9 Replies to ““Spotify is gonna have to hire grief counselors after this one.””

  1. As uneven as Joe Rogan’s podcast can be I keep a subscription and listen more than I should.

    The Matthew McConaughey one recently was also very good. It’s unreal some of the topics they got into.

    Like Hollywood not liking Christians.

    And McConaughey is setting up some kind of cultural welcome wagon for all the people fleeing California for Texas but he doesn’t want them bringing their ideology with them! They need to vote correctly!

    This is all casual conversation. I remember Craig Chandler talking about people from other parts of Canada moving to Alberta and how they needed to leave their voting habits behind in order to keep Alberta conservative and he was cancelled for it. That was ten years ago.

    America is so refreshing. All their political content is a million times better.

  2. Yes, the Joe Rogan experience. Occasionally, and never for entire podcasts, but only glimpsed, there are moments as good as The Playboy Interview at its best. There are a very few, who also give us the occasional glimpse.

    Sometimes, it is as little as one line near the end, that Jamie Foxx says in a conversation about a dude playing a black dude playing a dude.

  3. 2/3 through and I’m exhausted. Alex Jones is hyper AF. Credit to Rogan for bringing him back to talk sources over and over again. Credit to Jones for mostly being accurate.

  4. Had to tune out half way through. Got tired of Rogan disrupting the cadence of the interview by calling on Jamie to Google every damn thing that came out of Jones’ mouth.
    Either Rogan was being intentionally obtuse or he’s grossly misinformed. Corporate lobbying isn’t a particularly new phenomena Joe and MI Governor Whitmer’s proclamation about the end of Covid when Biden is reelected was common knowledge for some time.
    Just to name a few.

    Jones has been right a whole lot more than he’s been wrong…but yeah, let’s fact check the hell out of him. Not sure why Rogan thought that was his job.

  5. Three hours???

    You’ll have to give me a very good reason to dedicate that much time to a video. VERY good.

    Highlights of a few minutes each would get my attention.