The IOC’s New Anti-Woke Policy

The International Olympic Committee has published new guidelines that explicitly ban Woke Virtue Signalling at every medal ceremony. Thank goodness!

One additional thing they could do is hire Ricky Gervais to attend every medal ceremony – ready, willing, and able to severely mock any “Woke” athletes who decide to violate this rule.

21 Replies to “The IOC’s New Anti-Woke Policy”

  1. To quote the IOC on this matter…

    “so if you win, come up, accept your little medal, thank your coach and your country and f— off”

  2. so who really cares. A bunch of prima-donnas preforming for a bunch of elitests and the rest of us pay through the nose

    1. The events should be open. No men’s or women’s events.

      Let them all compete together. In the name of equality. 🙂

  3. Any sort of antics should be banned.

    I remember an incident at a figure skating competition (world championship, I think) more than 20 years ago. The woman who skated for France got the silver medal that year and, rather than being gracious and accepting her prize at the podium, behaved like the entitled spoiled brat she was, believing she was robbed of the gold, and refused to take her place. Eventually, she was convinced to do so by one of the officials, though she did so reluctantly.

    But, like has already been mentioned, who cares? I stopped watching events like that years ago.

    1. yep.
      I recollect that one also.
      the medal officials were quite perplexed. they never saw anything like it before or since.

  4. Yeah, as long as they say so.

    What are they gonna do, arrest somebody? Take a medal away? Lift a finger and say bad, bad, bad athlete?

    Ok, they decided right.
    Now watch some prim donnas and exhibitionists rise up.

    Can you say cynic?

  5. Who gives a flying fuck about the Oilympics? A bunch of superannuated toddlers competing in schoolyard games to please the greasiest globalist garbage in human history. The sooner the Oilympics return to the dustbin of history the better.

  6. I don’t know. I wouldn’t mind seeing a couple of athletes from say, Iran or Hong Kong pull out their MAGA hats on the podium. Wouldn’t THAT blow everyone up.

  7. But it won’t work unless the penalty for doing political stuff is to forfeit the medal.
    I think should apply to the Oscars, Grammy’s Teddy, Golden Globes etc…..Then maybe people will start watching again.

  8. Outright boycotted the Olympics since they were held in China and had pretty much lost interest well before. Didn’t even bother watching the Vancouver event. Nothing but a dope-sex fest and a bunch of elitist windbags.

  9. An encouraging sign that money still talks. The IOC has learned from the NFL. Taking the knee has decimated the NFLs television ratings and emptied their stadiums.

    IOC loves money above all else. That’s what makes the Olympics what it is today.

  10. The most pressing action for the IOC is to ban trans from women’s events, before it’s taken over by them.
    My own prejudice is to ban them from all but one women’s events, the exception being synchronized swimming. The sight of trans synchronized swimming would be so disgustingly ludicrous it should end the trans movement forever.

    1. Wouldn’t it be more…um…impactful?…if they disallowed them everywhere but the combat sports?