Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste

Radical Leftists the world over are buzzing with joy at the thought of their wildest dreams coming true as a result of this crisis:

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    1. If not for free enterprise, self-reliance and small businesses taking risks in civil society, there’d be no money for this “socialism.”
      Socialism and the central planning/command economy that goes with it, never could and never will support a people in crisis.
      Unless thinning the herd is one’s idea of support, and/or starving the masses in the collective after seizing their modest wealth.
      Government didn’t build that, people did by risking capital. We are not a part of government, it is a part of us v.v civil society.
      Obama and the other socialists couldn’t be more wrong, with tragic results. This doesn’t repudiate capitalism, it validates it.
      I eschew using Marxist constructs and terms like capitalism, but the idea and reality remains.

    2. Three of the five horsemen of the apocalypse are having a warmup. The white horse rider conquers without weapons. Shiny Pony tried to assume dictatorial powers for two years because of Wuhan
      The black horse rider destroying economies world wide because of Wuhan
      The pale (chloros in Greek meaning pale green color of sickly flesh) using Wuhan to destroy people.

      Then there is the locust plague in Africa. If you do not believe the Bible Revelation makes an interesting read anyway.

    3. Globalist – Socialist – Fascist – Communist …

      Those four essentially are the same. One leads to the other …
      What they all have in common is that they are;

      – dictatorial,
      – dull-witted,
      – violent,
      – inhumane,
      – greedy,
      – narcissistic,
      – incompetent,
      – vindictive.

      And they suffer from the delusion that they are absolutely right, and correct about everything. You cannot tell them anything.
      That is why Americans or any free people do not move to countries that espouse things like globalism and global warming. We have enough of those among us, but they will be weeded out over time.


      1. You have identified the human failures that lead directly and inevitably to the despotism of collectivism in all its forms.
        The Iron Law of Oligarchy holds for Lenin and the Boy Scouts. Left unchecked it leads to depravity and eventually anarchy.
        It’s as certain as the sun rising tomorrow. Luckily the Boy Scouts have effective adult leadership, unlike the military.

        And old joke. Power corrupts. Absolutely it does. That’s why you limit government.

        This virus is showing us what unlimited government does. Decision lag, political concerns get veto rights.

        Big government takes over for far longer period than necessary and aid reaches the affected after the crisis has passed.

        “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” H. L. Mencken

        Yes some good is done, mostly by civil society pulling together, but this axiom is amply demonstrated in COVID-19 crisis.

  1. If you want to bait your local Socialist/Communist, ask them what they think of the idea that this Covid-19 crisis may lead to a renewed fervor for socialist governments the world over. When they answer in a positive way to this first question, then ask them how many people they think have to die for the general public to accept the notion. Point out to them that if there are not enough dead bodies then public opinion won’t change. Try to get a number out of them and post the answers in this thread!

  2. We have been PUNKED! Much was made of the death rate predictions from Neil Ferguson at Imperial College London who predicted that the death rate in the UK from the virus would be 500,000. Of course that prediction has been used widely by the “media” in North America to pump up the fear and that the ICU’s would collapse under the pressure. But now it appears (unreported in North America apparently) that Mr. Ferguson has “adjusted” his prediction down to……20,000. Yes…20,000. And that it now appears that the UK has the ICU resources to handle the issue.

  3. We’ve seen how badly governments have handled the current mess we are in.
    Why would this give anyone of sound mind and judgement, have even the slightest confidence that global “über idioten” are going to make the present state of affairs any better.

    Why it was just yesterday that Justine “True-Dope-ia” wanted to arrogate “unlimited powers” to himself without Parliamentary oversight.

    Yes, because the world just needs more dictatorial fools, like Chairman Mao, Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, and the unending parade of non-stop murdering fools. Gee Premier Xi Jinping can’t control a damn little virus, why would you want them controlling people.
    Because you can never order enough incinerators can you…? But hey our wavy haired fool, admires Chinese dictatorship.
    Well maybe the rest of us DON’T!

    As if they haven’t pimped themselves off to every two bit billionaire already; like George Soros et al.

    Here’s a plan: “JUST GO AWAY!”

    Ihr seid Alle Schweinehünde…Fahgedaboutit!


    Hans Rupprecht – Commander in Chief
    Army Group “True North”
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army

    1. “über idioten” – Greatest phrase I’ve seen all year!

      Thank you for your continuing contributions, Hans.

      1. Dear Robert,

        Well we have been at this, off and on now, for about six generations according to family memory, documents,
        and not a few photographs.

        Government ‘geniuses’ have been trying to put various family members into the ground,
        considerably before God’s best due date for quite some time.
        The first question one should ask is “Cui Bono”; who benefits from the crime?

        We haven’t been accommodating and agreeable to the concept, of “going quietly into the night”;
        and it wasn’t because the other guys weren’t trying…

        Then again JC didn’t have a very high opinion of the rulers of his day either, so it appears I’m in good company.

        You can rest assured we did not survive by slavishly and uncritically listening to our “über idioten”.

        And these clowns think they are the Masters of the Storm.

        Welcome to the hurricane. 🙂


        Hans Rupprecht – Commander in Chief
        Army Group “True North”
        1st Saint Nicolaas Army

    2. He still managed to get six months worth.
      If the opposition was not so inept, it should have been zero.
      Okay, the Bloc, Dippers and Watermelons helped and I can’t dump all the blame on the Dairy Queen.

  4. Don’t forget that Gordon Brown was Tony Blair’s Chancellor of the Exchequer.

    1. After checking into a hospital with “unbearably painful” symptoms of the Cornvirus, comedian ‘Kathy Griffin, who’s cutting the head off Donald Trump just for laughs,’ has spoken out against Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus outbreak. Poor Lefty .

      In a quote tweet replying to the president, Griffin accused Trump of lying about how many coronavirus tests the United States has performed amid the ongoing pandemic that has claimed thousands of lives as it continues to spread around the world.

      1. I can understand Griffin being checked into a hospital…..a mental hospital. If this gong show has proven anything it is just how absolutely USELESS the “entertainment” and “media” industries really are.

      2. There are two problems with Griffin. She is not funny. She displayed sickness by acting out cutting someone’s head off. She displayed no respect for the office of the president.
        Oh, she can’t count either.

        I have little respect for Shiny Pony aka Little Potato aka asshat, but the office of the Prime Minister still has my respect.

        Wexit! Wexit! Wexit!

  5. I wonder if the Union Membership are listening,,, The Marxist leadership are selling off their jobs to Globalist entities… The labor pool will become global (no borders) and workers assigned to global projects ….It smells a little like homeless slavery… But Peons & Piss-ants are expendable deplorables…

    Union members are actually Capitalists that seek the Max return (Money) & Benefits for their work.. The Auto Workers are one of the real worker(Capitalist) Unions…. The rest are closet Marxists using their members for political power, while pimping for George Soros…. Smoke & Mirrors

    1. I wouldn’t consider the Auto Workers as capitalists. They’re part of Unifor.

  6. The globalist left are getting much, if not most of what they thought they wanted—including a cull of the hated boomers.

    With few exceptions, they don’t seem especially happy about it.

    Probably because it’s become clear who is “essential” to a civilized society and who isn’t. The things leftists do to keep body and soul together are rarely essential to anybody.

    The essentials—the people who grow, build and make things—will bury their parents and grandparents and move on. They’ll be fine.

    The non-essentials’ problems are just beginning—and not just because the essentials will remember that this happened because non-essentials refused to do anything useful to earn their daily bread.

  7. The MARXIST -Globalist FIlth led by Mr Brown, Soros, Bernake, Rothschilds, Rockefellers et all suggesting the Banks need to be BAILED OUT. (IOW they want to Bail in)

    I got two words for you group of ASSHOLES. GET FKD.
    The last thing the ‘Banks” need is my or any other Working persons small amount of money in deposit. When I have watched their blatant THEFT year to year to the tune of the 10-20-30 Billion dollar ANNUAL profits..??
    They now need liquidity.??
    I don’t think so.

    They are a Business a Cheaply run ARROGANT Business that treat their employees (and often customers), like SHIT, create Debt out of thin air, and SCAM Billions from hard working normal folks.
    Let them fail without a penny of PUBLIC $$$

  8. And Saul Alinsky — they created the problems because they have the solutions. This is going to go down as the greatest theft in World history. And number of murders.

  9. Noticed in the presented charts Canada did not show up at all. Are we to presume we are now not part of the global community?


  10. Canadians are collectively very stupid, obviously, they re-elected idiot boy PM.

    But are they so stupid that they think a ‘global government’ run by communist China will look out for their best interest?

    Even when they know our betters are already selling us out to China? Despite our media ignoring that fact, more people are getting a vague understanding of what is actually going on.

    I think leftists are trying to create a narrative here, but it’s hard to imagine that people are going to want more open borders and be more dependent on China, even Liberal soccer mom voters and their males cannot be that stupid?

    Liberal voters routinely sell-out their children, we all know that, but going full ‘progressive’ left now would mean they throw away their own wealth, and it’s unlikely they want to spend their retirement in poverty.

  11. Once the dust settled and the world “decided” who would be the supreme leader we might get to see Xi Jinping order the Spawn’s organs harvested in public as an example for others of the failure and decline of democracy within a once prosperous but now decadent and useless wasteland. From that perspective It wouldn’t be all bad.

  12. “True-Dope-ia wanted to arrogate unlimited powers”… he sure did, or at least his handlers did… but you wouldn’t know about this dangerous Riechstag fire if you were relying on “Blackies Media”. The corruption of this country at the hands of the Liberals is complete.
    It is more clear then ever that peeairs warped institutionally bigoted country must end. #WEXIT.

  13. Wine sales to restaurants in Ontario have been gutted for the past month. I expect many restaurants to fold and on top of that wine agencies are unsecured creditors. As a slim lifeline, it took Covid-19 / Wuhan Flu to get liquor sales with restaurant takeout in Ontario (until December 31, 2020). Customers can now enjoy getting overpriced wine with their meals, but at least won’t have to go to the LCBO where there are reduced hours and a possible Covid-19 infection lying in wait.

  14. I declare open warfare against the Gramsciists! They’ve waged a covert war against us for years.

  15. The biggest mistake that all good people without exception always make is that they do not kill their enemies.
    People never listen. They only lament and moan when it is too late.
    King Nicolas II of Russia did not listen. End result is that his country and family got slaughtered.
    Will anyone ever learn to listen?
    I said it months ago: nothing matters anymore, only that we were over-delaying the torpedoing of the incoming ships and downing incoming airplanes. No one ever listens.

  16. A one world Government a New World Order why else was the United Nations created for it was never meant to create World Peace don’t look for Doves there they are way too many Vultures there all ready frankly its time for the Eagle to leave it as well Its time to make these nations take care of their own problems