49 Replies to “Y2Kyoto: 11,000 “Scientists” Say We’re All Gonna Die! Oh My!”

    1. 47,000 Americans successfully committed suicide in 2017. These “scientists” are doing their very best to catch up

      1. And, just to point out, that’s more than were killed in firearms homicides that year (39,773). According to the CDC stats, you’re actually more likely to kill yourself with a gun than be killed by someone with a gun (a ratio of 24k to 15k). The likelihood difference skyrockets if you’re a white male, however.

        The numbers are kind of fun to unpack, if you ignore the tragedy of untimely death. AD’s killed 486 people, whilst “legal interventions” killed 553. Traffic fatalities totalled 38,659, and about 36k were killed in falls-from-height. Around 65k were killed by poisoning (not stated if deliberate or accidental, where I had read). However, all of these pale in comparison to disease-related deaths: cancer and heart disease, the two biggest killers, wipe out a couple of million people each year in the US. Firearms deaths aren’t even in the top ten.

  1. They should all lead by example. Give them all a piece of rope and encourage them to do the right thing. The Elite want you dead. They only need enough useless eaters to produce their comforts and do the work they can’t or won’t do. This started with the Club of Rome. Pierre Trudeau was one of the founding members of the Club of Rome. Justin rec’d the training at his mothers breast. They Want You Dead. Best remember that, for your sake and your off springs sake. Part of the reason you must be disarmed.

  2. LoL. And here we are in the grand solar minimum. I’m looking forward to the killing cold. Thin out the soy eating herd. I have an extra large pile of firewood this year. It’s under lock and key after I caught a neighbour stealing some. I never said a word to him. Just gave him the look of death. Haven’t seen him since though my fierce wife said she had a word with him. Poor bastid.

    1. One minor wibble: we’re starting what is forecast to be a grand solar minimum, worst in 100 years, possibly as bad as 400 years ago.

      Technology and cheap energy could save a lot of lives in the third world, but they’re being demonized.

  3. This is how the institutional left rolls. One of the names read by Ezra and self identified as “Eco Warrior” was Vicky Husband. She is a former Executive Director of the Sierra Club of Western Canada. The goal of this project was to pimp up the hysteria with their co-conspirators that masquerade as media doing their role parroting the hysteria along with the appeal to authority using the pretense of scientific credentials of the signatories. To the limited masses that rely on the mainstream media for news, the message was likely effective. To a broader group that would hear the soundbites, the appeal to authority might have registered as well. This war is fought on essentially zero science and 99.99% spin and on this battle as with much of the past, the spin doctors are in control.

    Twenty years ago the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine published a petition signed by 31,487 scientists opposed to the CAGW hysteria: http://www.petitionproject.org/ They are not all climate scientists but the site does identify and enumerate the fields of science represented. The sample signature on the home page is that of Dr Edward Teller, of Manhattan Project fame.

    Neither project is a substitute for “science” but if we had a non corrupted media, one should expect the notion of a “consensus” to be invalidated by reporting of the two.

  4. This is becoming a dangerous situation, not the changing weather but the lack of logic employed. It seems clear that a large proportion of the population, in particular younger and more urban, have adopted the belief that weather events are largely the result of human modification of climate, which is almost laughably ridiculous. I believe that the weather would be doing essentially the same things regardless of our presence or absence from the planet. The only modification we have really produced is the more limited urban heat islands which raise temperatures locally, and perhaps a background slight warming that is much smaller than the alarmists claim.

    So with that disconnect from reality, our political classes have exploited the combined fear and ignorance of many voters to push forward the socialist economic agenda which can only lead to trouble, the unknown being whether said trouble is moderate or disastrous (on a scale similar to Venezuela).

    The answer has to be a rejuvenation of conservative politics to return the situation to a common sense and status quo position, removing any policies of carbon pricing, and restoring a production mentality to the heart of economic planning. The left have made a mess and forced huge errors of logic and judgement upon our society, with a hidden agenda to exploit these fears for political gains.

    It would only be possible to recover from this if scientists of international reputation made a vigorous attack on the credibility of climate science. The latter is really a sort of grafted in wild card from social science but given the full weight of scientific credibility by virtue of the general absence of criticism from more mature sciences with better traditions. Climate science is an unfortunate intersection of sub-standard scientists and untrained non-scientists parroting factoids from flawed studies and obviously false paradigms about man-made climate change that has not happened, is not happening, and will not happen in the future either.

    1. I agree with most of what you say but there can be no rejuvenation of conservatism without civil discourse. I see no appetite for serious debate among the young. Do you?
      I fear we are headed for a grim future.

  5. I concur with commentator ‘Bluetech’ from last evening on this topic. This is one of Ezra Levant’s best shows. He took great pleasure in it as his sleuthing paid off. He exposed our favourite MSM for the liars that they are.

    Of the 11,000 so called scientists’ names on the list, he zeroed in on the Canadian ones. The names were of ordinary people who came from different walks of life. They were not climate scientists. Their count came from the number or people who may or may not have read the material in question but clicked on to a count that they read the material. One name was of a cartoon character, a genuine sciencey type, aka
    Mickey Mouse.

    Nice work Ezra.

  6. Apparently you can be a scientist today by declaring that you are a scientist, much a man declaring he is a woman and vise versa. You can be anything you want to be.

    1. Yep. We have to embrace mentally ill thinking they are gender number 47 or respect “indiginous ways on knowing” as equal to science.

    2. I still like the line about identifying as a first-class passenger when boarding a plane and insisting on being treated as one, regardless of the ticket purchased.

  7. It’s a real blue-ribbon effort. Apparently, even Mickey Mouse put his name to it; how can we doubt this?

    – And for that matter, I thought Mickey Mouse was dead… how do we know his signature is genuine?

  8. Climate Barbie will be spreading this around, 11,000 “scientists” is a nice figure to toss around for her cause.

    1. This is at the least a climate story, but the bigger issue IMHO is CBCs spreading propaganda on our dime, and failing to research and fact check.

      Support Rebel media!!

    2. She may not, now that Ezra has exposed the fraud. Every time anyone makes the 11,000 claim, those paying attention will be quick to link to Ezra’s story which exposes the CBC as the propaganda pushers they are. I am expecting the story to die quickly.

  9. My cousin read this BS and ran a simple search of how many “scientists” there are on the planet.
    It turns out there are 7.8 million active scientists as of 2013; 11,000 is but 0.14% of them.

    Let me fix that headline for ya.

  10. We need more carbon taxes because Blackie’s loyal media is ranting that smog is bad in China and India. And if you think its cold across Canada right now, the Weather Network states that it will be even colder next week.

  11. Were are our MP when the CBC and other media put out this crap ? Why are they not outing the CBC ? Asking in house commons
    how this could possible be played as real.

    1. – because the CBC just got them re-elected, maybe? And the CBC’s pabulumistic nonsense gives them public license to increase all sorts of taxes and give lots of money to their friends in “green industry”, who can be counted-on to reciprocate, ensuring they’ll have enough in the war chest to campaign next time? Just guessing; I’m sure others can come-up with similar plausible rationales…

      – Not proud, here; our local rep is one of the few Con’s who got elected east of Manitoba, and he’s a frothing-at-the-mouth global warmist. Make me king-of-the-world for five minutes, please? The edict (punishable by death) will read “All advocates for societal change must fund it themselves.”

    2. I have never been more disappointed in any politician than I was in Stephen Harper when he failed to expose the CBC for the propagandists they are.

  12. Another case for some over the top “Urinalism”…. brought to you by those that self identify as “Climate Scientists”. You can bet Climate dipshit will be all over this after conferring of course with the puppet master and his propaganda dept.

  13. Bravo, Ezra. That was brilliant. Ezra is the only media source in Canada doing decent investigative reporting. How will the CBC explain falling for this obvious propaganda? They won’t, but they might try suing against protect their ignorant butts.

    1. The job of the media is two-fold:

      1. To sell you garbage you don’t need—be that the latest trinket from China or the latest mad social engineering scheme.

      2. To libel everybody the master class considers a threat to their rule.

      Speaking truth to power? Jesus was crucified for that.

    2. All that money, and the CBC has no money for researchers — just all the talking heads. The whole global warming thing might be more convincing if it were not so obviously tainted by propaganda. This easily exposed 11,O00 claim is a new low.

  14. I was gonna say we need to start executing people, but that is not the right response…

    We need to demand that everyone who signed the letter, and any ancestors they had who received grants, pay back every grant they have ever received at 50 trillion percent interest, retroactive to 1670.

    1. The garbage elite of the world, need to start paying, and their children paying, and their children’s children, to the seventh generation they need to be made to pay for what they are doing today.

  15. A Facebook group I’m on looked at the list of names. It’s pathetic — innumerable names listed as, “researcher”, “environmental sociologist”, “professor” etc. etc. Basically just a jumble of names. I note the CBC has already closed comments on the story — can’t let the true dimensions to which the whole AGW fraud is being questioned by the great unwashed leak into the public realm.

  16. That scoldy white 16 year old retard girl obviously isn’t getting the job done.
    Maybe it’s time to ditch her and recruit a coloured 9 year old retarded trangender with a limp to be spokesperson for the global warming cult.
    Now that would prove the science!

  17. Anthropogenic Climate change is a fraud! It is becoming mass delusional syndrome!
    As in the movie Jerry Maquire , “Follow the Money”!!!
    Maunder Minimum is possible—- Dr. Valentia Zharkova—–crop lines below South Dakota!
    Stack your wood piles higher and GPS your hidden COAL piles!

  18. Yup wild eyed “Scoldilocks” needs a carbon neutral ride from Chile to Spain I saw. Seems the dope, and its entourage of dopes drove all the way to Chile in an electric car, for the annual “We gotta spew massive amounts of carbon to save the planet” celebration of like focused morons like that Einstein of the science Learetardo Descatrio. They should have checked out real media , instead of the fake news and they would have seen that millions of intelligent Chileans are protesting this SCAM and the dopey money wasting meeting, of the SCAMMERS so the Scammer’s meeting was moved to Madrid. it would be quite scary for little Scoldilocks to end up in the middle of a million intelligent people fed up with this BS now wouldn’t it? So please send money and suggestions for a carbon neutral ride to Spain for the moron. Justy could send a couple of unicorns I’m sure.

  19. I like the way Ezra has highlighted the fact that most of these ‘scientists’ have won the job lotto and work at a good government job on the taxpayers dime.

  20. And they still said the Earth was the Center of the Universe these so called Scientists are scam artists doing it for the money not science

  21. Looks like Mr. Ripple ( one of study’s authors) did a similar study in 2017 — only then there were 15,364 signatories from 184 countries, so they appear to be losing supporters. He himself is an ecologist, rather than a climate scientist. I think this illustrates how fraudulent and self- serving universities have become. Mr. Ripley ( oops, I mean Ripple) should have quit while he was ahead,

  22. People who do not read are no better than those who can’t read when it comes to understanding what the hell is happening on the planet.

  23. It would seem that the whole team of this CeeBeeCee story should by fired.
    They just did not do their jobs. They simply noticed somewhere that there were 11000 somebody called “scientists” and it fitted into their propaganda profile, so they went with it without having any idea who those “scientists” are.

    Yeah, they just sat in their chairs and played solitaire rather than doing actual work.
    Come to think of it, that’s what the CeeBeeCee staff do all day long.
    A lot of completely useless people with degrees in women’s studies and other such nonsense.
    Though one must admit they have learned well from certain Goebbels how propaganda works.

    1. I would like to see a petition from Canadians requesting that the CBC stop peddling obvious propaganda.