23 Replies to “I, For One, Welcome Our New Self-Driving Overlords”

  1. Elon Musk reminds us we must never take our hands off the “Autopilot” system. Still trying to decode that statement.

  2. Getting the short TSLA trades on. Time decay on my existing positions has been minimal. TSLA due for a nice drop soon…

    1. I’m not a racist … but the pictures in your article, Tim … don’t reveal a single white face anywhere in the Tesla factory. So, will Tesla be the first American auto constructed entirely by people ovvvvv cullller ? Therefore, if you experience any problems with your Tesla … it will be RACIST to suggest your automobile isn’t PERFECT! So, all you disgruntled Tesla owners need to just suck it up … and enjoy your “good-enough” eco-auto. Anything else is totally RACIST!

      1. There is also a lot of mention of temporary workers. More interested in earning money and less likely to cause “problems”.

  3. Elon Musk, South Africa’s most notorious draft-dodger, is offering the elite a way to drive millions of working-class white men out of the labour force. The elite want that at any price.

    If self-driving cars trucks are cheap enough, it may not matter that they’re much more dangerous than trucks with well-trained and well-ordered human drivers. Corporate lawyers have ways of making widows and orphans accept insulting “settlements” when companies kill people to save the CEO the price of a new yacht.

  4. Tesla’s reinvented the Pinto. Just replaced the exploding gas tank with HAL 9000 drivers. The last thing unfortunate progressive future embracing driver passengers hear after pleading with their auto-pilot to brake to avoid potentially lethal crashes is “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that”.

  5. I’m bullish on automotive AI over the short term, but it’s pretty clear the Tesla autopilot should not be allowed on public roads yet.

  6. It doesn’t matter how many crashes, or fatalities, or lies there are. The true believers, will keep believing. There is no apostasy to see here.

    1. I agree. Until they prove them against the NASCAR drivers they have no business on our public streets.

      1. I’m afraid the lidar will interpret skid marks as an off ramp and wipe out pit row from the side. Bodies flying every which way, chaos, mayhem!

  7. What’s never been explained is why cars have to be autonomous. Up to now there’s been safety equipment adds to autos like anti-lock brakes, traction control, radar assist cruise control, blind spot detection. But the judgement and ultimate operation of the vehicle was always given to the driver. The trade off between ultimate outside control with promised results and total freedom of choice with much room to improve is never debated. Technology can still improve vehicle safety and efficiency without giving into loss of human control and interaction. Autonomous transportation control is putting something critical on the chopping block and it’s promises have been proving to be grossly over-stated utopian science fiction. Some might even call ’em bald faced lies. How much will we pay for buying this snake oil? A computer error resulting in the loss of life isn’t something to be tolerated as an acceptable trade off. Ever.

    1. Want to make driving safer? Put drivers in an isolated cockpit like an airliner … with no distractions, and no cellphones, no donuts (sorry), coffee, chips, crisps, burgers allowed. Pay attention to what the hell your’e doing behind the wheel.

      Oh! And make the driving exams far more rigorous! The DMV can begin by stopping the rampant CHEATING on the written tests … by the Chinese and Mexicans. It is shameful, but the leftist bureaucrats in the DMV simply look the other way to protect their illegal voting bloc. It is shameful. Our laws and rules are flaunted … right in our faces by the leftist ghouls