9 Replies to “The problem isn’t fake news, it’s abandonment of news – here’s how to fix it”

  1. I attended Ryerson in Toronto in the early 60’s. Within the Journalism faculty were instructors who knew the meaning of the word. It was drilled into us that News and Opinion were separate and distinct, never to be mixed. It would appear that lesson didn’t stand the test of time.

    1. Rye-high in the 70’s was equally old school, guy teachers had been on the Arrow project.
      Journalism was bottom of the pile (sorry) , just below Fashion.
      Fortran was fun. /sarcoff

  2. Collectivists use the same approach to the problem of bad news, they ensure nobody hears about it, so it never happened.
    So many examples abound, from the Hunter Biden censorship, to any Trump accomplishment, now to clearly fraudulent votes.
    In the USSR, people would disappear, not just for real, but from having existed, indeed from history, a la 1984, burned or removed.
    That’s how you do news, Pravda style, for now with cancel culture and censorship, soon water cannons, gulags and firing squads.

  3. “What if they got back to…news?”

    It would be extremely inconvenient for the people who run this country is what, Terry. That’s why it won’t happen.

    What will happen is a lot more people like you and I, cruising blogs like SDA to find out what the hell is going on.

    I never watch the news on TV, I don’t read newspapers and I don’t listen to the radio. Because they are all lying, all the time. CBC/CTV/CHUM/Global/NP/G&M/and etc, all bought and paid for, all the time.

    Just take a look at how the print and broadcast media are treating the pandemic, trying to scare everybody to death, and that’s how likely it is that they’ll be returning to reporting the news. It’s nice that you’re taking a reasonable approach and all that, but you’re about 8 years too late old son, That ship sailed in about 2012, and sank in 2016.

  4. Went to Fanshaw in London. Broadcast Arts…..News instructor was an ex CBC type, also ex Priest……very Liberal/Socialist in his thinking and did not tolerate conservative talk or thoughts….Steve O

  5. The writer’s recommended solution is exactly what Fox News Channel used to be under its founder, Roger Aisles, who set up all segments with one articulate person arguing each side of an issue and a FNC moderator as referee. Since the writer is based in Canada (Alberta) where FNC is rarely available he likely has no awareness that his “big idea” has already been done.

    FNC’s oft repeated mantra was “We report, you decide.” Fox completely abandoned that approach after 24 years, gone anti-Trump, and since November 3rd FNC has lost more than half its previous viewing audience.

  6. Stories the media didn’t cover or glossed over.
    Jean Cretin, life long politicians, grew up in humble beginnings, retires with net worth of over 22 m in 2000 dollars.
    Justin Trudeau’s blackface was common knowledge. Not covered by media until story came to light from non-media source.
    SNC Lavelin, yawn.
    WE? Nothing to see. Move along.
    Trillion dollar deficit with no receipts? Don’t worry about it!
    Sexual assault by PM yawn, that is so yesterday. One so called expert opining that the matter shouldn’t have been dug up without the woman’s permission!
    Current PM resigns teaching position weeks from terms end. Most connected law firm in Canada draws up resignation letter ( all for a junior teacher in a minor teaching position, resigning to pursue other job opportunities) Media displays lack of curiosity.
    PM is caught shirtless in a cave with non related minor children. Relax folks nothing to see here, just our PM connecting with future voters.
    PM associated with multiple people, including room mate, convicted of child porn and even child rape. Move along nothing to see here.
    Mind you if it was a con PM and a communion wafer, we could expect 1.79 million hits in .41 seconds. Even if it was a blatant lie.
    Nope. The media is done. Only the truly stupid trust the media and only the exceptionally naive expect that they will ever regain credibility.

  7. Wonders of wonders.
    Yup Terry is more than a day late and a dollar short.
    Canadians are not as stupid as we often opine here.
    For the Media has been dying a death of a thousand cuts for decades past.
    The Internet allowed fast and easy cross checking,even today with the Idiots trying to censor.
    Our media refused to change their ways and the public response was simple and sane.We stopped buying their product,the financial loss was so great the media companies went to their comrades in government,successfully begging for handouts..

    This will be remembered as a classic example of government wisdom.
    Tax payer to media”We ain’t buying your shit”.
    Government to taxpayer”The Media is dying,cause you have rejected them,we will ‘help’ by gifting your money to the media.”

    This is your “Good Government”,a bought and paid for press kissing the ring and “reporting” only what supports the great narrative.
    Given the “Traditional role” of media,they should never be subsidized.
    The current crop of state propagandists may as well be added to the direct payroll as swivel servants..
    And then the parasites,who need public ignorance,wonder out loud,why public trust in the institutions is flatlining at just above zero..?
    A mirror,that haunting question”Would you tolerate your own behaviour if it was turned upon you”?
    The current junta,the minority /majority of Liberal, NDP & pretend conservatives want to take the lawful citizens firearms..because they are too stupid to know,everything and anything is a weapon.
    Now the most repulsive weapon I see being used against civil society,is the Assault Style Liberal Politician.
    These creatures will say and do anything for power.
    They seek to break society up into tiny identity blocs that can be set in opposition to each other.
    They lie ,steal and destroy by preference,the attitude being”If I cannot control it,nobody shall enjoy it”
    This country bears the scars of 7 decades of assault by such fools and bandits.
    The A.S.L.P rises through the ranks by silence,their dominant feature is their silence in the face of blatant corruption,their silence as the citizen is crushed by rules,regulations and stomped on by a massive bureau ,created by these same fools and bandits.
    Can Ahh Duh is done.
    Our current “presstitutes” are just small creatures adapting to their environment.
    Very small creatures indeed.
    Who ?
    It now amuses me to flip through the TV news ,counting how few of the 5 are present.