The Island Of Greater Hongcouver

Vancouver is now completely cut off from the rest of Canada by road.

Via FB:

Here’s a full list of mainland BC highways currently closed:
Hwy 1 between Hope and Lytton
Hwy 1 between Lytton and Spences Bridge
Hwy 3 between Hope and Manning Park
Hwy 3 between Princeton and Keremeos
Hwy 3 near Fernie
Hwy 5 between Hope and Merritt
Hwy 7 on both sides of Agassiz
Hwy 7 between Maple Ridge and Mission
Hwy 11 between Mission and Abbotsford
Hwy 93 between Radium Hot Springs and the BC-Alberta border
Hwy 99 between Pemberton and Lillooet

From the BC Transportation twitter feed.

Update: And now they may just get what they’ve been voting for, good and hard.

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    1. That happened already not too long ago. The country was down to one lane for quite a while. Sort of like the country in general?

  1. Flooding from excessive rainfall? Is it too much to ask for a Tsunami perfectly timed with someone we know’s surfing vacation?

  2. I gotta stock up on food tomorrow because the island will run out in a few days here basically. Internet is down at the nearby stores so it’s cash only. The bank ATMs were closed too. Hopefully tomorrow internet is back!

    1. *
      as the prepper community is wont to say…
      “nine meals from anarchy.”

      three days without food and your neighbours
      will be looking for a haunch, of, well… you.


    2. We’re stocked for a couple months on frozen, 2 weeks on perishables.

      Malahat is closed from flooding, they kept up today with “another 30 minutes, another 30 minutes” until at 4 they said closed until tomorrow. Government morons. Oldest son is stuck overnight in Mill Bay, but found a bed at his boss’ house, nice guy.
      Mill bay fast food stops were empty at 6pm tonight.
      What would a real disaster look like?

      1. A reminder that “frozen” and “refrigeration” only work as long as the electricity does.

    3. You waited too long. You’re about to learn a very valuable lesson about self reliance and prepping (assuming you survive).

    4. Sounds like a plan. Stores will probably be packed today and tomorrow but if you wait 3 or 4 days the crowds will be gone. Then you can look around more places. And much more likely the internet will be back up. Plus, the government will swing into action to make sure you are well cared for- clothed, sheltered, warm and fed- for free! Thank Justin!

  3. Well glad I did the shopping for the week yesterday. Freezer is full and the power hasn’t quite collapsed yet… 🙂

    It appears we are surrounded and led by complete idiots.

    Why should we be surprised?


    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

    1. “It appears we are surrounded and led by complete idiots” you are too kind Hans WE ARE GOVERNED BY IDIOTS of a very high order.

      I look forward to the inevitable appearance of Horgan (the BC premier) to explain why BC was not prepared for rain just like he was not prepared for: Wuhan Flu, hot weather, not enough paramedics, not enough long-term care staff, not enough hospital beds, not enough vaccine, no masks for healthcare workers.

      The only thing NDP-NFG provides in excess is incompetence and excuses.

      1. How soon before Bonnie Henry scolds people? After all, this wouldn’t have happened if everyone had been vaccinated and wore their masks, right?

    2. the fun hasn’t even begun yet.. there ain’t enough cement mixer trucks and gravel trucks (or vaccinated drivers) in Western Canada to meet the demand , and the horgan/henry gongshow just gonna make things all that much worse…don’t even consider the massive inflation that the government of Canada will cause, not the massive increases in homeowners/corporate insurance yet to arrive ….the textbook definition of a perfect storm..

  4. All that’d becuz of yur climate change fur sur. Get rid of yur suv, and lower the tempature in yur hous this wintr. Dont eet meet. Save the erth!!

  5. Kate: “Vancouver is now completely cut off from the rest of Canada by road.”
    Faster, and more please.

    James: “Internet is down at the nearby stores so it’s cash only. The bank ATMs were closed too.”
    A cashless economy is the future. Learn to barter.

    Apparently a great deal of aviation fuel was used to collect those highway stranded.

    “Debbie” needs to learn logic.

  6. No need to barter. A rival blockchain ledger renders government money obsolete. Labour, goods and services can be exchanged and tracked using a decent blockchain build, and that removes the main issue with barter: transferrability.

    Governments are powerless to stop it.

      1. Musk will build satellite internet. Then all government can do is shake their fist at the sky.

        Internet is not needed to maintain blockchain. It can be net firewalled. It maintains records regardless. Got physical memory? Come on over, we can deal.

        Like in the good old days … with … you know … cash.

        Money is what WE agree it is. Not what Government CLAIMS it is.

        The end.

        1. I think you still need electricity for the internet, no?

          I like crypto but it’s based on the premise of cheap readily available electricity, which is soon to be rationed by the same minds that have been tilting against viruses and citizens.

          Maybe it’s wise to have a mix of tangible assets for bartering and untouchable (for now) crypto.

    1. Bdsm, What you wrote might as well be Chinese to me. I’ve finally, figured out what a blockchain is, but am at a loss to understand how to use it. I should admit though, what I know and understand about all of that stuff, I could write in “block” capitals, on my left thumbnail. Not sure what you mean about the main issue with barter being transferrability. I think transferring things directly is what barter means. So I’ll stick with traditional prepping and barter, but thanks anyway.

  7. “Vancouver is now completely cut off from the rest of Canada by road.”

    That’s a parody of a British newspaper headline a century ago when fog “completely cutoff the continent from Britain”.

    That certainly must have been some sort of “ism”.

  8. I called my aunt in Nanaimo earlier this evening. She reported lousy weather there as well.

    I’m more concerned about the conditions between Fort St. John and Edmonton. The highway from Beaverlodge to FSJ was lousy yesterday.

  9. The irony. Electric cars may actually have a use for once in their lives. If the power grid don’t go out…

  10. The best part of the article: “The only way to drive between the coast and the rest of Canada at this time is through the United States. However, Washington is also seeing highway closures due to the inclement weather and residents would need a COVID-19 test to re-enter Canada “. And I am sure that CBSA’s fine ladies and gentlemen would be more than happy to collect our fines and harass us at will. We love dear leader!

    1. The 6p.m. news was all about the roads, rescuing people, weather etc etc. For at least 30 minutes and not ONE person was wearing a face mask or showing vaccine passports as they got on and off helicopters or were interviewed. I guess the pandemic is over? /sarc

    2. I wonder how long the border controls would last against an angry convoy of frustrated detourees…

  11. Really bad for trucking. Unfortunately the washout is in the Hope BC area. This means highways 1, 3, and 5 are all cut off as they all merge together east of Hope. That leaves highway 99 which is not a truck friendly highway at all even after it opens. There are almost no truck facilities from Kamloops all the way to Vancouver. The cardlocks in the Vancouver area are not designed for highway units with trailers, thats why everyone gets fuel in the Hope/Chilliwack area which is of course on the opposite side of where highway 99 enters Vancouver.

    “In transit” shipments through the USA are very rare. Many trucking companies and truck drivers are Canada only. Theres also much reduced weights in the USA, although the NW is closer to Canada than the rest of the USA.

    I’m hearing rail is washed out too. Now think of the port situations in the USA. More freight is coming through Vancouver to compensate. Those shipments will grind to a hault except for local goods.

    Rates to Vancouver will skyrocket, especially cross Canada shipments which now will have to cross stateside. The rates from Vancouver to the USA will be lower than ever.

    This is a lot worse for our economy than it initially appears. If you need anything that is shipped across the Pacific over the next 18 months you better buy it now.

        1. Put on another mask, superstar. You’re solving the greatest issue at stake, aren’t you?

          Fucking imbecile.

      1. W-house, I think it means a stop in haul-ting stuff by truck, but whaddoIknow!
        However, it’s best to just not engage with the trolls.

      1. You need 60 more shots there fucknugget, your Covids are showing.

        Hey, are you still a racist, by the way?

      2. Allen… We don’t agree on many issues, but the responses you got was clearly uncalled for. There’s a real emergency, and you relayed some valuable information. I just wish people on both sides would just learn to talk to each other regardless of opinions. A civilized society must learn to disagree without being disagreeable.

          1. I believe Kate just posted a warning. Could she be talking about you?

            I’m all for free speech, and I don’t care about hurt feelings, but people who engage in personal attacks with profanity shouldn’t be allowed to comment on this forum. It does a disservice to the cause.

    1. This, of course, from the delusional twitter-addled numbskull who declared that Florida was going to implode under COVID cases in late September, and their dropping rate was an illusion based on changing reporting standards, which would bite them in the ass … oh so very soon.

      Now … lowest per capita rate in the US.

      You’re a fucking retard, retard. Nothing you say has any connection to reality. Deal with it.

      1. Is that the same Florida that had the highest Covid deaths per capita out of any state in 2021?

        1. Overall, the whole time, in the middle of the pack, but the most open. Lots of blue states doing much worse.
          More exactly, Florida does better on current case growth, current deaths per capita and fully vaccinated.

          You do know that. Key now, “case” growth and whether deaths are falling or rising. Let’s factor in overdoses and suicides.
          In covid Canada, one year ago deaths were higher and rising, now they’re lower and falling. Covid is covid when it’s covid.
          Also enjoyed your transportation comments. It’s never as bad as the hobgoblin hawkers of media and statism claim.
          Good to see further confirmation on that. Our ability as a society to push the panic button is both insightful and bewildering.
          I prefer, as the late philosopher Tom Petty said in one his tunes “most things I worry happen never happen anyway.”
          I went to Wal Mart to see the panic phenomenon in action. Hoard buying had been cut off but the empty shelves were eerie.
          I got a cold feeling about what shopping in Soviet Moscow would be like, or a presage to fossil fuel food being banned.?
          Or whatever other exercise in political power they pick to justify their ongoing and negligent failures of government?
          Doing your part for climate change as we export coal to China and India, shutting down our most important industries.
          To be replaced with what? Nothing but their conscience approved collectivism aka kleptocracy where opinion is subversion.
          They’re already putting it in writing. Ask yourself how Maoism ran the great leap forward into totalitarianism and depravity?
          Ask yourself how China does it today, as they just did with lecturing Biden and his country on climate change and covid.

          Areas where we can work together while we steal your technology and let fentanyl slip to the US, despite mass repression elsewhere, who thumb their noses at us when we dare to mention their concentration camps. Translation: Big money.

          Which they will withdraw and replace with firing squads when they square their circles, the final link our highest courts.
          Birds of a feather will pluck us together unless we give them a big pluck you at the polls, meetings and public protest.

  12. That’s the CP Rail line in that tweet. CN has a line on the other side of the river.
    CN also owns the old BC rail line that goes up past Squamish to Prince George (thanks to that serial scumbag and crook Gordon Campbell).
    So somebody is going to figure out a way to move stuff in and out of the Lower Mainland in fairly short order. But for a while it’s probably going to be messy and operating at reduced capacity.

  13. Raining in November in Vancouver you say? Never saw that coming.

    This will all have the effect of increasing the power of the political left, the “told you so” response chorus will begin after an appropriately respectful week of keeping it limited to Liz May. You do realize that two thirds of the country sincerely believe that it rains like this because conservatives drive trucks, right?

    1. Bang on Peter …. the wife and I got married in Sardis BC Nov 10 1990 …. barely got there before the Coquihalla closed on the 9th and barely got to the airport in Vancouver on the 11th since #1 was flooded and closed. I still remember the mess of debris going down the Coquihalla on the run into Hope … there were boulders and trees and the water running down the highway was a small river at times. Not as bad as the recent rain totals but dang close.
      It rained all three days we were on the Wet Coast before we took off to sunny Hawaii for the honeymoon 😉

  14. Vancouver is cut off from Canada?

    And the downside?

    As for “unprecedented”?

    Check out the water-carved and displaced geology of that entire province (and vast neighbouring swathes.

    Building on flood-plains and low river deltas is basically INSANE.

  15. It did seem to rain a lot. Glad I cleaned the gutters. I do know that Vancouver island gets a lot of fuel brought in from Washington states Cherry point refinery by fuel barges. Highway 3 and 5 will open today as will 1 as far as hope. That washout in the canyon on 1 will take a heck of a lot longer. That is a challenging area to begin with.

    1. I’m not exactly clear where the issue with #1 is. Is it before the merge with 3 and 5, or after? If it’s after, they are absolutely fucked.

    2. The Coke has a huge washout, not sure where, could be Othello.

      That could be a week to repair, perhaps more.

  16. I hope all the BC residents insist on a sustainable and equitable reopening of their economy, that utilizes electric vehicles and construction equipment and only from companies that have POC in major leadership roles. Good luck.

    1. We are not all environutters and masked, fearful Karen’s, thank you.

      But yes, all those others, as described, should proceed as noted.

  17. They paid a king’s ransom to antifa thugs to torch Fort Mac, then blamed it on “climate change.”

    Vengeance is the Lord’s.

  18. I lived in Victoria in the late eighties, it was common for it to rain for forty days and nights. It was aweful, the winter was so wet and grim that I couldn’t wait to leave BC. Keep safe everyone.

    1. We’re going to fill up today, it’s likely to get a little scarce here in the short term.

      Same with some other goods, though we are well stocked overall. Can’t say the same for most others, who seem to live day to day in the Victoria area, expecting their manna to always, magically be there.

  19. Allan S,
    Just when I was sure you’re an NPC you get the real NPC’s to ID themselves. Not to endorse your comments (at least not the idiotic), but that was well played.

    1. The great thing with Kate’s comments policy is that we all get high levels of opportunity to ID ourselves, along with high levels of exposure to alternative views.

    1. You couldn’t repair the roads without fossil fuels since the roads are all Asphalt, i.e. tar and gravel, even the cement would need fossil fuel transport since I haven’t seen any e-Cement Trucks yet. We could go back to cordurouy roads using logs (it is BC after all) but the speed limit would be very low and it doesn’t handle weight well. Apparently we also have lots of power outages so Hydro is not reliable at the moment, especially if we have a strong wind after the rain, most tree roots pull out of saturated ground really easily and then they take out power lines. Since this was a Pineapple Express direct from Hawaii we should blame the Americans, like they blame us for the cold weather coming down from “Canada”.

    2. That would depend on the number of forced labourers who survived the march and the subsequent conditions.

      There are some interesting numbers on the attrition rate among the workers who built the various North American Trans-Continental railroads.

      1. I am concerned about the health and safety of the “protesters” blocking the road in Wetsu-whatever land. Not too much. Bit north but they could be at risk you know.