What Would We Do Without Peer Review?

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  1. It may actually be that a peer reviewer objected. Their opinions are not always listened to.

  2. So the method is secret. Hmm. Reminds me of climate researchers refusing to share data and methods – particularly computer models.

  3. The agendized ‘scientific’ community is simply colluding here to distract from the inconvenient truth that global warming kills cancer cells.

    Crazy suggestion? Sure, but after watching the progressive left these past few years, it is no more crazy than many of their official positions are and would fit their ‘lie at any cost to further the agenda’ MO perfectly.

  4. Has no one ever heard of Trofim Lysenko? This is nothing new. The tactics, the goal, the “great minds”, nothing has changed.

  5. Climate Change…the latest strategy in the Grand Communist Manifesto.
    CO2 the weaponized Hammer to beat us with
    Social upheaval the Sickle.

    And for other “news”, in Canada, Climate Barbie breathlessly announcing that Icebergs off the coast of Newfoundland are the result of …… Wait for it ….. Climate Change and by God we must do something about it.

    I have no words for that vacuous twat.

    1. steakman, Yep, saw CB make that announcement,scared the hell outta me!

      I am cancelling my yachting expedition in the area. If our Coast Guard was on the ball they’d tow all these dangerous icebergs back into the Far North where we wouldn’t have to worry about them. Can’t these bastards keep Canadians safe?!!

      1. – So, we can definitively track man-made Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming back to 1912…

        14 April 1912, wasn’t it? That RMS Titanic struck an iceberg 200 miles south of Newfoundland?

        – It’s worse than we thought! OH NOOOOOOOOOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        – And no, I wouldn’t even dignify this with a ‘/sarc’ tag… -_-

      2. “If our Coast Guard was on the ball they’d tow all these dangerous icebergs back into the Far North where we wouldn’t have to worry about them.”

        What a great idea! And if Climate Barbie could convince Justin Thoreau (Theroux?) whoever, to spend all that carbon tax money to do just that, it would stop the catastrophic decline of Arctic sea ice as well. Problem solved!
        Don, we need to apply for some grant money.

    2. Icebergs are the revenge by polar bears for our attempts to drown them through global warming.

      Of course my comment was sarcastic, but it’s just as credible as the hogwash put forth by CB and her followers.

        1. Hey, penguins are clever. Haven’t you read the comic strip Bloom County and seen Opus in action?

  6. ?
    was this perhaps some research into the practice of rubber stamping?
    p.s., this thread belongs in the ‘1984’ one.

  7. “Alternative medicine”
    “Traditional Chinese Medicine”
    “Non-Western Medicine”
    “Eliminate Big PHARMA”
    “Mystical Healing”
    “Natural Medicine”
    “Mind over Disease”

    The “study” of this science-y sounding XYZ-LGBTQ “procedure” checks ALL the boxes of the “Alternative Medicine” True-believers. THAT … is why this absolute garbage passed any and all scrutiny. Because the “heart” of this “research” is “in the right place”. And what if there WAS actual peer review of this “science”. Who would those “peers” be? Hand-picked TRUE-believers in Traditional Chinese Medicine? or “Big Pharma” scientists? Peer Review has become like Judge-shopping. Just find an extremist believer in your politics and voila! You get the results you desire. Such Judges make repeated Un-Constitutional rulings that are overturned. Such Peer Reviewers … KILL people!

      1. Steve Jobs aborted his own cancer treatment … long after the early “trimester” … when something could have been done.

  8. I recently saw a presentation on how the grant system is run for medical research. Fundamentally, it is corrupt to the core. Anyone hoping for a research meritocracy is a fool. It’s based on politicking and an old boys’ (or girls’) network, pure and simple. So it’s no surprise that once you’re in, you can carry on like a horse’s arse using your personal and institutional cachet and not get called on it for years, if ever.

  9. I would say “fruit of the poisoned tree”. Does anyone think that Zuckerberg hasn’t been hiding easter eggs that only he knows about on his platform? Do you think he never considered that he may one day lose control?

    Anything you put on Facebook, will never be safe, no matter who “controls” it. Your user data, will forever be out in the open, no matter how many “operators” make use of the program to provide your “public utility” fantasy service.