19 Replies to “What Really Happened in Wuhan”

    1. DJT blew off the reasonable question as to why his administration allowed the ban on this research to be lifted. My guess is that it was buried in other proposals and nobody caught it, not unlike how bad actors sneak controversial law into massive 3000 page spending bills.

      1. The implication in this video that DJT or his administration is somehow directly responsible for approving this Gain of Function research is laughable. The federal government has millions of employees, 90% of which are Deep State, independently operating, America-hating, Democrat-voting progs (Dr Fauci in particular), and that loathsome dwarf in particular is responsible for the deaths of millions. The idea that Trump or a Trump appointee said “Oh yeah – fantastic idea Tony! Let’s have China engineer some super spreader virus. What could possibly go wrong?!?!” is total fiction.

    2. JB, mine as well. There really is no in between with this. The “vaccines” are killing and injuring people by the ten’s of thousands. They cannot stop infection, transmission, illness or death. All “vaccines” should be pulled of the market and ways found to mitigate the damage they are doing and will do in the future. Children being shot up with this poison should be the last straw.

    3. It’s President Biden now. It’s citizen Donald Trump. A bit much to expect citizen Trump to be an expert in vaccine outcomes.

      1. Former President Trump.
        You could say, he still is the President due to having an election allegedly STOLEN from him and placing that turnip in his place.

        Regardless, anyone with 2 eyes and some functioning neurons, can FUCKING see these ” vaccine ” outcomes.
        If little ole me can see it , then Trump can daMN well too.

        It behooves him to come out and say it clear, loud and proud or he can also FUCK OFF AND DIE with the rest of the useless parasites running Big Gov.

  1. I can’t wait to see this investigation broadcast on the CBC… Oh wait, because racism.

    The French built a virology lab in China and were then forced out. What did they think would happen?

  2. Let’s say for the sake of argument, that a case can be made for some Gain of Function Research, why the hell would anyone trust and collaborate with the Chinese and why the hell would anyone install a high risk facility, like the Wuhan Inst of Virology, in a city of 11 million?

    1. Why does this or any other Western country does any business at all with that country is beyond my comprehension. Let alone funding bioweapon research! What the hell is wrong with people?!?! Our world is hopelessly broken.

  3. I have always been an advocate of calling this the Wuhan Flu, but recently I am thinking that based on all we now know of it’s origins, it would be even more accurate and deserved to call it The Fauci Flu.

    Conservatives suck at propagandizing.

  4. “Conservatives suck, period.”

    CUCKservatives (as in bible thumpers) suck. And they are not real conservatives, as conservatism and any religious theology are NOT compatible. You can not serve 2 masters, so the bible says

    1. So your logic is if you don’t serve statist government, you can’t be a conservative?

      Trying to find any rationale to your comment?

  5. The party itself is right to steer clear of religious entanglements, but I am quite OK with Bible thumpers choosing conservatism as their party. People can and do “serve” more than one master. Life has many dimensions. Social conservatism helps bring balance to a world that seems to have lost any moral perspective.

  6. J.B.
    I suspect Donald is deeply disappointed with the level of hate and disloyalties that he only came to realize….to late.
    We all …even Donald live two lives. I agree I wish he would publicly come clean with the world and tells us what he knows.
    Canadian P.M.’s have more power that U.S. presidents. That’s a fact!
    They are surrounded by advisers and when he finds out he’s been conned it would serve the public well to do what he can to reveal the truth. But it would also be humiliating to do so.