Subsidy Fraud KABOOM

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And another: The thing that absolutely blows my mind: Any engineer in college should be able to figure this out. And any rigorous industry would do root-cause analysis and determine a reason for all these continued failures is low quality (both in worksmanship and material selection).

Related: He promised life-saving ventilators. He delivered sleep apnea machines.

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  1. I’m pretty sure I just heard the collective screams of thousands of ardent Space X Tesla Musk O’naughts crying out in pain.

    1. To be clear, supporting Spacex and supporting Tesla are not the same thing. Only idiots, and I mean that sincerely, only idiots would attack Spacex and say they don’t know what they are doing because……Tesla. Do not equate the two, it only makes you look petty.

      Tesla may be a subsidy farm, Spacex is not. The US gov’t is getting extremely good value for money, along with many commercial operators who choose to launch with Spacex. Now they are pushing the envelope again, with NO subsidies. If they succeed, they will have developed a phenomenal launcher at what cost to the taxpayer?? Zero. Now compare that to the delayed, yet again, Nasa launcher development.

      I am deep in the industry, an industry which doesn’t bulk at spending 10 M$ from the taxpayer to develop yet another satellite power supply that will increase efficiency by 2%. It takes years, can still easily fail, for marginal gain. We design, discuss, design, build breadboards, design again, discuss some more and then maybe have something we take to testing.

      Spacex said the hell to that and went with build it as cheap as possible, break it, fix it, build it as cheap as possible again, rinse and repeat. I’ll bet any of you critics that starship flies in the next 12 months. Where will that nasa funded launcher be? Hint – unicorns live in the area.

      1. I agree with you completely….. build with what you know & correct all the errors as you find them, those errors are what you can’t predict… I remember a GM VP of design that originated that concept… The useless product Development team concept ( Harvard/ Ge) was only as good as it best member.. Without strong leadership it would attempt to build a better horse, but settle for a Camel…

      2. I’d add that NeuraLink also sounds fascinating. Not sure about his Boring Company…maybe a good way to put oil pipelines underground?

  2. My favorite comments …

    Elon’s skunkworks is also publicly funded. NASA is paying for this garbage. Money is money. It’s about who runs it. NASA keeps giving SpaceX business because they’re cheap/subsidized by the lemmings who buy SpaceX stock

    Those lemmings are Giant Public Pension Funds who invest in “socially responsible investments”. Yes, political correctness … is costly.

    There have to be better ways to blow up a corn silo

    I’ve seen it done FAR better than that. I believe it was a David Thompson Friday Funny video …

    1. “NASA is paying for this garbage.”

      No it isn’t. Whoever said this is a moron and you’re a moron for repeating it.

  3. Ths Scum Lord is in it for subsidies and easy money from gullible idiots. How could anyone expect quality from his outfit?
    He stole Linux and after so many years OSF is still “working with Tesla” to make it GPL compliant. Good luck working!
    He is destroying the ground-based astronomy by lighting up the sky with his reflective satellites, and no peep squeak from anyone.
    He had been given a free ride. Too late to whine about him.

  4. I hope he’s not billing the sleep apnea machines (which cost only several hundred dollars) as modern ventilators (some $10,000, I’m told, but I do not know).

    That being said, sleep apnea machines are rudimentary ventilators and might – might – be of some use for those with somewhat – somewhat – diminished lung capacity. Might. Maybe. I DO NOT KNOW, and I am NOT giving medical advice.

    1. Lawrence…all i can tell you is this. I bought one 3 yrs ago and it eliminated my snoring – a Phillips Respironics unit . Wife was super happy.

      6 weeks ago had bypass surgery, had the machine with me in the hospital and it definitely helped me get back some semblance of lung capacity….And continues to do so.