ect) and pulled out the ones about get the troops out and handed them to the crowd. Among the signs left behind were ones that said stuff like “Lesbians for Bike Paths”. (I am not kidding, Lesbians for Bike Paths!) Talking to them I discovered the vast majority of them each had their own special microcause, like Lesbians for Bike Paths, and the majority didn’t really endorse most of the stuff but rather felt obligated to come out because if they showed up to support the cause of the biweekly meeting, then those others would show up to support their micro cause in turn. Afterward the 200 or so left the “protest” to go to the local leftist free-trade-coffee shop and cafe full of communist party flyers and assorted leftists microcause information pamphlets, drank coffee, shared leftist fellowship. They then went home glowing with a feeling accomplished over this day’s virtue signalling. CBC of course, gobbles this stuff up because, frankly, Winnipeg is a generally well ordered and rather boring place, except for that which can not be reported on. If there was something especially important for the lefties to protest they’d get a bigger crowd than usual, like the way churches get extra people at Easter. I suspect the crowd in Regina is much the same. I gave up counter protesting. No one really cares about their stupid protests.

  15. Every one of those infantile imbeciles would vote against your dream of Wexit too.

    I think the West is just as f***ed as anywhere else now.



    1. Yeah. Agreed.

      These protests / riots … feel different, somehow. Kind of like how I felt in the runup to the 2015 election. That the country was going left, full steam, and may not *ever* steer right again. We may get a Conservative government again, some day, but it’ll be a Progressive Conservative government in all but name, and it’ll just seat-warm until Liberals come back to power. The Republicans who infest Washington are ~85% corporate shills for Wall Street and/or closet Democrats and/or Deep State swamp rats as it is. When Trump leaves office (and again, in this chaotic environment, his reelection is *not* guaranteed), Washington will go right back to left-leaning and Wall Street and Deep State friendly policies and may *never* come back.

      The culture is not going right. It’s going left. Further and further left. Politicians will follow, because that’s where the votes are. Policies will follow. Conservatives will be increasingly shut out & quieted and reduced to easily ignored & shunned minority voices. See California. Most big American cities. Democrat fortresses, Republicans need not apply. Canada’s going that way.

      This isn’t something I can cite studies, or provide links.. just. Instincts. Something’s just going *wrong* with a lot of western society. Large, very large swaths of society are utterly convinced that it needs to be torn down and replaced with .. something. Something else. Something that isn’t going to work out well. For anybody.

      1. No. He means the conservative party has been taken over by “progressives”, even though they dropped Progressive from their name.
        Progressivism has NO PLACE in conservative thought.

  16. What is the real goal of the riots and ‘protests’?
    Is it to spread the pandemic and do more damage to the economy?

    1. The REAL goal is to Destroy Donald Trump.

      AntiFa – Soros Open Society – Communist party of US – Main Stream Media – Democrat Party……all of whom are invested 100% in that goal.

      And all of whom I believe are involved in Co-ordinating – Orchestrating – Financing this National Insurrection.

      so whats their ploy now..??? DEFUND the Police..! LA already started.
      I feel we are heading full steam ahead into a Mad MAx scenario….Full-on Anarchy and a world of Criminality and Vigilantism.

      Time to lock n load methinks.

  17. If there is no outbreak of C – 19(84) within two weeks, then open Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. There is no threat of second wave, and the voters know it.

    The politicians want power – even to the point of keeping business and cafes closed for no reason. The police/bylaw offers are still giving out “social-distancing” tickets – and not one person joining in on demonstrations get a ticket or scolding for breaking the health act.

  18. Is it finally time now to really address the issue of drug addiction? Over the decades, morals, values and ethics have been steadily hollowed from drug abuse and the trade the demand creates. Who among us is willing to flatten their personal curve with “recreational” drug use?

      1. Yea and so is Unionism – particularly PUBIC SERVICE UNIONISM.
        Unions being a Karl Marx creation and all…. One look at how UNIFOR acts should be proof enough.

        Oh yea…the media is for the most part UNIONIZED aint it..??

  19. Burlington Ontario has taken the knee and lowered all flags. Was it for the Ontario dead ? Nooooooooooooooooooooo.

    1. This is also the city that banned car idling Because Climate Change, and then had to promptly walk that back when people pointed out this would make it impossible to use a drive through.

      We’re not electing our best, is what I’m saying.

    2. I lost any and all hope for this city when my fellow citizens re-elected Karina Gould in the last federal election.

      1. Indeed and word a most unqualified candidate promoted by Liberals for quotient reasons.

  20. The Canadian system has Tools for correcting Injustice… A Class Action against Provincial elected persons will punish selective enforcement policies,,,, YES Taxpayers pay for electing these Clowns & they need to pay enough to HURT…..

    It’s an Act of cowardice NOT to use all the tools available to prevent abuse of citizens… The Not Withstanding Clause to stop the Carbon Tax and Gun Control….The Supreme Court of Canada rulings can/may be challenged.

    WHY NOT?


  21. Seems Australia has found a way to protect it’s citizens from the less-than-covid-thoughtful protesters who do not social distance during the protests. Headline: “Court rules against planned Sydney protest due to virus fear” SYDNEY, Australia — An Australian court sided with police in ruling Friday that a Black Lives Matter protest planned for Sydney poses too much risk for spreading the coronavirus and cannot be held.

    Why would Canada not dot this instead of Dr. Tam telling people not to YELL at protests (but she said nothing about social distancing at protests?)
    A good old court injunction against the protests to stop the spread works for me.

    1. It doesn’t matter who wins in November; either way the US is going to descend into violence and chaos. We may even see an actual civil war (note that “civil war” means military units shooting at each other, not people rioting in the streets).

      1. I think we’re still at least two decades from a genuine civil war in the USA. Increasing civil unrest? Likely. Descent into increasing socialism? Assuredly. But the Armed Forces need money. That source of money is Congress. The AF are NOT going to bite the hands that feed them. Not yet. The upper brass know how the game is played and how to play it (and an increasing number of them are all too happy to get into bed with Democrats anyway).

        Things will have to get much, MUCH worse before you would see a hot civil war erupt. You need widespread breakdowns in the ability of civil society to even function before you get there. Even California’s not there yet and they’ve had, what is it, a good two or three decades of uncontested Democrat control of its legislature? And no genuine conservative minded governor since.. Ronald Reagan himself maybe? Rural California is utterly screwed, completely at the mercy of the coastal liberal elite, and yet they haven’t revolted.

        Short / medium term, I think you’re more likely to see permanent Democrat control of at least the White House. As Texas goes purple (and it will happen; most of its population growth is Hispanic and its big cities lean increasingly Democratic), Republicans will simply be left with no path to win the presidency ever again. Once that happens, the descent into hell truly begins.

    1. She is an immigrant from Cameroon who has a masters degree and works for a federal agency.
      In the video she is taking on a predominantly white BLM protest in Washinton DC.
      BLM and the Left hate her.

    2. I like her…!!
      An ally of Candace Owens.
      Good to see Black Women who can see straight giving it HARD to these Leftist Assholes.

    1. Be careful: I don’t think you’re allowed to use the term “native” anymore.

  22. Great Commentary Kate.
    Bang on.

    I would note that not only did Floyd point a gun at a pregnant (black) woman….He held it against her Tummy…. such an upstanding young fellow eh.??

    And its 100% Identical to other similar situations. Travon, the asshole in Baltimore…the list is endless. ALL Hero’s to the Media.

  23. It is time to move quickly to phase 5. Anyone who has been a parent knows that teenagers stuck at home without school, friends, meaningful work and fun will get into mischief.

    Open the clubs, parks, playgrounds and sporting events now! People need to enjoy the summer. How long do viruses last on playground equipment in the summer sun?

    Bring on the hypothetical second wave before the fall. The UN WHO plan is not going to work, as people will not put up with losing their freedom much longer. Ruining the global economy will cause far more misery and death than this flu.

    We grown-ups who are vulnerable and older will social distance as best we can. People with sniffles should self-isolate and wear masks. Mask-wearing may be useful on public transit.

  24. The elites are the equivalent to those safely in the confines of the castle walls.

    They promote chaos among the common folk and at every turn trying to destabilize to gain power.

    They don’t care what they wreck or that innocent bystanders die.

    This is about Trump and this is about power.

    And if they get it, USA is over as we know it.

  25. Looks more and more like a Plandemic rather than a pandemic every day.
    Now unless we see pandemic scale spread of the Wuhan Flu in the next week or two,then the incompetence of our National Health Bureaucracy will be impossible to deny.
    Just the time line of official pronouncement ,advice for the public,as this panic proceeded reveals stupidity dense and deep.
    But the heart of the lock down,was the fear of contagion.
    Now with all the gaolers suddenly congregating to signal their virtue,one can only conclude, they never believed a word of the “wisdom they dispensed” and all the posturing and threats toward any citizen who dared to need groceries or an income,were pure theatre and power lust.

    So from every indication of incompetence and brutal displays of the Peter Principle,we now are treated to utter hypocrisy.
    Unless rioting is the cure?

    I expect great snorts of derision as the Fools and Bandits now attempt to explain their position.
    Up will be down.
    White is already Black
    And Liberal Style Politicians are here to help you.
    The $2 billion media party will rise up to insist we cannot trust our lying eyes,their and only their interpretation of the wonder and virtue of of our Dear Leaders is acceptable.

  26. Brilliant remarks, Kate.

    Might I add, that the beatified Floyd died with a knee on his neck but apparently not from a knee on his neck. Covid-19 has taught us, among other things, that that is a distinction not worth marking.

    It’s also taught us that tens of thousands of old folks in NY state, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Minnesota died because their state governors knowingly forced nursing-care homes to accept old folks with Covid-19. I think they refer to that as “quarantining our most vulnerable”. Good epidemiological practice, we’re told. Or is it better described as “culling the herd”?

  27. I’ve heard from a friend they discovered a pallet of bricks in Victoria with BLM painted on them. If true, here we go! If it happens I hope they start in Fernwood where all the hardcore leftists live.

    1. You are suggesting targeting a peaceful neighbourhood simply because of your mistaken belief of all the people that live there, and furthermore just because they disagree with you. You are every bit the miscreant that Antifa members are, worse in some ways.

      1. I’m sure james only wants the good people of Fernwood to enjoy the things that they’ve been demanding and voting for all these years. It would be a shame if they missed out.

        I feel the same about Toronto. Lay off the downtown and go visit some of those NDP-voting areas that really love this type of thing.

        Also, and this is just FYI, there’s a difference between posting a comment on a blog and bashing somebody’s face in with a brick. Just thought you oughta know.

        1. So you’re all in on bigotry too, wonderful. Also, FYI, your last paragraph is asinine. Just thought you oughta know.

          1. Nothing bigoted about it. If they want to smash white supremacy they should start with their own faces.

    2. Excellent idea.

      Maybe if Keith Ellison (say) knew he’d be murdered in his own home by his own tribe while the cops and soldiers looked on, he’d have done the decent thing and let the Minneapolis Four go free by now.

      It would be delightful, after hearing our betters tell the mob to “fight the power” for so long, to watch the mob actually do so.

  28. “Plandemic”…brilliant John. The first few weeks to a month required strict measures to get a handle on what we were dealing with. Government accomplished that, everything since has been finding how best to exploit the situation for their political needs, which in most cases is trying to cement the progressive utopia from the minds? of Turdo and Butts.

    1. You must be new here,I borrowed that from one of our fellow commenters.
      And do you really feel like Government actually has a handle on what we are dealing with,pandemic wise?
      I have seen zero evidence that the National Health Bureaucracy ever had a clue.
      Go back over the Official advice given,versus knowledge at the time.
      Not impressive.

      1. That’s not what I was saying. I was explaining that is why the official advice given was different versus the knowledge at the time, it didn’t suit their purpose…they had more than a clue. Hence plandemic being clever. No I’m not new here, I just don’t read every word like gospel and I’ve never been much of a follower. And yes, duping the public to advance a political cause is not impressive.

  29. Watching the media and our political class kowtow to these communists is SO illuminating.

    Compare and contrast, the same day we have Karen Kops running around giving $800 tickets to people for having backyard barbecues, we have Canadian mayors and MPs getting down on one knee in front of thousands of people breaking the Corona Curfew because some drug addicted criminal got killed in a foreign country. By accident.

    Seriously, who do they think they’re fooling right now? An eight year old seeing this would be standing up yelling “FAKE!!!” at the top of his lungs.

    1. It’s been a long time since they fooled anybody but themselves. A big part of the MSM’s job is to tell the political class what they want to hear, the truth be damned.

      They’ll go on singing kumbaya till the mob breaks down the doors of their Annex and Rockcliffe Park piles to carry off everything that isn’t nailed down, including their daughters, while the police look on.

      (Of course, many of the daughters, taught that it’s empowering to bend over for black men, won’t need carrying off exactly. They’ll jump for joy at the prospect of a black sausage fest. My word, Daddy will be so proud of what his sex-educated daughter has grown up to be—a field hand’s whore.)

      Who was it said a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged? Some people only learn the hard way.

  30. “not one employee in this province was as important as some dead guy in Minneapolis.”

    That would be a drunk/high guy in Minneapolis who died as a result of getting violent while being arrested for passing bogus currency. Pretty much a shoe-in for sainthood.

  31. Those who think we have years before the crash may be horribly wrong. We’ve got televised evidence how quickly civil society can burn up. I think the closer these Democrats get to criminal charges, the faster the incitement will ramp up. It’d be happening here too except our local dictator is bullet proof from any wrong doing.