YNoKyoto: Turning On Turnbull


Abbott is an incredibly powerful man. From the backbench he’s creating disunity, stopping legislation, ruining careers, and bringing down Prime Ministers, all just for the fun of it.

This has nothing to do with the 54% of Australians who are skeptics.

h/t Adrian

5 Replies to “YNoKyoto: Turning On Turnbull”

  1. Wasn’t Abbot the Aussie PM who scrapped the carbon tax they had down there? Then, didn’t a bunch of anti-Abbot members of parliament stage a palace coup?

    They love playing musical chairs down there as who is sitting in the prime minister’s chair when the music stops/

    1. Yes. The globalists wanted Abbot gone. Fortunately, the people are waking up. Hopefully the same happens in Canada.

  2. I liked Abbot. He’s a doer, not a talker. After a lifetime in corporate America, IMHO, the doers are the heroes. Talk is cheap.