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    1. Smells like a smoking gun, sounds like a smoking gun.

      Let’s see:
      Bat virus – check
      Spike proteins – check
      Find ones that attach to human cells – check
      Recombine viruses – check

      It is fairly well established that Shi had the closest known relative bat virus.

    1. There is nothing magical about the study of science. Even the study of religion does not elevate a person’s ethics. Let alone something dry like pure science.
      Time was, science was an avocation among some British nobles. Lord Cavendish, for example. England still has a tradition of amateur astronomers. They really pursued science out of pure love. But we forget Eisenhower’s second admonition in his farewell speech, warning about the military industrial complex. He also warned against federal support of scientific investigation. That sounds great on the surface, but money corrupts, and a great deal of money corrupts even more. We have all seen the results when the people who hold the federal purse strings advocate one point of view, as in so-called AGW.
      I don’t think it’s so much the money corrupts the scientists as it corrupts the science. They money attracts the wrong kind of people into the field. And that kind of people are the ones who end up in control, because that is why they do it in the first place.

      1. I was always under the impression that science was a search and that it was never settled.

      2. I don’t think it’s so much the money corrupts the scientists as it corrupts the science.

        Yup. I found that out as a grad student. If one wanted to have one’s thesis topic to be taken seriously by one’s department, it had better be something that brought in a lot of moolah. Since my research only needed a computer and lots of paper, all of which I paid for out of my own pocket, nobody, including my Ph. D. supervisor, cared.

        What an idiot I was, thinking that research and grad studies emphasized initiative, independence, and originality in thought.

        One result is that researchers become intellectually root-bound, partly because they tend to have the same source of funding. What one group does or writes is, in many ways, identical to what its counterpart in another lab, department, or institution does. Diversity of opinion and perspective is quite limited.

        1. Thomas Sowell’s description of his journey away from leftist thinking fits in here.
          Personal self interest, bias is always nearby.

      3. Indeed, OB … and the current problem lies (pun intended) in the Deep State bureaucracy of woke leftists and special interest ideologues. They are the ones who control the spending and selection of JUNK scientists, and JUNK science. Just LOOK at the apoplectic reaction to PDJT’s removal of “scientist” Dick (not so) Bright. Or his stopping of the NIH’s funding of China virus research. Let alone his moratorium on WHO funding. The entire Deep State is at all out WAR on PDJT. Yeah … with THIS MUCH $$$ at stake … with this many corrupt, and fraudulent “scientists” gravy train at stake … they’ll do anything possible to take the Orange Man down.

        How NASA ever became CONTROLLED by the likes of a Michael Mann is frankly … sickening. The men and women who put a man on the moon … now spend their days “smoothing” and “editing” temperatures to “certify” … “the hottest _ _ _ _ ever”. When they’re not hiring Muslims … because … I don’t know … search me!? None of this is SCIENCE … it’s advocacy

  1. “Once we’ve overcome COVID-19, what about COVID-20? What about COVID-21? Who is going to go out and find those? Our grant was specifically designed to locate where these viruses are and to stop them from harming Americans…”

    We know where they are. China.

    Anybody who is serious about stopping Chinese plagues from harming westerners will recommend ridding the world of the vermin-eating Han tribe, who over 6000 years have contributed nothing to the rest of humanity but plagues.

  2. “The Wuhan lab doesn’t even have in its inventory, the virus that causes COVID-19”

    Uhm, fraud school 101; how to keep two sets of books. 101a; how to prepare fake inventories.

    1. The NIH is the government, a division within the Department of Health (and Human Services).

      1. I read somewhere it gets a sizeable amount of funding from the WHO and Bill Gates, and his “wifes”. foundation

    1. Exactly why no one should ever accept the extrapolation of data on any one study, like the hockey stick, (go ahead sue me too Michael Mann.) This guy didn’t even follow the rules himself. That should make everyone highly suspicious.

  3. CoV 20, 21 ,22, just like the seasonal flu, with us forever. We have to get over this panic, it is still not at pandemic numbers. It is driving people crazy. Show me the bodies for God’s sake. 308,000 fatalities world wide does not make a pandemic in a population of almost 8 billion.

  4. Just putting this out here.
    A closely argued explanation of how and why the lockdown makes no sense by one of the world’s top immunologists, Prof Dolores Cahill, who after a long and glorious career is going head to head with the Irish government. This is well worth watching as it delivers facts on Corona viruses and treatment, on herd and individual immunity and immune health, counter to the narrative in a clear and well sourced way. Please pass on


    1. LjH…

      Much thanx for that link.
      Talk about WOW. And a wonderful corroboration of what I have been saying for weeks.
      The Lockdown is utter BS.
      The only way to combat this – just like any other goddamned Virus is to let our IMMUNE System do what it is SUPPOSED to do.
      Wanna boost your IMMUNE system.??
      TAKE VIT D, C & Zinc
      Then go hug your neighbour and take a swim in the sewer.
      The two Doctors talking about immune system were right.
      Dr. Judy Mikovits was right
      And Dr. Dolores Cahill is right.

      We have been Bullshitted and Lied to since day one of this Faux Pandemic by those who would profit from it in any number of ways.

      Positive does NOT MEAN Infected. It means you have AntiBodies – Period.

      As far as Nursing homes Covid-19 Deaths goes..?

  5. As long as the grants come in, the ‘scientists’ will continue with their verbal contradictory bullshit.

    After all in spite of wanna be superior, they love money more than the plebeians.

    Money is their god. And there is freedom of religion.

    So submit.

    1. It isn’t so much the money, but the status that it conveys. The perceived importance of one’s research is measured by how much funding one brings in and from where. The academic research system has, unfortunately, become nothing more than a money-harvesting machine.

      My time as a graduate student, particularly while I was working on my doctorate, was quite revealing. I found out that being able to pay for one’s research on one’s own and to conduct it using one’s own resources is seen as a liability. Taking an old piece of equipment, refurbishing it, and using it for another purpose is frowned upon. If one has to resort to doing things without any external funding is perceived that what one is doing is sub-standard, frivolous, or simply unimportant or unimaginative.

      The recruitment ads for faculty don’t just say “white heterosexual men need not apply”, but also “those to demonstrate initiative and independence are not welcome”. Exceptions might be made if one is a member of some moneybags family, particularly if, through its donations to an institution, it gets its name plastered on a few on-campus buildings.

      1. BAD R I like that abrev. so true what you say. An old ancestor of mine Nathan Fellowes Dupuis, was one of the first math professors and also taught astronomy at what is now Queens University in Kingston. In fact between him and his brother, can’t mind his brothers name they were founding members of that Institution.
        He hand built the astronomical clock that was in the tower originally that was named after him,
        And I think a hall there was named after one or the other of them. Don’t recall which
        But anyways all that was accomplished with their brain and what they had to hand Without huge funding from anyone.
        They did it out of their love for the science and the University. The one brother can’t recall his name was the first or very close to the first Chief Medical Officer for what at that time Upper Canada. Yah I know what your thinking, how come I never got any of those brain cells ha ha. Hope this story proves your point.

    1. that’s why it’s vitally important that you do not lick your shoes, nor rub your eyes with them…

  6. Strong work guys inserting spike proteins from a pangolin virus into a bat coronavirus. That is something nature wouldn’t have contrived to do in a million years. And it looks like you’ve made a convincing case that we need to watch out least bats, pangolins and virologists get together.

    Now we know to call them recombinant viruses. Thanks Peter Daszak. But when the gain of function is the ability to cause a pandemic and kill millions and it actually does what should we call you and the other virologists on your team that appear to have made it possible?

  7. Peter Daszak asks an interesting question!
    What do we do with COVID-20, 21, etc?
    We nuke Beijing to prevent them from coming out of their labs. Violence solves problems, WWII is the proof.

  8. It’s possible that his statement of “Zero evidence” doesn’t mean he’s saying it didn’t come from a lab, merely that it cannot currently be proven that it did. Be interesting to know what conclusion he wants you to draw based on that statement. “It didn’t come from a lab” or “we just don’t know that it did”.
    However good luck proving it to whatever standard he may be demanding, in the face of Chinese obstruction and belligerence.

    Nevertheless I believe that in the balance of probabilities, “It came from a lab” is by far the most likely scenario.

    1. ” “It came from a lab” is by far the most likely scenario.”

      Wrong. There is nothing to support the notion. It hopped from bats to people likely through an intermediate.

      1. Why do you think “It hopped from bats to people likely through an intermediate.” conflicts with it being a recombinant virus that infected humanized mice and was the product of lab work near were it was first isolated? That these first cases were proximate to the lab, within running distance really, does not support the “notion”?

        1. It’s not recombinant. “RNA sequences closely resemble those of viruses that silently circulate in bats, and epidemiologic information implicates a bat-origin virus infecting unidentified animal species sold in China’s live-animal markets.”


          That article takes a little long to get to the issue but once it does it’s good.

          1. A recombinant virus could be said to closely resemble one of the viruses it was made from, for example a bat corona virus. As to Covid-19 not being a recomninant virus and it not having gain of function insertions from other unrelated viruses, that is open for discussion. You might want to listen to what Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying, both PhDs in biology, have to say about it. Chris Martenson, PhD Pathology has also examined these issues and others related to this viruses origins. You can find them on youtube under “DarkHorse Podcast” and “Peak Prosperity” respectively. They seem to have no vested interest and to be genuinely interested in discovering the truth.

      2. “MANUAL work is beneath me lab work is not. This is my wet bench. There are many like it but this one is mine. Without me my wet bench is nothing. Without my wet bench, I am nothing.”
        Looks to me that someone of a skill level pretty much like yours,is probably the agent by which this virus slipped the lab.
        “Not my job to clean that up.Such work is beneath me”
        That is the typical mentality by which human screw ups cause physical screw ups.
        The actions of your comrades in China are the best indicators they let this thing loose.
        Lie,dodge,cover up and destroy the evidence,including people.
        Deny,deny and cast blame in every direction but yourself.
        Sounds a lot like the kind of stuff you do here..

  9. Cure for Covid-19 Found, Numbers Drop Dramatically!
    It’s a MIRACLE!

    “-The New York State Department of Health acknowledged that its recent reporting does not fully reflect the known carnage coronavirus has caused among nursing home and adult care residents.
    -The revelation comes as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is under fire for his policies regarding nursing homes amid the coronavirus pandemic.
    -New York is the only state with large coronavirus outbreaks among its long-term care facilities that doesn’t count residents who died at a hospital.
    -New York quietly changed the way it reports long-term care fatalities around April 28.”


    They just change how they report the deaths to protect the Democrat responsible, especially since he’s one of the guys whose name is bandied about to replace Dementia Joe when that train wreck finally has the inevitable boiler explosion.

    When they could blame Trump they called it a Covid-19 death if a piano fell on your head.
    When Cuomo needs to be protected they lie about real Covid-19 deaths.

  10. Damning with faint praise.
    ““There is zero evidence that this virus came out of a lab in China,”
    After the Chinese destroyed the Lab records and disappeared the personnel?
    No shit Sherlock!
    Just all kinds of clues.
    Amongst which the very odd symptoms the infected suffer.
    Reactions most unusual,almost as if different pathogens are sharing a carrier.
    Hiding the lab research,after previously bragging about it in the journals.
    Lying about damn near every aspect of the critter,for months .

    We will never look at Weapons grade virus research the same way again.
    A history of the Wuhan Lab,from design,through construction and then operation would be most revealing.
    Good thing those records will vanish in mystery fires and sudden computer failures.
    But germ warfare is as old as war.
    Dropping a diseased corpse in your enemies watering holes is just a our way of saying “Hi”.
    The actions of the Chinese Government are all we need to know.
    Their “Intent” is irrelevant.
    The actions of our frightened effete elites also speak volumes,their words have been mostly vacuous platitudes and outright misinformation.
    Their actions quite revealing.
    Never let a crisis go to waste?
    Or create a crisis to facilitate your agenda?
    Now the Media Party is franticly working to change the narrative and continue to keep the actual taxpayers penned up at home.
    Forget the fear mongering about a new Black Plague for which we have no natural immunity,doom doom death and destruction.
    Forget “Lockdown,hunker down at home ,just until we ‘flatten the curve’.
    Now its “Vaccine or you all die”.
    But sadly for these fools and bandits facts are leaking out.
    The cure is worse than the sickness.
    The continued lockdown is of the classic;”We had to kill the patient to cure his breathing problem.”

    The dread pandemic is instead just another another lurgey,most people will not even feel it pass them by.
    The already sick and infirm are being taken, which is life as we know it,the 4 horsemen have always been with us.
    It seems that the modern progressive ‘thought’ is that No one dies?
    Such a fear of life can only arise in a Death Cult

  11. Check this out.

    Hydroxychloroquine Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson


    If you stick with it, you will find that most of those with attached titles to their names and reject hydroxychloroquine treatment work or are paid or get honoraria or are or have been attached to the company or companies that are pushing the new drug that actually makes people so sick they can’t get anybody to volunteer for trials of it.

    On the other hand the doctors seem to be favourable to work with hydroxychloroquine.

    You can think of it as if Trump supports the trials of hydroxychloroquine it gotta be bad.

  12. Busted: Pentagon Contractors’ Report on ‘Wuhan Lab’ Origins of Virus Is Bogus


    “What’s more, imagery collected by DigitalGlobe’s Maxar Technologies satellites and provided to The Daily Beast reveals a simpler, less exotic reason for why analysts believed “roadblocks” went into place around the lab after the supposed accident: road construction. The Maxar images also show typical workdays, with normal traffic patterns around the lab, after the supposedly cataclysmic event.”

    It’s BS and reflects a disturbing politicization of US intelligence by Trump. He really is an incipient despot.