47 Replies to “Doctors Shouldn’t Think”

  1. So science is a matter of legislation not free debate. When did the Nazi/Communists take over? I guess around the same time 2+2=4 became a white racist concept.

  2. Ah yes, medical decisions by the College, based on POLITICS FIRST.

    Morontariowe just doubled down

    1. I’m not entirely surprised at that. I saw a lot of that while I was in industry and also while I was teaching at Armpit College.

      I sometimes was in situations which would violate the professional engineer’s Code of Ethics. When I voiced my objections, citing the Code, the response was usually along the line of: “Ethics, schmethics. Remember who’s signing your paycheque and you do what they tell you or else.”

      I’m sure, in one case, I lost my job because of that, though the reason given was “layoff”. (Uh-huh…..)

  3. I see this as the death rattle of a dying patient. The patient being a diseased totalitarian State. Scolding, threatening, screeds like this are ONLY issued when the argument is weak.

      1. https://twitter.com/dockaurG

        Found her tweets here. She is a powerhouse.

        BTW wondering what the CPSO has to say about an interior decorator so called Health minister has to say about her misleading info on Vit D.

      2. “Canadians are sleep-walking into totalitarianism. Never say you were not warned. Your complicit silence and irrational fear is a willingly choice to surrender your birth-given rights, liberties and freedoms.”

  4. So physicians must first do no harm to….. the CPSO, the government, and the official ideology?

    1. It who controls the money/funds is the boss no matter what policy or ideologies in place as we are currently seeing.
      Morals and values are no longer our fall back as corruption runs rampant.

      Problem is, those policies tend to fail as you’ve created a fantasy which reality eventually collides into.
      Many people are expendable now and will be blindsided.
      Our reliance on importation of goods while adding laws and barriers to our own WILL catch up to this foolish endeavor.
      Our governments following an ideology fails to understand and project future problems in reality.
      I really expect our May 12 fuel shut off to really be nasty in the areas it effects. None of my neighbors are ready. Expect government intervention.

      1. May 12 fuel shut off? I obviously missed something. Please elucidate

  5. That is a truly horrible statement from a professional body. Must be taking lessons from Human rights tribunals and Liberal aparchiks. Al ist klar herr commisar.

  6. Public health orders are fascist tyranny. the doctors who are pointing that out are heroes. the others are zeros.

    1. It’s systemic racism in Canada’s Health Care industry, until all the White doctors are fired there can be no trust in the Canadian Health Care system. So say’th honorary Dr. Trudeau and Comrade Tam………..

  7. Nuremberg 2.0!

    I lost faith in government and government “science” many years ago.

  8. Who listens to white doctors anyway, Trudeau has taught us that they are RACIST liars not to be trusted!

  9. Food for thought:
    The year was 1960. A new West German wonder drug, thalidomide, was about to hit the U.S. market. Just one thing stood in its way: A Canadian-born doctor, Frances Kelsey, whose work ultimately spared thousands of American lives and preventing much needless suffering…

    The thalidomide tragedy was averted in the United States because Dr. Kelsey, alone and in the face of fierce opposition, did her job. Her perspective was educated, fresh and unique….Maybe someone else would have stopped thalidomide in the United States had Dr. Kelsey not been assigned the NDA, but, interestingly, no one else stopped it anywhere else until it was too late. Dr. Kelsey was the only person in the entire world who said no. She said no to a bad drug application, she said no to an overbearing pharmaceutical company and she said no to vested interests who put profits first. She was one brave dissenter. In the end, the question is not what made Frances Kelsey, but why aren’t there more like her?

    Excerpted from Why Dissent Matters: Because Some People See Things the Rest of Us Miss, by William Kaplan (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2017). Reprinted with permission from McGill-Queen’s University Press.


      1. A rare creature indeed.

        Just an observation but I’ve noticed that both doctors and medical regulators in Scandinavia have been the ones who are willing to ask questions and voice concerns about the covid vaccines. Not sure why but it would be interesting to find out if there is less pressure on them to keep quiet or they are just braver.

      2. It’s also interesting that the wordsmith types who look into the past and laud a lone voice of caution as a hero…are the same wordsmiths who will seek out today’s lonely voices of caution solely to label them as dangerous heretics and demand their heads on a platter.

  10. Well I wonder how my phone appointment with the Doctor to get some Ivermectin, is going to go Monday?
    I’m not getting vaccinated.

    1. Go to the vet and tell them your pet pig has mange and you want the smallest size Ivermectin pour-on. Tell them your pig is too big and uncontrollable to put in your car. Pour-on means you put a coin sized spot somewhere they can’t lick it off or wear it off. It works like the patch. I have seen humans live through it but I can’t recommend it. Despite Ivermectin being one of the most used drugs in the world it is almost impossible to get it prescribed in Canada, even for parasites.

    2. Lotsa luck. They have probably been told not to prescribe. Tell her/him you have hookworm, stepped on some contaminated dog feces in the back yard or some such story. Might work.

    1. Two things:

      1) The American Association of Physicians and Surgeons is different from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, the latter of which is the link you posted. Not saying anything good or bad about the latter, just pointing out there are two entities with the same acronym; and

      2) When I’ve been in a hospital in the past year (in the US, just as a disclaimer) it isn’t a bastion of CD-19 protocol purity. Don’t wear a mask at night? No worries, it keeps your O2 levels up because otherwise the alarm would be constantly going off and we’d be giving the stuff to you. If you’re in the bed furthest from the door, you’ve got time to throw that mask back on when you hear someone coming in. You can wear the same mask for days unless you ask for them to give you a new one. Heck, if you’re in the ER and they close the curtain they won’t know if you’re wearing the mask or not, and neither will you know if they are when they are not tending to patients. There were some nurses who weren’t happy that it wasn’t 24/7 mask for me, but 98% of them did not say anything and a few even joked that it didn’t matter to them if I was masked or not.

      1. Paople’s Libertion Front of Judea of The Judean People’s Libertion Front?

  11. Ontario doctors work for the government and will do as they’re told just like every other bureaucrat or scientist at a university.

    Doctors who might feel otherwise should get together and tell the public they must wear masks in the shower, and while sleeping. Also to carry pool noodles for social distancing. Promote safety measures to maximum ridiculousness. Mockery might be our last line of defence.

  12. I’m an American (dual citizenship) married to a Canadian living in Canada. I think it’s time to get a green card for hubby as we need the option to move to a US Red state should the totalitarianism in Canada continue to become progressively worse.

  13. Where have we heard this before. Oh yes, Galileo in 1632 defended his position that the Earth went around the Sun. The Inquisition went after him because of suspected heresy, and tried to force him to recant.

    The Left: Blacklisting opponents since, well, forever it seems.

  14. “Silence! I kill you”.
    Amazing how pathetic government run health care is.
    “Must protect the Narrative” is all they got.
    Maybe a “reporter” could ask these nitwits of “The College”
    “What is the recommended medical treatment for a person with Covid 19 symptoms?
    And why do you not have such a “recommended treatment” 14 months after declaring a Medical Emergency?”

    The long march through the institutions has left us with a whole bunch of dead and rotten institutions,infested with worms.

  15. i want to see an institutional set of awards for “year’s best cat herding.”

  16. Best news I found is that Menopausal women are at higher risk of death

    Well Honey, you are past your best before date

    what good are you if you cannot reproduce

    Lots of younger women need my services

    Next baby Moma SVP.

  17. I have never been so ashamed of my profession nor so glad to be retired. The rot progressed fast after admission to Med School required a list of extracurricular virtue signalling and the funding of research, conferences and publication by Big Pharma allied with Big Government. And the decline of Latin in the march against dead white men. Primum noli nocere is quaint but incomprehensible.
    Nuremberg Trials please.

  18. Systemic bull shit is injurious to your health. As with all such matters maintaining personal convictions will result in triage at the Government’s convenience. Common sense is always in limited supply. What happened to ‘minority’ rights ?

  19. Covid is not treated by regular doctors until you are sick enough to go to the hospital, so sayeth my doc.