20 Replies to “A Fair Trade?”

  1. “Icelandic Chief Medical Officer (CMO) claims vaccination against Covid-19 reduced the probability of death from the disease by half,”

    Sure glad that our government bureaucrats don’t lie like those Icelanders, eh?

    1. The US Government is STILL spending $ hundreds of millions per year producing slick advertisements scaring the public into believing they NEED another COVID Booster. Yes, our government and the public “health” Agencies are quite literally INSANE.

    2. No lives were saved by “covid” shots anywhere at any time, they all had/have zero efficacy, all else is a lie.

  2. ” Then, having conveniently redefined the meaning of the word “unvaccinated” to include the fully vaccinated also, the CMO sent out their press release on September 13th, claiming a 50% reduction in mortality among the “fully vaccinated” (in fact yet another redefinition).”

    That quote tells you all you need to know about the credibility of the study and those who promote it. The unvaccinated category should not include people who have had the vaccine. The moment the syringe is emptied into your arm, you’re vaccinated.

  3. I feel sorry for those that will come on here claiming it’s science in defence of the bs. Totally ignoring the fact science doesn’t mean sweet FK all when it’s held up as a banner by a bunch of unaccountable,untouchable, inept, lying S O B S.
    And that’s the reality.
    This country’s problems are all related to the same sort of “ethics” used during Covid.
    Consequence would sure do some good, but integrity in that regard seems to be dead.

    1. Now, be nice … Marmots are the heaviest of the Rat Family … they carry a lot of weight. And if they’re destined to be a LARGE dead animal … we should all celebrate that here at SDA

  4. “The Icelandic Medicines Agency has now received over 6,000 reports of adverse effects following Covid-19 vaccination. 360 of those are classified as serious, according to a recent press release. This amounts to around one in every 800 people vaccinated. Compared with adverse effects reports from influenza vaccination, this is between 500 and 1000-fold the rate one might have expected. We already saw indications of this a long time ago, and we’ve seen confirmations of this ratio from other countries, again and again. This is yet another one.

    Still, we do not have directly established causal links, as it seems the cases are only registered, but for some reason the causality never gets investigated and is therefore never directly established.”

    Who wants to face mobs before they have to?

  5. The government in Canada is still actively promoting the mRNA gene therapy (contaminated with dsDNA and an undisclosed SV40 promotor sequence) to all Canadians 6 months and up, and especially all pregnant women. Absolutely no sign they are stopping. The only possible conclusion is they are trying to kill us off on purpose. This is a planned depopulation initiative. No one could be that incompetent.

  6. “As discussed above, mortality among the fully vaccinated but without boosters, is almost three times that of the other two groups.”


    Please recall the thread posted on this very site just yesterday. The focus was the pharmaceutical companies outright and adamantly refusing to provide serialization on their product despite many countries across the globe requiring that obligation by law. Now consider that the first two doses mentioned above resulted in three times the mortality rate of the other groups…AND consider that the first two doses came out within a time frame in which the first dose would still be “usable” (1 1/2 year shelf life) .” Then consider that the pharmaceutical companies refused to provide documentation of the serum listing it’s contents and whether it changed at any time (and why).

  7. Zero proof that those vaccines saved anybody. But for sure they are causing a lot if problems. The Covid vaccines do not work as claimed.

  8. Using Iceland is a poor example, as the population is about 325000 and almost hemogeneous , and so it minimizes the effect because of low numbers. In a proper study involving millions, it would show would most likely show a much greater death rate amongst the vaccinated .

  9. There have never been any COVID vaccines! Real vaccines take a decade to be developed and tested properly.

    Call them COVID shots! Do Not buy in to your governernments’ nonsense! Even flu shots have a better track record.

  10. 99.7% + would have survived the pandemic if we had done nothing at all.. Everything else is noise..