No Moderna for You

Upon further review…

Chief Epidemiologist Þórólfur Guðnason has decided that Iceland will halt the use of the Moderna vaccine in Iceland. RÚV reports that the decision was made after reviewing new data from the Nordic countries, which shows an increased incidence of myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle (or myocaridum), as well as pericarditis, an inflammation in the membrane surrounding the heart (or pericardium), among people vaccinated with Moderna.

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  1. That’s funny. I was told by my pharmacist the the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines were the same and interchangeable..

    1. Your pharmacist knows only what he/she’s being told by the Pharmaceutical-Industrial complex and its servants in government, i.e. no better than the rest of us. The entire structure is corrupt from top to bottom. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out most people in the medical field are taking backhanders from the pharma complex.

      1. Remdesivir in Americas medicare is coded to have a 20% add-on payment “kickback” code is XW033E5, I wouldn’t be surprised if Canada has a similar setup to help hospitals and pharmacists decide what drug to use.

    2. *
      unless you are an octogenarian or morbidly obese
      why would you worry? any disease you can’t even
      detect without a fully equipped lab isn’t worth
      worrying about.


  2. I’ll be fired/retired next month for not getting vaccinated.
    This fits in just great with PM Baked Potato’s travel ban.

    Search this for some non-narrative news you won’t see on the CBC: ‘airlines cancel flights covid vaccine mandate’

    They are blaming weather, but that’s pretty easy to check.

    Search the CBC site for ‘cancelled flights vaccine mandate’.

    1. 1,000 flights cancelled because of “weather”? Ha! They don’t cancel that many flights during the worst Chicago winter storm … across ALL airlines.

      Go woke … fuck over the general public. Err … inconvenience … the general public.

      1. It was a weather cancellation alright: A shitstorm of people telling them to stick their vaccine mandate in their ass.

  3. “Search the CBC site for ‘cancelled flights vaccine mandate’.”

    They’ll claim they need to vaccinate the fuel lines in the planes to guard against COVID.

  4. This would be amusing if it were not for the people I know personally who have dropped dead of heart and stroke conditions within a few months of being jabbed.