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    1. hahahaha, I would pay $$$$ to see Turdo take that vaccine and have him fall over…….my Xmas gift

  1. Unlucky coincidence. Do you know how many people get light-headed at the sight of a needle? Or at a blood donation clinic? And some people faint under stress or bright lights or nerves.

        1. Lol! Yeah, and the room was sparsely populated, so none of that “fear of speaking to a room full of people” crap.

    1. My thoughts exactly. This is a person who is unaccustomed to being at the microphone in front of a bunch of press people, taking questions. Very stressful if you are not in the habit of doing this sort of thing.

      Assuming she is ok, it is amusing in a coincidental sort of way.

  2. Down she goes and the mask must remain in place.
    Asthma? High Blood Pressure? Some air when you’ve flaked out?
    Forget it. We’re in an emergency situation.

  3. I’m surprised to see anti-vaccine sentiments in various places on this forum. Vaccines are an important public health measure. They are based on science, and while science can never be perfect, it is always going to be light years ahead of rumour and mythology.

    If I recall there was a post on here back when the Taliban in Pakistan killed workers who were trying to vaccinate people against polio, and claimed it was a US plot to sterilise people. If we can ridicule that kind of ridiculous sentiment there, why is it okay to try to undermine current vaccine measures here?

    I think the reason people don’t value vaccine efforts as much any more, is that we are simply spoiled. We are far enough removed in time from when deaths from communicable diseases were commonplace, that we don’t appreciate the efforts made to control them. I am old enough that when I was young, we didn’t have the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine. Instead we had measles, mumps, and rubella. Rubella (german measles) killed my brother David when we were small, and worse yet, he caught it from our mom. She lived with that her whole life. I wonder how many families will have to live with spreading COVID to others and then losing them. It will be worse though if cases happen after we have vaccines available, and transmission occurs because ignorance prevented people from getting them.

    1. I am not anti-vaccine. However, I am anti thrust-a-vaccine-down-your-throat-when-it-is-not-necessary-and-there-are-other-pefectly-good-treatments-that-have-been-banned-for-financial-and-political-reasons.

      1. What Robert said. That, and this is an experimental vaccine, unlike any created before, as it depends on your DNA being merged with the Wuhoo strand of RNA.
        Not enough testing. Completely rushed.
        Long term effects?………………crickets.
        History is littered with disasters of rushed vaccines. Thanks, I’ll wait, for years. Risk Aversion 101

      2. Hear, hear! The vaccine is safe but things we have been using for dozens of year and have data on (Invermectin, HCQ) are suddenly dangerous.

    2. turtle, give me a call after you have taken an untested unlicensed vaccine from which the manufacturer has been given complete liability from all side effects including death. Wake the hell up sport. Stop trying to compare a vaccine for measles to a damn flu vaccine, one of these is not like the other.

    3. A method overused and incorrectly used will lose its support.

      If the serious negative consequences that can arise from a bad reaction to a shot are more likely and more dangerous than the potential serious negative consequences of catching the disease, then the shot is a bigger risk or problem than the disease.

    4. I had measles when a child, as did my siblings
      Those that do not survive, well, lions eat the slow back end of the herd

    5. None of us here are anti-vaxxers, we just don’t believe the hype surrounding this virus. I work as a home health care aide among the elderly in a U.S. HUD run facility and yet, only two people have contracted Wuhan Flu among over 250 people. One is a 40 something resident born with Spina Bifida who is wheel chair bound and who survived. The other is an office worker who also survived.

  4. That poor woman who fainted, wonder if those fatsos who surrounded her left her any oxygen to breathe, they took up her space pretty fast.

    I ran into my dental assistant a couple of days ago and after the usual niceties we chatted about COVID and this so called second wave. I put it to her as to whether she was expecting to get the vaccine soon. She replied that she has the option for now to wait, see and learn about what side effects people are experiencing. I thought that this was good of her boss, my dentist.

    BTW: they are so ‘well protected’ in that office, masks plus plastic face shields, disposable gowns, and of course, gloves. They look like something in a scary movie.

    1. My dentist makes everyone gargle with hydrogen peroxide to stop COVID. It’s extremely unpleasant and smells like a combination of cat shit and old shoes in your mouth and I expect tastes worse. (Admittedly I have tried tasting those two things before so I am guessing.) It also left me feeling nauseous for the rest of the day.

  5. L- Clearly, government officials and politicians, beginning with the highest paid, should be first in line for Pfizer’s anti-C.C.P. vaccine.

    This “testing group” would act like a potentate’s food tester, who makes sure the food isn’t poisoned by maybe the *plotters who released the C.C.P. virus on the world.

    *Plotters? WHO could they be: Who is WHO working for ? Who owns Vancouver? Who owns J.T. ? Justin Trudeau’s favorite country/nation-state is ? No, it’s not Canada, clearly not Canada.
    Gee-whiz this is looking more and more like losing a game of Go.

    Most of Canada’s population may have access to the *under-tested vaccine in 6 months or so.
    but everyone will be under mandatory masking until 2021, in any event anyway.

    Mandatory masking in Canada serves the same function as it does for women forced to wear the niqab in Saudi Arabia. It undermines individual identity and indicates subservient status.

    *(vaccine under-tested as in under cooked hamburger),

    100,000 fewer businesses in Canada from the 1st lockdown. How many with the 2nd one?
    Worry not, Justin Trudeau’s power monopoly allows him to print and issue Monopoly Money.

    1. I have noticed the Asian babes with masks are way hotter now that you only check out their boob’s and butts.

  6. Update apparently:

    She has a condition where if she is told to lie by her bosses she will.

    Oh wait, no, she says she has a condition where if she feels pain she faints.

    Okay then…

    1. When I read that she indicated a past history of similar fainting events, my first thought was “so naturally you volunteer (or were voluntold) to take a shot on TV, knowing you will likely faint and provide a solid PR “win” for the vaccine”. A rational person might suggest to their boss that they are not the best candidate for a PR effort if they may be prone to a Vagal response.

  7. I know a former RN ( retired as an administrator ) who now volunteers in healthcare. She will “ wait “ to get it; doesn’t want to be the guinea pig. She said regular RNs where she works are declining it, also.

    Hope that poor woman survived.

    1. SCC…. My wife who was a retired Nurse said last spring to the family before passing on (not from COVID) do not take any vaccine until it has been around for at least 15 years. She NEVER took the flu vaccine because of some of the side affects for people who have arthritis, she talked to a lot of doctors she worked with and they said that they would not and do not take the flu vaccine . My argument is if they could come up with an anti CCP Flu vaccine this fast why is there still no vaccines for N1H1, Sars, the common cold, Aids , and the big one Cancer. I; like a lot of other people think that our fearless leaders should be the first to take this vaccine and then lets sit back and see what happens over a 6 to 12 month period. Then and only then would I look into taking it. As it is right now I will not be a test subject for this poison …… Steve O

      1. Yes, the nurses know, and I trust their honesty, over the healthcare establishment. The press will dutifully cover up any deaths caused by “ side-effects”, because the press is trash.

      2. Sincere condolences at your wife’s passing, Steve.
        I agree we should all wait at least 15 years before taking the rushed covid “vaccine.” Trudeau should give us the honor and be amongst the first few to get it before the year ends.

  8. As of today, one week before Christmas 2020, the vaccines by several different makers are showing up on the market. Let’s see how long it takes for the vaccine-related death toll to overtake the virus-related death toll. Oh yeah, now I remember, the Media will not tell you about the death toll from the vaccines. You just might have a better chance of surviving your acquisition of antibodies the old fashioned way, getting the sniffles for a few days. It would be a great idea for a deadpool, picking the date when one overtakes the other. But everything about the China Virus we find out, is usually wrong and gets changed after a month or two. The PCR test is beyond useless if you let it run too long (above 30 cycles), it produces 100% positive results. Hospitals paid a premium for Virus cases, test or not, also skews numbers higher. Anything to scare the sheep will work for the government, and their complicit media are happy to peddle fear-porn 24/7. Welcome to Caracas North. Merry Christmas Everyone

  9. My takeaway from this is that it shows the faults of the narrative news method we face today.

    Rather than being presented with facts we are presented with “personal anecdotes” as facts. Dr X felt overwhelmed in the ICU today. Please conclude that we still need to flatten the CV19 curve and you must be locked down and your XMAS must be cancelled.

    Here we see that Nurse Y had a reaction to the vaccination. Please conclude that vaccinations are unhealthy.

    How did we get to this point?

  10. The huge push to convince or mandate that we all must take this rushed and pretty much untested “vaccine” is what worries me the most. The media’s breathless, staged circus acts of prominent individuals getting who knows what injected into their arm is a good enough incentive for me to avoid the jab at all costs. Why do we need any type of “vaccine” for a disease that has a 99.76% recovery rate and is so deadly that a PCR test with a 93% false positive result is necessary to determine if someone who has no symptoms is infected? Corrupt governments can manufacture any number of spikes or waves of the CCP virus just by increasing the cycling threshold in the PCR test.

  11. So … all the social media outlets have promised to censor any and all anti-COVID-vaxx posts …


    But … they will leave up all of Jenny McCarthy’s anti-vaxx claims that vaccinations … “cause autism in children”.


    Let’s recap … COVID vaccination GOOD … OBEY the Deep State … OBEY! … but … Any other vaccination BAD. What your superiors insist you believe!

  12. Last night I was amused to see some TV doctor explaining why the Covid Vaccine did not mean you could cast aside the face diaper and ignore bureaucratic orders as soon as you git yer shot..
    Oh no we all must be vaccinated before this vaccine works…So not a vaccine ..
    I will rely on my own immune system for now,it has not failed me yet.
    And when it does..well I will be dead and not able to comment..But I am sure I will be able to vote Liberal for ever after.

  13. Watch it “while you stil can”.
    On Salty Cracker; video of another on air PR stunt gone bad as a doctor injects two people with the same needle and fumbles with the already depressed plunger while it’s in the suck,… patient’s arm.

  14. You put me at podium in front of microphones and cameras, I might faint also.
    It is a skill that takes practice.
    Gotta say, I’ve seen worse faints.

  15. WELL! THAT should instil confidence in the No-VAX crowd. A not-tested, liability immunity VAX for a disease that is 97.76 recoverable if you’re NOT 93 with lung cancer.
    Yup. That works for me. Sign me up for the next batch.

    Seriously. When I was a kid and we’d get out yearly VAX’s for all the childhood diseases, I’d get my shot but within an hour I’d have a fever and then pass out for about 3 days. That happened right into my late teens. Don’t know if it was a STRONG immune response or a weak one but either way … gimmie a VAX and BOOM …. see you in a couple of days.