18 Replies to “Death And Taxes”

  1. “Death and Taxes … get rolled into one” You’re too funny, and clever, Kate. Your posts brighten my day.

    I can foresee the Democrap-weaponized IRS raiding the offices of Trump Corp. with their SWAT team for another bullshitty innuendo photo op. Claims of improper tax payments … or claims that the now famous IRS Audit has … gone bad. All on Nancy’s orders.

    1. Kenji, my understanding is that there are more than 300 million guns in private hands and countless billions of rounds of ammunition. That should give any federal organization pause when it comes to attacking civilians.

  2. And you may wonder why they want the population disarmed.
    It’s why they can’t handle the second amendment.
    Interferes with their plan for diktat.

    If you don’t think it can’t happen in the US, just watch the Democrats and their socialist pals.

  3. It’s not as though we have tons of hard cash under the mattress or even in a bank. Most of everyone’s money is available digitally and therefore can be stolen digitally once the federal government is finished processing all the bank and credit card information they have ordered the banks to cough up without our permission.

    So get ready for part of your money to disappear when the feds need some of it to waste on those who hate us.

    Did you ever think the world would become the political shit-hole it now is?

    1. “It’s not as though we have tons of hard cash under the mattress or even in a bank …”
      Coincidence: governments increasingly seem to prefer a cashless economy. (So do the banks.) If actual money doesn’t exist you can’t possess it, it’s just a bunch of electronic files controlled by institutions that aren’t liable to any real penalty if they don’t do what you want. And if you don’t possess it, you don’t control it. “Your” money will go from your employer/customer to the banks/government without passing through your hands and will be dispursed from there to whoever they agree you owe payments. You’ll be able to use your money to buy only goods and services they approve of you buying, from suppliers who also meet their approval.

      You’ll never have to worry that you might be doing something wrong when you can’t do anything without government approval. (Unless they want you to have done something wrong, in which case, you won’t have to do it, they can arrange that you will have done it. Not that anyone would ever think of such a thing and use that ablility, just because they have it, eh?)

      1. Absolutely Brilliant…I’m Laughing, but fully understand preciesely what you’re saying….have often thought of that…and tis why I buy bullion…little bit every payday. Silver dollars work just fine…

        Gotta keep in mind, and I think it was Harper that put this inplace: “bail in” of Canadians Deposits should one of the Big 5 go under. Nice of him eh.?

        1. Steakman, I have been accumulating small amounts of silver but my concern, and it should be everyone’s, when there is nothing to buy all forms of currency are worthless. Survival of the fittest will be the only currency .

  4. “Did you ever think the world would become the political shit-hole it now is?”

    Not this quickly.

    When the Greatest Generation was in charge, the world was quite stable, but we of the post WW2 generations dismissed all the old rules and destroyed the civilization others had built for us. There is one area on which to lay the majority of the blame, our educators and the system that grinds out elois, communists, and destroyers.

    People who would previously have been assigned to the lunatic fringes or mental institutions now hold sway in public opinion, and work diligently to worsen the situation, often helped with taxpayer funding. If ever we needed a revolution, it’s right now.

    1. “If ever we needed a revolution, it’s right now.”

      A revolution that was America as opposed to what was Russia.
      Really badly.

    2. “…There is one area on which to lay the majority of the blame, our educators and the system that grinds out elois, communists, and destroyers…”

      Agreed Don….But said virluence really took off when we let those Trough feeders UNIONIZE,

      WE Now “enjoy” Legalized EXTORTION in EVERY City, State, Province and Federal govt throughout the Western Hemisphere…..just freeaking lovely eh.?

      The Precursor to One World Govt – Globalism.

  5. The electorate might want to ponder what’s in CRA’s weapons’ lockup.

    If mini-Pierre gets back in they’ll be stocking up for raids on greedy mortgage helper homeowners and of course the federal carbon tax will only be 5cents/litre.

    Hey the Chretien government gave us income tax rates over 50% on incomes above $100,000.

    That gives Junior wiggle room as his present confiscatory rates are on $200,000 of productive, er greedy business owners (athletes, entertainers and political class are OK though because they pay lots of tax, right?).

    Taxing productivity out of existence, that’s where it’s at, just ask Trevor Noah.

    Michael Campbell pointed out yesterday how various levels of government have succeeded in two stated policy goals: first, to bring down the oil industry, our largest exporter, and devalue our largest industry, the real estate sector. Well done.

    Reagan sarcastically noted the establishment tome of we’re from the government and we’re here to help you.” They don’t even bother with that fiction anymore; it’s more like you’re part of the government, so shut up you stupid bigot.

  6. Would it make too much sense for US Marshalls to provide armed police to organizations that aren’t police forces themselves? And while they’re at it make the ATF, DEA, and FBI go away too. Why more than one federal police force? Park Rangers and Fish Cops and other specialized services should still exist.

  7. Hi Kate, thanks for the linkage!

    Y’all Americans out there should be pondering the wisdom of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. From Wikki, “The purpose of the act – in concert with the Insurrection Act of 1807 – is to limit the powers of the federal government in using federal military personnel to enforce domestic policies within the United States.”

    In other words, back in 1878 they decided that limiting the Federal government was an idea whose time had come, and that using the US Army against US citizens over policy (aka the Civil War) was not what they wanted to be doing.

    These days, your federal government is getting around the use of the Army by creating a zillion little “federal police” units. Otherwise known as soldiers, because they have all the same platoon-level arms that the Army has.

    You might want to do something about that.

    Canadians lost this particular battle in 1867. No one here has ever had any interest whatsoever in limiting the power of the Federal government, or even provincial or local governments. Here in the Demented Dominion, a Federal party, upon winning an election, can destroy an entire industry just to win votes in Quebec.

    We might want to do something about that.

  8. The significant difference between the American “Great Experiment” where the American Ordinary Citizen was designed and established as Sovereign.__ At least for the immediate future___; and the Dominion of Canada cobbled together by the British Bureaucracy in a panic after the American Civil War– War between the States — Invasion of Georgia for wanting to Separate from Union for Economic Reasons — Or any other reason y”all may have awareness.

    The Significant difference is the Bureaucrat Cobbling together established a mini and/or minion British Bureaucracy. This did work fairly well for the first 90 years of the BNA Act of 1867 -{British North America Act of 1867}- ; until the Canadian Bureaucracy became bothered by the Minion aspects, particularly the Francophone component of the Minion Bureaucracy.

    Step by Step the correction began; First/. establish a Bureaucracy Prime Minister– Lester Bowles [ Mike – Lester not macho enough ] Pearson.
    Second/. increase the Civil Servants Salaries significantly “properly ?” done by [ mike ] Pearson.
    Third/. demonize the only Canadian Prime Minister without a Franco or Anglo family name; John Diefenbaker & squash the over whelming rejection of the Bureaucracy Prime Minister [ mike ] Pearson.
    Fourth/. ridicule the significant changes by P.M. Diefenbaker__ increase exports and jobs through proper Exchange value of the $ .90 U.$ to buy a $ 1.00 CDN dollar: Discontinue the Inherited British Bureaucracy concept of Canada is a only a Raw Materials — drawer of water & hewer of logs — to maintain Mercantile relationship with Britain & the U.S.A.
    Fifth/. Begin discussions of Treaty to establish St.Lawrence Seaway to establish overseas trade without Montreal Portage/Lachine Canal impediments; Plus intiate U.S.A./Canada Auto-Pact Trade treaties.
    Sixth/. Discontinue the Avro Arrow disasterous damage to Canada’s Economy through over runs and neglectful attention by Bureaucracy; plus as the “give-up” for Auto-Pact Treaty.
    Seventh/. Provide the Original ___ Human Rights of Canadian Citizens Law Passed by the Parliament Majority given to the Diefenbaker Conservative Administration. — A Law effectively ignored by all subsequent Canadian Liberal Governments until forced by the Province(s) of Saskatchewan & Alberta. to include in the Never Ratified 1981-1982 Canada Constitution .

    Anyway this is my best understanding and recollection of more than Five Decades of reading and unable to move very far in a non-bureaucracy information fog or flog?