Greg Anderson: The Bravest Police Officer in America

This Instagram video has gone viral:

Officer Greg Anderson has now been reprimanded and is at risk of being fired. If you can afford it, you can contribute to his legal defense fund.

Most people in America & Canada have never given much thought to where the police get their authority from. Clearly it’s from the government. And where does the government get its authority? In America, at least, it’s from the people. But even in Canada, the people can only be pushed so far.

“The thin blue line” refers to the tiny percentage of police officers vs. the number of citizens. Law & Order is a very fragile tacit agreement between the authorities and the majority of the population. Events in recent weeks have clearly shown an infringement of that agreement by the authorities. They’ve gone too far under the guise of “safety” and “for the public good”.

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    1. “The Praetorian Class is formed and grown to defend the Political Class and in time becomes the dragon that rules its master. It represents a highly disturbing trend …..”

      I disagree with the learned author,at least concerning this wannabe great nation, as our praetorian guard has been infiltrated and corrupted by the political class, and with the subversive effect of unionization currently swatting our national cop force, the p-g’s have become simply obedient minions to their masters. Note than not ONE single RCMP/Border greeter has raised a voice against either their political masters or their commanders in the current Border fiasco.
      We are ruled by our industrial masters,who rule our politicians,who have hired a private army who are in turn obedient to their political masters, thus completing a perfect circle-jerk to rule the peasants.

      Now as the cop in the video is American, THEY DO have to worry, as the Yanks are NOT the sheeple we are,and they fear an armed uprising with good reason. While we’re blogging about the situation, the Yanks just might start another revolution. The headline is apt,that cop IS the bravest cop in America.

      I wonder if PM For Life Trudeau will allow refugees from the USA, probably let ’em in if they prove their progressiveness, via a Democrat membership card or one from any other left wing organization.

  1. He already has $200k. Should be plenty enough for a remote chance that he may be fired.
    He has not been fired, only suspended.

    1. Sounds like a fish out of water in Seattle anyway. If he’s smart, he’ll relocate to a RED State of his choice … take a job for less pay, in a location that has a cost of living HALF that of Seattle.

      And I cannot STAND Seattle drivers! Argggh ! I want to bulldoze them all off the Hwy

      1. I have a conservative cousin in Seattle. She’d love to get out of there but can’t.Long, complicated story. Anderson may also be in such a situation. Or maybe not. You r advice is good, though. I left NYS last year after decades, for the red state I grew up in. Very good move!

    1. 7.62 mm full metal jacket, plus chainsaws, blowtorches, ropes and gasoline may all have other ideas. A roadside IED or a midnight raid on a politician’s residence is a proven historically effective method to change hearts and minds, and help wayward governments smarten the hell up.

      Just ask the IRA. And the Mexican Cartels, who merely got on with the job of providing the services and justice that the hopelessly corrupt government of Mexico couldn’t be bothered to provide.

      History is a wonderful teacher to those willing to listen to her. To everyone else, she can be quite the bitch at times.

      1. Plus one.

        It is time Canadians grew balls.

        Too sheeple, for too long. Politicians have become spoiled.

  2. I don’t think it’s a secret that the biggest control freaks are attracted to jobs that will give them power over others. The political class is a prime example of this effect.

    Allowing politicians and their advisers, both highly concentrated with control freak personalities, to remove basic rights for extended periods of time is not a good idea. Imagine giving your worst micromanaging boss complete power over your livelihood, free movement, assembly, speech and right to privacy. Scary, right.

    Part of me has eternal hope that those who fear-monger to expand their power will fail but all the evidence supports my cynical side that most people are extremely susceptible to being manipulated by fear.

  3. There are many places in America that have police agencies and Sheriffs that still follow their constitution and will actually protect their citizens by refusing unlawful laws being enforced upon them. Mostly gun laws since I doubt many of them don’t use civil forfeiture laws to their advantage, but I digress. Up here in Canada for one there is no comparable constitution to the US since Canada are just the tyrants that America separated from and kicked out. And secondly police up here are not the protectors of the citizens as we have seen so many times over the years.

  4. The “governed” vote. Therefore, their representatives (mayors, governors, etc) reflect the voice of the governed. Elections have consequences. You don’t get an immediate do-over if decisions don’t reflect your point of view and interpretation at any particular moment. Instead, you get the opportunity to challenge the Constitutionality of the act in Court. And while I support this police officer’s sentiment. His argument is flawed.

    That being said, I’ve already re-opened my business in my jurisdiction (which is in total lock down). And, I’m willing to risk arrest to do so. My defense will reflect that I’ve taken precautions above and beyond those mandated by the state, and that the risk of exposure is no higher than sitting in my house watching Oprah. Additionally, that risk has allowed me to steal quite a few clients from my local competitors, and I won’t apologize for that. My, actual, goal was to make that known and force those competitors into violating the law as well. Instead, at least one has chosen to report me to the local police. So, yeah, you don’t get an immediate do-over. But, in this particular instance, the logistics of arresting large numbers is harder than the logistics of arresting a single violator.

    In my jurisdiction, there have already been a number of Constitutional cases before the State Supreme Court. All of which were lost by the business owners due to the state Supreme Court being extremely liberal and a rubber stamp for liberal positions. Again, elections have consequences (Supreme Court in this state is elected by the governed as well).

    I feel the frustration of the former vet and current police officer. He’s, technically, correct about the application of tyranny. He is incorrect about the recourse. I wish he weren’t.

  5. I am so “done” with this lock-down and with the petty tyrants at the grocery stores. I will NOT be shopping at Sobey’s anymore as one of their fat little dictators lectured me for 5 minutes about my re-usable bags. I also was lectured this morning entering Superstore. I was encouraged to buy these reusable bags over 10 years ago in order to “save the planet” from too much plastic. I will just hide them in my purse from now on.

    1. d1, Only an idiot would be stupid enough to allow all his guns to be confiscated! Even before the C68 Fiasco of 95 to 98, there were about 20 million guns in this country, but only 7 million were registered in the brand new Liberal gun registry! Hmmm, I wonder where the rest went! Then, the gun registry was partially disbanded, and that was 2012/2013. There have been many more bought since then. There will always be those that with very good reason, do not trust the Liberals or any Government regarding firearms! Those missing guns will only come to light if they are needed, although, it would appear that the need is much closer now!

  6. I wasn’t sure “good” police personnel still existed. By and large, the pandemic has proved me correct. But this guy would apparently be a my “white crow”. I hope he prevails, and I hope that people come to their senses sooner rather than later. Presuming they had any to begin with.

  7. The turning point of all anti-establishment revolutions is when the working class foot soldiers refuse to beat uo their brethren for their masters.

    1. Agree entirely. One clear illustration of this was what happened in the streets of Paris, July 14, 1789. Once the army refused to defend the regime, even symbolically, L’Ancien Regime which had lasted arguably for a thousand years was finished.

  8. I believe in this saying with my whole heart (this soldiers video notwithstanding):

    “I have never seen a situation so dismal that a policeman couldn’t make it worse.”

    Brendan Behan

  9. But Robert,the ‘working class foot soldiers” have been elevated to just below their political masters and way ABOVE us peasants,who are no longer the F/S’s brethren,they have changed family for the Political Class, where their bread is buttered.

    They no longer give a damn about the law or Charter or Bill of Rights,they exist to maintain the status quo. We the people lost this country in 1968, it just took this long to become evident.

    1. Wrong, Don. We saw this happen all over Eastern Europe in 1989. Starting in former East Germany, East Bloc nations and their corrupt governments went down like ten-pins. One of them violently as in the case of Rumania and the bloody downfall of the Ceaucescus. One disintegrated into civil war in the case of the nation which was never really a nation (Yugoslavia). But they all collapsed when the military and police refused to continue to shoot their own relatives to defend the corrupt regimes they were intended to safeguard.