10 Replies to “Art Of The Deal”

  1. What historic meeting between North and South Korea ? Leftists NEVER admit their failures … even their ABJECT failures. They’ll just pretend nothing earth shattering is happening.

    1. “historic meeting between North and South Korea”

      Remember the historic meeting between FDR and Stalin at Yalta? How did that turn out for Poland.

      Oh, so FDR was Democrat.

      Well Mr Nixon went to China. How did that work out for South Vietnam?

  2. Trump is from New Yawk. He unnerstands that you can get more with a smile and a gun than you can with just a smile.

    On a side note, is it me or does Rocket Man look like a moron compared to the South Korean guy?

  3. The only solution to the North Korea situation as I see it is when these two countries join and tear the wall down.
    Remember East and West Germany…..
    Trump broke the Log Jam…By Strength not Appeasment

  4. Guess which of the two men pictured leads a nation of impoverished and malnourished people?

  5. I’m cautiously optimistic, but be honest with yourselves, if this was happening under a Democrat, you’d all be calling this a Madeline Albright moment.