What Will Our Lord and Savior, Anthony Fauci, Have to Say About This?

Given that he was entirely fine with large crowds at BLM rallies and assured us that illegal immigrants coming into the country weren’t a problem, one must assume that he will remain consistent and be entirely fine with what happened here in College Station, Texas . . . right?!? Otherwise he would be a Complete and Utter H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E.

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  1. Dr. “Fraudci” MD has a nice ring to it…looting the public with a leaky toxic cocktail that is mmmmm good for you!

    Now you can celebrate your favorite ghoul with the MD = Morosely Diabolical

    Well “Lord and Saviour” would imply that “Fraudci” would be telling the enthroned Jesus Christ: “Hey your sitting in my seat!”

    For that kind of arrogance, one day soon “Fraudci” will get his dance card punched, and the door to Hades will be opened with the perfect question for so called health officers…:

    “Will that be smoking or non-smoking?” 🙂

    Did I mention Happy Thanksgiving?


    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

  2. My Gawd, how stupid can the left (Canada) be? Tens of thousands of people enjoying a great game of football, and here we are in Ontario locked down and restricted, despite the numbers of ‘vaxxed’

    I’m not vaxxed, but I’m going to have to. I have friends and family that need me to be able to join normal life, and while I honestly think the Vax does something to your mind (before Vax, people were concerned but normal. Post Vax, they’ve gone insane with paranoia), I have to risk it in order to ‘regain normal’.

    Will I vote for Doug Ford’s government? Yes. Will I continue to be a member of the conservative party and contribute? No.

    We can’t forget; We didn’t vote for Doug Ford. We voted for Rob Ford, or at least his brother. His brother turns out NOT to be Rob Ford.

    1. Rob Ford… To the best of my knowledge, was the first to give out his personal phone number. In the middle of the night, he would recieve a call from a east end constituant (he was in the west. Etobicoke), about her snow not being removed, and he’d get out of bed to see to it. Often, he’d personally be over there with a shovel to clear the diveway himself.

      Rob Ford. Doug Ford is not Rob Ford

    2. So you are going to cave and take medicine you know at best is mostly useless, and at worst is harmful, in order to what, appease, … ummm … what?

      Weakness and cowardice. We love to make fun of useless, spineless soyboys. Are we much better?

      1. Bdsm, you are correct. Any friends and family that think I should take an experimental drug to appease them would be very wrong. If they can do without me I can do without them.

        1. ++++++++++++/\ VOWG & BDSM

          To be honest, I have little use for my vacuous arrogant blue pilled “family” that doesn’t have the Fucking BALLS to watch a simple video or read something that does not coincide with their Govt -MSM branwashing….things that would cost them SQUAT..while adamantly telling me I’m a tin Foil Hatter and full of shit.

          FUCK THEM ALL. We shall see who survives in 2-3 yrs.

          1. Does your blue family group claim you have …. “the wrong tone” … as mine do? Ohhhhhh mo’mmmaaaa … you s-o-u-n-d mean.

            Come on ma’aaaan …

    3. “…. Will I vote for Doug Ford’s government? Yes.”

      Incomprehensibly stupid. You deserve your future.

    4. Why not be part of the resistance?
      We cannot see our grandson play hockey. But I saw the vid of the former NHL player demanding Cambridge arena remove his sweater since they won’t allow parents and grandparents in to that arena.
      “…despite the number of vaxxed…”
      How about despite the fact that only 4% of Ontario has been covid positive?

  3. If we were still living in functioning societies, Anthony Fauci would be facing a tribunal for his role in this crime against humanity and asked how he can live with himself, not for advice on anything.

  4. Second Highest Attendance on record for the game too.

    I don’t think healthy young A&M college students are afraid of COVID.
    Neither are their parents and grandparents.

  5. At a street festival in Marietta Georgia yesterday – Chalktoberfest. Thousands of people enjoying music, sun, art and beer. Hardly a mask to be seen. I love Canada, it is my homeland, but I am sure glad we have been in Georgia for covid

  6. Alabama had an uptick in deaths from covid, which was reported as a statistical anomaly that stalled falling death rates.
    Was that just misattributed from football upset induced medical events, a cardiac covid moment? No, it was due to reporting delays.
    Cases are down as are hospitalizations, with deaths falling too, though not as precipitously, curiously though as influenza season begins.
    That’s why the media won’t talk about young people not sick with covid, because by and large they aren’t, so they must pretend or ignore.
    BTW, Florida (-45%), Alabama (-38) and Texas (-32%), all reopened red states have hospitalizations falling faster than the US (-21%).
    Meanwhile the virtuously vaccinated and mask restricted blue states tell quite a different tale in the contradictory way only they can.
    California (-24%) is like the US, but Pennsylvania (+15%), and Michigan (+21%) deaths rise, covid is not adhering to collectivist dictates.
    Can anyone show any statistical causation between masks and no masks, crowds and no crowds, vaccinated or unvaccinated? No?
    GOP or DeMarxist run states? Might have something. Or highest vaccine hesitancy within groups that overwhelming vote Democrat?
    Am I getting warmer? With any luck, if covid deaths continue to fall into flu season, it should get plenty hot for DeMarxist dilettantes.
    Fauxci says you never know, which means he never knows, since many of us know something, which means for once he’s correct.
    Perhaps the most unconsciously incompetent public official in human history, like many of them, glorified by partisan ignoramuses.