19 Replies to “Shaping the Evidence to Fit the Narrative”

  1. The journo-girl says the revelation of corruption in the prosecutors office could be “red meat” for the base without mentioning who or why that might be.

    Fascist government is red meat for the liberal base, she doesn’t point that out either.

    1. Indeed. “The narrative” must be repeated … often, Fraulein Goebbels.

      PS … this script-reading twit is likely unaware that “the base” is somewhere in the neighborhood of 78% of Americans who believe in their 2nd Amendment Rights.

  2. We can put this in our “Feel Good Friday” file: Covington student Nicholas Sandmann settled his suit with the Washington Post for an undisclosed amount. Oh my, rest assured it’s a good chunk of change. “2 down, six to go” according to him.
    I wonder who’s next?

  3. This guy lays it out really, really well: https://thehashtag.us/how-to-step-in-it-by-the-numbers/ In essence:

    1) Tampering with evidence is, like, y’know, illegal. They might get-away with it in Canada, but they won’t down there;

    2) A really good case for trampling the defendants’ legal rights in an effort to wrongfully convict them can be made, and thanks to your little stunt, it’s open-and-shut. And ultimately,

    3) Don’t pi$$ with two lawyers who’re rich enough to afford a mansion in the better-part-of-town. Once they get through with you, they’ll be able to afford their own Caribbean island – I hear Epstein’s is for sale.

    The whole article is a hoot – enjoy!

    1. I neglected to properly attribute – I apologize to Glenn Reynolds and Instapundit, that’s where I found the above article. I gather they found it a hoot, too 😉

  4. Sounds like something you would hear from a Russian Stalinist Show Trial doesn’t it? We have determined you committed a crime, and we will manufacture the evidence to prove it!

    This is your future if you elect Progressive Communist DA’s. George Soros has tried a lot of tactics to destroy the US. He started by backing political candidates for Congress, and didn’t get much for his money. Then he tried State officers like Secretary of State and Attorneys General. That did help his cause of creating anarchy and unrest. Recently he started buying up prosecutors. He has been funding radical DA’s, County Attorneys, States Attorneys, and the like. Now they were elected, and they refuse to prosecute any crimes.

    Not just in St. Louis. There are Soros financed Radical Prosecutors in lots of major US Cities, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle are some I can name off the top of my head. Crime gets worse if the Government refuses to stop it. Now they are neutering the police too.

    If you try to stop it, the Government will fall on you like a ton of bricks. They will do their best to make an example of the McCloskeys. Just like they tried to make an example of President Donald Trump with the Russiagate Hoax.

    1. I consider it proof of non existence of all these so called “well organized utra right wing terror groups” that Soros has managed to live this long without one of them putting a bullet through his head.

  5. Selective and malicious prosecution. Like arresting people protesting against gun confiscation while allowing people to terrorize canada for weeks by blockading trains.

    The law and justice system is a cudgel used by communists to silence their enemies and encourage their supporters. All the more reason to have a provinvial police force…and i would argue that Albertans should be lobbying hard to extremely limit the far left federal presence in this province leading up to our separation. We do not want canadians determining how Albertans should be allowed to live our lives, or Alberta will wind up looking like canada.

  6. The judicial System is corrupt, the OJ trial had several Blood samples planted as the Prosecutor needed evidence. The Jury found OJ not Guilty….but the Civil trial (Whiteman’s Justice) had help from the FBI (The black Shoes) How many Civil trials get help from the FBI? The OJ setup in Las Vegas was the FBI….

    The Maxwell Case is very curious as there is a Civil (The Red Ass) and a Criminal trial with FBI help to both… The Judge is a Dildo queen who will HOLD Maxwell until they get enough evidence for the Civil suits against Jeffery’s Estate….. She is not going to give evidence against herself & double Jeopardy per Jeffery…
    Just another Corrupt day in Court for the MONEY….

  7. Just like whites in South Africa, disarmed, intimidated by the government enforcers, denied human rights, at the mercy of feral mob. Because diversity is white genocide.

    1. Because their corrupt bosses told them too?
      Because they are unaccountable?
      Because they themselves are racist BLMers?
      Because all of the above?

      1. Reading my above article, the lab did what they were told – but they filmed the whole thing, the better to cover their own @$$. The film will be Exhibit C – the directive from the AG to tamper with the gun will be Exhibit A, and the altered gun Exhibit B.

        “When in a hole, don’t dig.”

  8. Apparently rearranging an inoperative firearm to fabricate evidence is all in a day’s work.
    The fact that “scene” DNA seems to be enthusiastically embraced by juries when it is very easily planted at many stages and has been demonstrated to have been, means that dual samples need to be immediately provided to the accused before they enter police “care”.
    When they believe you’re guilty they are capable of anything.