They Went From “Flatten The Curve” To “Put Your Hands Behind Your Back” So Fast We Didn’t Even Notice

This is pretty disturbing. Viewer warning: Melbourne teenager is CHOKED UNCONCIOUS, thrown to floor for reportedly not wearing a mask..

Where is the international media on this and other equally egregious acts of Covid enforcement? Not black, not a criminal, not an American police officer, not a story.

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  1. Classic.The hint of power over others,always brings out the thug and bully.
    And in this Scamdemic,they are the righteous,”Saving you from yourself”.
    Makes me wonder,where can I get my yellow Star?
    As the time to form an exclusive society,”People with life” to protect ourselves from the hysterical,power hungry and insane has come.
    In my society,covid ? sure we all have covid here.
    So get lost.
    However only death will deter fools and bandits of this calibre,for they are so certain of their right to “protect us from the Dread Covid”that killing individuals is not out of the question.
    Observe the pleasure with which the thug tosses that kid aside,this is government at its finest.

    Like I keep repeating ,this panic attack has a silver lining,for it focuses the spotlight on the clueless,useless and insane,who are yucking it up as they abuse the emergency powers granted them.
    Of course the greater the abuse,the less chance the emergency will ever end.
    Government cannot stop the spread of a virus,we have a thousand years of history proving that,followed by their truly idiotic actions since March 2020.
    For these busy bodies are the super spreaders,where ever they go to “investigate and test” outbreaks occur.
    Here we are 9 months of “emergency” later,still without the most basic defences and beating up children for failing to perform ritualist obedience.
    For if masks work,why for does the Dread covid continue to spread ,especially in the areas where these Karen’s hold sway?
    If masks work,why do so many political animals ignore their own decrees,that all shall wear them?
    Observing the crowd reaction,in that video..this thuggery just created some future scofflaws and radicals…Way to go Thugs R us.

  2. This ADULT was ejected from a bar, climbed over a fence, went behind the bar and started stealing alcohol. He then resisted. A 7 second choke does not have a high risk of death. Not about mask compliance.

    FYI, the Victorian Police are far worse than this….

      1. It was a public statement from the hotel manager. Knowing the Dorset Gardens hotel over many years, this is most likely the truth, but it still isn’t how you bounce trouble clients.

    1. If “A 7 second choke does not have a high risk of death” is justification for the bouncer’s behaviour, surely people choosing to not wear masks is justified, as COVID does not have a high risk of death either. Are we agreed?

  3. Should you get in a headlock. I learned a real cool trick in high school wrestling in getting out of a headlock.
    Just grab the person and fall backwards. Your natural reaction is to let go to brace your fall.

    1. The guard was almost carrying him and probably more than twice his weight. I don’t think he had any leverage.

      1. his ambition is to be a cop by DEMONstrating his behaviour for all to see.

        feel free to scan youtube for hundreds and hundreds (many thousands?) of vids cops doing just that.

        the cop mentality hasnt caught up to the fact there are billions of video recording devices on the face of the globe now.
        showing equal billions what consummate thugs they are. theyre stuck in the 50s when it was carte blanche anything and then just lie and lean on the naivety of the populace until any of THEM are on the receiving end.

        todays skill testing question: howcum cops never apologize?
        A: irrefutable convincing proof they are bullies and bullies never apologize.

        that reminds me, gotta call up manitoulin cops tell them how funny it is their buddy got shot to death.
        funny funny funny. vastly funnier than stolen property eh badge boy?

  4. Watching the full news report puts quite a different spin on it, per Alan above. I have a lot less sympathy for the victim, but both he and the rent-a-cop should be charged for their actions. Not sure a lawsuit would be upheld.

  5. I wonder who will be the first cop taken to the woodshed when he, she, or it, tries this crap on a real man.

  6. With what is happening in Australia, Victoria in particular, one wonders if it would have been better to have surrendered to Imperial Japan. Could any of Tojo’s successors have been any worse than the jerks they have now?

    1. Give your head a shake!
      For starters, ask ANYONE who went through a Japanese POW camp. Or anyone who survived the rape of Nanking.

    2. Just research Air Commodore Leonard Joseph Birchall, CM, OBE, DFC, OOnt, CD (6 July 1915 – 10 September 2004), “The Saviour of Ceylon”. A Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) officer who warned of a Japanese attack on the island of Ceylon during the Second World War. His plane was shot down and he spent 4 or 5 years as a prisoner of the Japanese. You can get a taste of Japanese culture before the allies overthrew their warlords. Not that they were any kinder to Koreaans, Philippinos, Chinese, or any of thier soldiers for that matter.

    3. Hey, I wasn’t trying to get you all to throw a fit. I was comparing what our “civilised” government was doing over a manageable issue compared to a how a brutal regime carried on. I have forebears who fought against this shit. They would be devastated to see how things turned out.
      As for the war crime victim, the war was still on. I would have hoped the perp was identified upon camp liberation and had a bayonet stuck up his ass.

  7. One thing I’ve found out in the last few weeks is that if one doesn’t go tra-la-la-la-la-la along with the narrative, some staff member or manager feels “empowered” to berate, humiliate, and embarrass that person for no other reason than to make an example of that individual.

    I had that happen to me again this morning. Some front desk clerk didn’t like my reluctance to wear a face diaper, but I eventually complied. After I went in to take care of business, the clerk sicced the boss on me and I was eventually tracked down. That gorgon proceeded to do chew me out in front of everyone within earshot, talking to me as if I was some idiot child–very unprofessional.

    I’ve done business with that establishment for many years, but I decided that once some unfinished work is done, I’m taking my trade some place else–screw it, it’s my money and I can spend it wherever I like. One doesn’t do that sort of thing to long-time clientele but, then, I guess that manager figures that there is enough business there that I can be unceremoniously dumped.

    Unfortunately, it’s not the first time this sort of thing happened to me in recent weeks.

    1. Were you the one telling us that you were arrested for not wearing a mask?
      What you and the rest of us need to do is yell back at them that we are POLITICAL DISSIDENTS
      and that the mask/lockdown regime is purely political and has no basis in medical reality.

      Make these tyrants publicly wear their tyranny.

      1. I wasn’t arrested but the fact that I was reluctant to put one on in the first place was enough for the clueless clerk to rat me out.

        The manager threatened to terminate the arrangement I had with that establishment, so I’ll give that outfit what it wants. I haven’t been happy with how that place has been run ever since it was restructured about 3 years ago, becoming increasingly restrictive about how I was to settle my account. What happened earlier today pretty much decided it for me.

        Like I mentioned earlier, if it doesn’t value my custom, I’ll take it some place else. That’s one of the benefits of a free market economy.

      2. Oh, by the way, before the incident in question, I spoke with someone who was a virus watch-thingy. When I expressed my skepticism about all the horsing around and said that it was a waste of money I was told, “I’m doing it for you and me.”

        Uh, no. Speak for yourself. You’re not working for me. You don’t know who I am, it’s unlikely you ever will, nor do I think you would want to make my acquaintance.

        I am a free man.

    2. I am kind of slow, but this dawned on me today while driving. Time to start asking people who get on you about the mask: “Do you ever speed when you drive?!”
      I’m going to start using it on every every Harry Tom Dick from now on and I especially can’t wait to use it on my brother-in-law who gets all worked up when people “won’t do as they’re told”.
      There are well over 150,000 car accidents each year with nearly 3000 deaths.

      1. I’ve often wondered whether those karens and kevins slyly cheat on their income taxes or, like you said, speed when they think they won’t get caught.

    3. Totally support you. Today I said goodbye to my medical practice which is now all women and mandating masks.

  8. The kid was bounced out of a bar for being extremely rowdy. Then he went around to the back of the building, climbed over a fence and went back in, went behind the bar and poured himself a beer and got bounced again. This was the third bounce, only this time he didn’t bounce. All that said, they could have just held him and called the cops. This was way excessive force.

    1. We watched an interview with Doctor Guddy last night, on Patrick Bet-David’s YouTube channel. The doctor said that masks “don’t work” except as a ”sign.”

  9. Would like to know the back story on this.

    The media are prone to exaggerate, altghough the video footage looks legit.

    Ah Beatuful Victoria…..pox infested one day…….and the next?

    Covid Macht Frie