“Let’s talk about responsibility, shall we — and your group.”

On Wednesday, Iris Krzyzosiak, a representative of Auckland Peace Action, appeared on Plunket’s afternoon show to discuss why the group released a statement criticising what they claimed were “sexist, queerphobic, [and] racist” views from Prof Peterson.


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  1. Visiting NZ to escape Vancouver snow.
    A column in a local newspaper in Auckland states that tickets to three different venues where Jordan Peterson will be speaking were sold out within three minutes of going online, and added that scalpers are offering tickets for up to NZ$900 (±CDN$ 810).
    (He’s as popular as the All Blacks)

    1. Yea…and is a Man Bunned, Mute & Fat, Purple Haired, Trough Feeding Paedophilic Faery to boot…no.? Gotta be..

    1. 5 minutes into this “interview” with “Iris”, and I stopped. Out of compassion for Iris. As I am not a “rubbernecker” who slows down to look at the roadside carnage of a solo accident. Whomever this “Iris” is … shim’s in need of urgent medical intervention … not in need of MY attention.

  2. Tried to listen but dang………..if I was in the car and this was on the radio and it was the only station that I got, I would bust the nobs off and stick my head out the window in hopes that the whistling wind would drown it out.

  3. The ironically named “Iris” has her eyes closed so as to shield her from the reality that is so frightening to her. Her campaign to stop Prof. Jordan Peterson from speaking is an attempt to shield her ears from scary reality, too.

    To those so overcome by anxiety, they find Prof. Peterson’s call to learn how to take responsibility for your life, in the process, a threat. This is too scary a concept for those who have yet to master those skills and the confidence to try. So, they try to wall off the outside world and shelter within, what they feel is their known/safe space. The classic example is agoraphobia, the fear of open spaces, the anxiety level that prevents some people from even the risk of going into the unknown outside their apartment or house.

    The caller’s level of anxiety, is so maladaptive. You can’t but be empathetic to her plight. While, as the show’s host does, simultaneously rejecting her call to impose that irrational maladaption on the rest of society.

    The push for society to elevate empathy as a supreme value, the over protective mother syndrome, creates more dysfunctional people than we have Clinical Psychologists to deal with or can train.

    Without enough strong and healthy, resilient citizens taking on responsibility in a scary world. Our institutions begin to fail, as will our freedoms and prosperity, those institutions were built to protect.

    It takes a society, a nation of strong individuals to resist the attempts at corruption and takeover, as the two currently fashionable totalitarianisms threaten to do. Those would be Cult. Marxism and Political Islam. Either we accept the role, the responsibility of slaying these ideological dragons or they’ll destroy us. Then fight among themselves over who gets to consume the remains.

    Our hero myths are variations on a theme. They accept the risk of exploring the unknown, e.i. “The Here Be Dragons” section in Medieval maps of the known world. To conquer/slay the dragon and capture the gold(what is valuable) and succeed. The process of coping with life and the world, is just that, a process. Western Civilization has learned that process better than any other in history, but always risk, our baser, primitive instincts dragging us back into our barbaric and pagan past.

    1. Well said Larry. “Here be dragons indeed. As you say, we have three dragons assaulting western society at the moment.

      “We come to our world expecting to see light and so we see light. But it is not light at all. It is, rather, twilight. If we look closer, we see that the shadows have already begun growing longer.
      And there, off in the distance, we dimly apprehend a darkness, gathering, and it is coming our way.”
      Curtis R. McManus, Clio’s Bastards

      In my opinion, at the moment the Marxist and this cult dragon are the most dangerous, and the Islamic dragon is waiting in the wings to scoop up the remnants.

  4. People who say things that are demonstrably false need to be publicly disproved and repudiated.

    Keep doing this until leftists who opening their gaping maws for the fun of it learn to do so where no one can hear them.

  5. Larry is rocking.

    Would like to say that those that never heard of history, fables, adventures and such, need to sit down and read.
    It is not necessarily to learn, they may not have the capacity, it is to get their mind moving and seeing that there are thousands of ideas that have been written about and they have no idea.
    The SJW are in a self imposed rut. They can’t accept that there are a whole lot of other ways some better some less so. Nonetheless, those people have to know about them, it is a seed that will bear fruit.
    The idea that these people can’t get themselves to even listen to another view is an aberration of character.

  6. That was painful to listen to, but at the same time very satisfying. The Plunket guy sure knows how to interview.

    Canadian media just smile and nod and let the left squeal out their talking points with no proof.

  7. The obsessionists AKA progressives, whose theme is ‘equality’ must have no idea what equality actually means. Who wants to live a dingy government apartment as everyone else does, next to a rail line that takes you to your government appointed job where you make exactly the same paltry amount of money as everyone else in the place.

    If you are the type of person who is energetic and creative and wants to achieve more than a pretend job allows … will either be driven insane, tossed in jail, or reprogrammed like the Chinese are doing to the Uighurs in their ‘all equal country’.

    When everyone is told how to live, what to eat, what to wear etc … and is under the tight control of Silicon Valley (who make total surveillance possible) and government … severe regression will occur as it has in every other nation that has tried the ‘equality’ theme. Venezuela is the latest shit-hole ..

    Speaking of which, Cuba has remained ensconced in its poverty and misery for well over 50 years. Absolutely zero progress under Castro other than his fathering Justin Trudeau on one of Maggie’s adoring visits to that island of nirvana.

    Humanity movies forward with incentives … the reward for effort … that is how humans are wired. Some are wired differently and that would be the left who is fundamentally lazy, non-creative … unless you think that today’s movies, TV series, and music are in any way as creative as they all were back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

    1. if I had the resources and know how, I would git a bit of TURD-oh’s dna and do a comparison with whoever
      to either exclude or not exclude the parentage.

  8. These left wing idiots remind me of small children arguing,if it weren’t for social media they would be curled up at home sucking their thumb.I guess they are so used to nobody questioning their bs they talk lies and don’t think they will be called on it

  9. I get Jordan Peterson’s Youtube talks in my email Inbox, and always watch them all.

    As usual, even though it was painful, I watched this video in the entirety, and was struck particularly by the confusion that “Iris” exhibited. Plunket is one kool dude for suffering through this pathetic discussion.

    It is sad that one person can become this ill, and what is sadder is that society is bending over or being forced to bend over backwards to cater to this illness.

  10. always the ‘racist’ angle even when it has N-O-T-H-I-N-G to do with race.
    these idjits really need some new material for the travelling comedy troupe.

  11. A search took me to the hundreds of emails/letters Iris sent to various members of a govt committee. There is no one who will be surprised to discover she is of the now most depressed repressed group attached to the alphabet community.
    Please fix the process for changing gender markers on a birth certificate. It’s time to make it a one-step, administrative process based on self-identification.There is no process less dignified than having to collate evidence and professional opinion on the matter of your own identification. I am currently undertaking this process to change the sex on my birth certificate, and can’t help but feel indignant at having to ‘prove’ my identity. In in the interest of making things easier for myself, and other trans and intersex people, I fully support this move to a one-step process. Not only is it setting an international standard, but it gives people like me the chance to breathe a sigh of relief that I am no longer forced to defend or provide evidence for my lived identity and experience through unnecessarily complex bureaucracy. The end of this humiliating process also signals that we are affirmed in our identities, because we are…..

  12. What took my breath away was the talkshow host’s patience with this shameless liar.

    I much prefer Bill O’Reilly’s approach in a similar setting (in his case, against the leftist son of a 9/11 victim who tried to blame Americans for the attack).

    When it became clear that all the little scumbag wanted to do was regurgitate leftist talking points with no relationship to either truth or decency, O’Reilly cut the scumbag’s mike, went to commercial and told the little scumbag in no uncertain terms to leave the studio if he didn’t care to be torn limb from limb by a man easily 30 years his senior.

    The little scumbag was assured by the production team that O’Reilly was not joking. He turned tail and ran.

    Leftists don’t listen to correction. They do listen to credible threats of force.

    May I suggest that legalizing dueling would reduce the amount of libel committed by leftists to a tolerable minimum. Conservatives tend to be better shots, for starters.