Wuhan Flu: Unintended Consequences

Oh, goody.

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  1. So quantify it. I think that the people of NYC in January of this year had plenty of exposure to common colds, and still the virus spread there like wildfire.

    1. I believe the experiment suggested morbidity increased with less exposure to other viruses, not that immunity was conferred.

      As such it was a rather limited experiment, and needs further study, and replication.

  2. Living in a bubble is never good for your health. Exposure to a bit of dirt now and then is only good for you. Old wisdom.

  3. Why do people keep saying things like “unintended”, “good intentions”, etc., etc., etc. .

    If you are unwilling to offer any proof that the consequences were “unintended”, that the people actually had “good intentions”, then please, STFU. Actually, scratch the please.

    1. How many times in the 65 years Ive been suckin air have I seen Unintended Consequences used? How many Unintended consequences were also unforeseeable? If the BUgs we see werent actually the feature they wanted,, Theyd FIX stuff,,
      Tell me how many times they Fixed the education system, then admitted that the changes they made made things worse, and DID Not undo what they admitted was a mistake, but wanted power and money to continue makin changes? At some point stupidity stops being cover for sabotage,,

  4. I’ll file this gem in my “The Cure is Worse than the Disease” folder.
    I want my freaking life back…but thanks to poodles who’ll roll over at the drop of a hat, it’s never going to happen.
    Next stop: Vaccinationville…where the town’s motto is. “Hey, no one’s forcing you to take anything against your will, just don’t expect service if you refuse.”

    Don’t think it’ll happen? Stick around. In the words of Karen Carpenter. “We’ve only just begun”

    1. +++burton. I want my freaking life back, too. Peppermint Patty is on record stating the feds won’t make the vaccine mandatory. Passing the buck to the Provinces, I guess.

      1. Swell! Given what’s come out of the mouths of some Premier’s lately, I’m not exactly getting the warm and fuzzies.
        Besides, Fed gov’t has their own special way of twisting Provincial arms. “Vaccinate everyone or we’ll shut the Fed money tap off. That usually brings them in line.

        Y’know…for the “common good” and all that.

    2. burton, old guys like me want our life back now, as we don’t have a hell of a lot time left to enjoy it and being herded like a damn goat is not how envision spending my last few years on the planet.

  5. As always, the lefties achieve precisely the opposite of their intentions.
    Unfortunately, it’s us, the people who actually do the work that have to pay for the mistakes of the elite, the intelligentsia, and those suckling on the public t*t that have to pay for it.

  6. Would the first expert or politician spouting off who knows bugger all about this current Corona virus created/concocted/whatever in the PRC please clue us in.

    It’s getting tiresome watching Trudeau making hay on the back of this whole sad mess. If we need the likes of him to reassure us on a daily he will take care of us, with our money of course, we know the future looks bleak and downright depressing.

  7. But a black woman will be president of the United States. So that’s all right then.

    (Once again: if Biden wins, you won’t hear another word about Wuhan flu.)

  8. Man I hate being right as there really is no satisfaction and the insanity continues as the terminally stupid remain in control.

    1. “…the terminally stupid remain in control.”

      Dude. They’re not stupid. They -want- it this way.

      Puts a whole different complexion on things to consider that this shutdown and economic depression is their desired outcome.

  9. Re the study, I wouldn’t worry about it.

    A) Healthy adults are not dying of Corona Chan. Weakened elderly people and those with serious pre-existing health conditions are the ones at risk. Most healthy adults barely notice catching COVID-19, that’s why it is spreading everywhere. After watching this thing for a year, that’s the pattern emerging.

    B) This is a study in -mice- and can’t be applied directly to humans. Actual experience with humans, see A.

    C) Now that schools are open again, everybody is going to catch this thing Real Soon. Because kids spread it but do not appear to get sick from it. See A.

    D) All the COVID-19 numbers are warped by the testing regimen. Things like “400 new cases in Ontario!!!” actually means “400 new cases among all those we tested” and they’re not testing people with no symptoms. Which means 400 new cases is probably more like 4000 new cases, of whom 400 felt sick. Distinct lack of people collapsing in the streets, or in the extensive HOMELESS ENCAMPMENTS in Toronto. Because even drunks and drug addicts are not getting sick from this thing. See A.

  10. In Ontario, the +ve test rate is about 1%. The false positive rate of the tests are between 0.8 % and 4.3%. That means almost all of those who tested +ve are false positives.

  11. Didn’t these moops learn anything from the ‘Bubble Boy’ episode? Once Susan punctures ‘Bubble Boy’s’ artificially hermetically sealed bubble environment … he will die from exposure to … normal life. These Karens are dreadfully FEARFUL of … normal life.

    What does our nation of ‘Karens’ have against normal life? Do they ENJOY their confined Bubble Gender non-binary lives? Do they believe such an existence is worth living?

    1. They have no real problems. No cares.

      No concerns about where their next meal is coming from or where they will sleep that night.

      Even the boring parts of raising their own designer brats is fobbed off to “diverse” women, who have themselves dumped their own children on their grandparents and fled for the west, swearing never to return.

      They are bored to tears.

      Inventing problems out of thin air that they can then pretend to manage is how they resist the temptation to kill themselves with alcohol or happy pills.

      So much the worse for us. The vodka and happy pills would have only harmed Karen. The Wuhan flu hysteria has already driven more good men to suicide than it was ever going to kill outside a nursing home.

    2. The merry-go-round of life was going faster than they are able jo handle. But, they’re not content to stop the world and get off. They’re getting off on stopping the world. Unfortunate for regular people.

  12. L-The working hypothesis to explain the instant and effective immune response that children have to Corvid-19(C.C.P. Virus), not getting sick and having so low a viral count as not to be able to effectively spread it, is their exposure to the Corona virus type of the Common Cold.

    Their immune system response has been noted by exposing children’s blood samples, taken in a period before the arrival of Corvid-19, to it and noting an instant B & T cell response. I’ve not heard if this has also been done with the blood samples of adults who had been diagnosed with the Common Cold prior to the arrival of Corvid-19. That would be an important investigation and/or clinical study.

    1. Not only has the lock down (Shelter-in-Place) resulted in a higher death rate(Cancer, heart disease, diagnosis, treatment et al) than lives saved by it. That evidence was predictable within a few weeks or so.

    2. If, the Common-Cold Corona virus exposure acts as a sort of vaccination to the spread and more serious infection with Corvid-19. It would be the fastest, least expensive, easily administered route to Herd Immunity!

    Note- the less scientifically minded Chief Medical Health officers and supplicants to them, don’t count the percentage of the naturally immune already e.i. children et al, as part of the total percent of the population required for achieving Herd Immunity.

    3. Those(Soros/C.C.P./and other predatory investors, planning to make $Billions on new patented pharmaceuticals and vaccines or buying up under-performing companies due to the Panic-demic. This Corona-virus proto-vaccine is the anti-dote to their malice aforethought.

    4. Since almost all of those with an education in the scientific method have been purged from politics, at all levels, and from mass media. The political gambit playing out is *tyrannization via another *panic-demic.

    *(Maoist “struggle sessions” are in political fashion across Western Civilization. Ideological possession precedents are: “Sexism Crisis” ,”Racism Crisis” “Climate Crisis” and the “Gun Crisis”, to which all Main Stream Media and political parties have kowtowed in surrender.)

    1. “Before traveling, check the CDC and WHO websites to look for health advisories that may be in place.”
      Well, that pretty much throws that whole thing out the window.

    1. john, if it is natural occurring, then the chinese would have had little motivation for the huge cover up they went through. I go with those who say it was modified in the Wuhan lab, which includes the Chinese virologist from Hong Kong , a lab in Australia, and several people in the USA and Brittan!

      1. As I have said else where and here, if it was made as a weapon it is the least effective one ever developed. The insanity however has been amazing.

  13. Since the CDC published the IFR numbers the other day and show that it’s moderately worse than a bad flu, I was wondering what the R0 is.
    So I googled to find out and the most up to date story I could find out was a July article from a science website saying how R0 was problematic for determining the spread of a virus, which I thought was strange since I thought that was what it was for. I remember the estimated R0 was one of the reasons we shit the world down.
    It’s weird that a year in, they don’t know it, or won’t publish it.
    I wish I could think of a reason why.

    1. Because if they publish the R0 then the governments and public health establishments of the world will look like a pack of imbeciles. They’re going to hide that if they can.

  14. I remain confused and unconvinced. Does this mean that those of us who were getting flu shots have developed a measurable resistance? I still think this is a exaggerated scam.

  15. And on Yom Kippur it is sealed.
    How many shall pass away and how many shall be born,
    Who shall live and who shall die,
    Who shall reach the end of his days and who shall not,
    Who shall perish by water and who by fire,
    Who by sword and who by wild beast,
    Who by famine and who by thirst,
    Who by earthquake and who by plague…

    — from the High Holiday prayer Unetaneh Tokef

  16. The Caring State,or rather the Karen State has a simple policy.
    We are here to protect you from contracting Covid-19,this is an emergency and we have granted ourselves emergency powers.
    We are going to save you from the dread Covid.
    Even if we have to kill you to do so.
    End of message.

    So here at the beginning of a new century we are right back to having a “fate worse than death” from which the government is so determined to save us,that all other considerations of civil society are abandoned.

    Funny how there is no evidence that Covid is an emergency situation,no evidence of any emergency,other than those created by government idiocy,nothing in the behaviour of politicians,public health to suggest they feel any urgency at all…
    Yet the emergency powers,to control us,carry on.

  17. Well, I don’t intend on taking the Covid-19 vaccine shot. I will take the regular Flu shot that is available at this time of year. I just don’t trust our Government with the testing of this Covid-19 vaccine when China is involve along with Gates involved. Gates tested Polio vaccine on Africans gave them Polio, Gates is just out for the money at our expense. Count me out! If I do get Covid I will take Hydrochoroquin (not sure of the spelling).