The Libranos: SNC Lavalin and The Buffalo Chronicle

Links to this site keep popping up in the comments, so I decided to take a look.

From February;

Sources close to the Conservative opposition leader have told The Chronicle, on the condition of anonymity, that Scheer has reason to suspect that Brison’s resignation on January 10th was part of a wider effort to shield the government and Bank of Montreal executives from wide-ranging improprieties related to the former Kinder Morgan pipeline and its subsequent acquisition.

And this, on March 11th: ‘Political grandmaster’ Frank Iacobucci is at the center of SNC Lavalin, Kinder Morgan scandals

Iacobucci led SNC-Lavalin‘s efforts to secure a ‘Deferred Prosecution Agreement’ last summer and into the fall. He was instrumental in persuading Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to insert the new legal provision as a policy rider into last year’s budget bill, acting as SNC Lavalin’s in-house attorney. […]
Iacobucci sits on the Board of Directors of Torstar, the company that publishes The Toronto Star, The Hamilton Spectator, GTA Today, The Niagara Review, iPolitics, and a series of smaller newspapers. He formerly served as Chairman. The Toronto Star, in particular, has earned a reputation for left-leaning opinion pages and reliably favorable coverage of Liberal politicians.

It’s all highly detailed, so I won’t bother excerpting more. Nor can I provide any opinion on the legitimacy of the content. But one thing’s for sure, it’s gotten under Justin Ling’s skin.

Related? Susan Delacourt’s also testy. (She writes for the Star).

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  1. Ew, I clicked the Red Star link by mistake. You can tell a serious publication by the fact that it allows participation of its readers. The Red Star is pure Liberal/Left propaganda. No one is allowed to point out their egregious bias, nor put forward facts that repudiate their terrible opinion pieces masquerading as news.

  2. “But one thing’s for sure, it’s gotten under Justin Ling’s skin.

    Related? Susan Delacourt’s also testy. (She writes for the Star)”

    Whore’s gonna whore

  3. So the incestuous Laurentian Elite cabal is going to sik Squealer onto any media that is exposing the family corruption. It would appear that The Buffalo Chronicle could well be a target of Ottawa’s voice to Saskatchewan.

  4. Some of their stuff isn’t worth refuting:
    e.g. that the NDP want Wilson-Raybould as their leader.

    1. She would probably be a lot more effective in that role than the current occupant, and more relatable to average Canadians. I hope she doesn’t seek that job.

      1. And that’s really the crux of the matter here, as both Puglass and Philpott want their cake and to eat it too.
        They both want to appear outraged, but are very hesitant to actually spill their guts, instead playing rope a dope, which is hurting their poor Liberal Party. On that note, this is where these two are being hypocrites. What is their realistic endgame? They both want to stay, AND run as Briberals in the next election, under Juthy’s regime……what? They are so upset, they want to stay.
        If they were truly principled, honourable, and ethical, they speak “truth to power” instead of playing this cutesy game, all the while remaining loyal Liberals.
        What is their bluff and endgame? Naively, maybe they are gambling that Ponyboy will step down in disgrace, fat chance, he’s an arrogant, self-centered TrustFund special person. Neither will they be rewarded by Ponyboy, with any future cabinet roles. They have boxed themselves in, with 4 outcomes.
        They quit politics.
        They get personally defeated and no longer MPs.
        They personally win, but the LIEBrawls are defeated. Still no guarantee that
        Ponyboy goes away, although even money he’s gone. And they seek to redeem themselves. Many LIEBrawls will always see them as disloyal traitors to the cause.
        LIEBrawls re-elected, but they are visible backbenchers to twiddle twaddle like the rest of them.
        So, what is their realistic endgame, if they don’t quit? Payoffs, the LIEBrawl way.

        1. Or….they write books….or enter provincial politic….or become board members of SNC

  5. This is Canada in 2019.
    You have to get the real story from a media outlet the government can’t bribe or threaten.
    Rebel Media is being sued by the Alberta government.
    They’ll find it harder to sue a US based media outlet.
    I wish Canadians were outraged at this, but few seem to care.

  6. Thanks for the link. I agree things have come to a pretty pass when I need to read a Buffalo paper to find out what is going on in Canada.

  7. hey unDork, you were saying as to the SNC coverage? Do now understand “controlled” news spin
    dizzy, most big FN supporters are NDPee’rs, so that would make sense. Butt let yer ignorance rule yer daze

  8. “The Buffalo Chronicle Is Not A Reliable News Outlet
    Yet people who should know better keep sharing their stuff”

    He may very well be accurate about the Buffalo Chronicle, but unless Ling has written similar editorials about the CBC and it’s mainstream teammates, he has ZERO credibility writing about fake news at all. How telling that in a world of leftist politicians and progressive talking heads absolutely wallowing in systematic anti-Conservative fake news, he manages to only single out and challenge one that is potentially damaging to the Liberals.

  9. I think we are all being played by the Liberal Party’s Election Campaign Team.

    The Buffalo Chronicle has only recently been making news headlines in Canada. The timing of all this coincides with the Liberal Party’s attempt to control the fallout from SNC Lavalin and the polling showing that the Trudeau brand is in trouble.

    Canada considering forcing social media companies to remove extremist content

    It is a small step from “considering forcing social media companies to remove extremist content” to controlling what Canadians can be apprised of during an election.

    1. I think what Jim is describing is known as a “limited hang out” in intelligence circles – ie: the LPC puppetmasters are revealing enough to nudge the narrative in the direction they want, but not giving away all the dirt. And they are using a weird comms channel that people may or may not believe so it can be rolled up later on as “never was true, just some conspiracy crap”.

      He might be right on this assessment of the Buffalo Chronicle – it’s juicy, it rings very true, it does the job a lot of people on both sides want, and it’s perched on a wobbly stool with a bunch of friendly folks (Ling) ready to kick the legs out from under it later. It’s also pretty easy to theorize how these LPC players might already have connections to a failed municipal politician in Buffalo …

    2. You got ‘er Jim.
      Why as we speak ‘Public Safety Minister Goodale is ‘gathering information’ in order to move forward to deal with the challenges Canada faces when it comes to countering fake news and extremist commentary originating on social media’.
      And all the better to go after a US based news source because remember ‘we are now at war with Oceania’.

  10. Don’t care, because the real story here is that the liberals are in open warfare with each other to the point that the one between the Chretienites and Martinites looks like a mere difference of opinion.

    Whether it means a fatal wound to the party or not is moot, what it does mean is that if things go badly in October there will be blood. Should they manage to hold power, there will be a purge.
    There is no outcome now where after October they all come together and say let bygone be bygones.
    Don’t pick a side, grab some popcorn, watch the show, and wait for the asteroid.

  11. The problem I have with the Ling article is that it tries to discredit the Buffalo Chronicle largely by smearing the owner. My question is, if you are a Canadian journalist and you are concerned about corruption in the Liberal Party, backed up by credible sources, where do you go to tell your story?
    Most Canadian outlets are supportive of Liberals and would try to duck the story. In addition, word would quickly get around in the journalism community about who was spreading the word. This could damage your career. Undoubtedly, you would be blackballed for not playing along. I think taking your story to an independent, Amercan paper is a good idea, and helped by social media, the story would get out. But which American news outlet is “independent”? Gets tricky, but regardless of the owner’s failed political career (which Ling seems to think is relevant), the Buffalo Chronicle would be a good choice. I am now concerned about Goodall’s forthcoming censorship. Again, it is useful to tap into a source beyond the reach of the Canadian government. Also, I don’t think this paper has anything to gain by running fake news.

  12. Well, we’ve got three stories in front of us:

    – Trudeau: “Nothing to see here.”

    – Wilson-Raybould and Philpott: “There’s much more here yet to see.”

    – This outfit from Buffalo N.Y., supposedly: “Here’s a bunch of stuff to see, and it’s pretty bad.” [By way of possibly putting things in perspective — if the contents of this publication on this subject were true — Conrad Black, who’s been a bit controversial on this particular matter, advances this definition of corruption, in such a situation (National Post, March 8, 2019, 3:01 P.M. EST):

    “…they [the Trudeau government] appear, in effect, to have allowed the government of this country to be blackmailed by a management of a recurringly legally questionable (though distinguished and successful) company. Sovereign governments cannot accept in any circumstances to be blackmailed by their own subjects. In the current dispute over the detention of the Chinese businesswoman whose extradition is sought by the United States, this country was subjected to pressure by the two most powerful nations in the world, and I believe has handled the issue correctly by allowing our laws to operate without interference. But in internal matters, sovereign governments cannot allow their constitutional authority to be undermined or suborned. There is an appearance, and I emphasize that it is only an appearance at this point, that the Trudeau government violated that principle. If that occurred, it was a corrupt act.”]

    And, of course, we have Justin Ling: “My job is to attack the outfit from Buffalo as fake news, but let me just confirm the complete story about me published by the outfit from Buffalo. [see the material linked by “Ed” above @ 12:53 a.m.] Oh, and by the way, I’m not a Trudeau flunky, although I do have a smiling picture of him on the masthead of my Twitter account. Next to a stone wall in a WWI battlefield trench.” “Stonewall” Trudeau, one might say.

    Now, I have no idea how much of the material on the Buffalo website is true, but there is a “tell” in there for me, which really surprised me, actually: the name of Ron Jamieson appears in the March 22, 2019 article. I know Mr. Jamieson a tiny bit (he probably wouldn’t remember me as our paths only crossed briefly about 16 years ago; and we’re both from the Brantford ON area originally — I’m pretty sure we both went to the same high school, but years apart, and the Jamiesons’ reputation looms pretty large over that way, although they aren’t quite as well known as, you know, the Gretzkys. The description of Mr. Jamieson in the article seems to me to be accurate.

    So, I’m thinkin’ now: how and why would the American editor of an alleged fake-news site in Buffalo N.Y. know the things he seems to know about Ron Jamieson? And then, of course, Mr. Jamieson’s sister is Roberta L. Jamieson (I’m 99% sure of this), who could well know…Jody Wilson-Raybould.

    What I think Mr. Ling should do, from a professional perspective, is write about how Wilson-Raybould and Philpott need to have the chance to tell “the rest of their story”. Transparency and full-disclosure, and all that. Clear the air.

  13. It sure does tie a lot of loose ends (and the PM’s loose lips) into a nice little package.

    What bothers me more is that the MSM in Canada have NO, ZERO interest in exploring this beyond that the two women cabinet ministers were ‘betrayed’ by Justin (pause while I roll my eyes).

    But then I suspect that Canadian media know about this (or have strong suggestions), but with the 600 million dangling in front of them if they are good little girls and boys, they will not pursue it. So a US media outlet needs to follow it.

  14. There are so many aspects to this scandal including Admiral Norman. If you include the sudden resignation of brison, bongos lost 3 cab ministers, one mp and 2 in the PMO.

    I’m thinking bongo hizself is the next to go. Only bad news is on the horizon and
    the libranos arnt stupid. They know stupid when they see it and its staring them in the face.

    Goodbye bongo.

  15. The article fails to note that Frank Iacobucci was a member of the Supreme Court, nominated by Brian Mulroney in 1991, and retiring (while Paul Martin was PM) in 2004.