18 Replies to “Is Rushing towards WW3 the “current thing”?”

  1. World War Three is highly unlikely due to our politicians hype is more dangerous than the actual situation that they can control.
    Examples IS the Afghanistan Military ended with disastrous consequences.
    It takes massive amounts of time from what our politicians try to impose to actual reality…by the time our politicians are involved, lots of time has passed with all the committees and advisors that they’ve hired.
    Trudeau has fallen into this reality traps many times.

  2. Rushing or stumbling? I fear the latter. Especially with Spongebrain Shitspants and his cabal of idiots in the White House.

  3. World War Three already started. Biological attack in 2019. They just don’t want to admit it, because it messes up their graft.

    1. It started in 2014, it’s been a slow progressive buildup from there with a 4 year hiatus from 2016 – 2020.

      1. There is an argument to be made for 2014.

        I noticed the biggest change around 2010, that’s when the media in all Western nations went from some propaganda most of the time to all propaganda, on all available mediums, all the time. Preparing the ground, as they say.

        Makes me wonder if this is how the Germans felt in 1934.

        1. Not really. The Germans were very active and eager participants in the mutual suicide pact called National Socialism. They wanted to go out and murder every Jew and Slav and handicapped they could find. They actively bought into the mass-murder death camps and the eugenic murders of Aktion T-4.

        2. “I noticed the biggest change around 2010”

          Indeed, also remembering that the 2011 “Arab Spring” and subsequent mass migrations were facilitated by the same.

  4. When times are hard, it’s not uncommon for the people in charge to deliberately enter into conflicts in an attempt to distract the population from their own mismanagement.

    1. The origin of the phrase “What we need to avert the tide of revolution is a short, victorious war” was stated by Russian War MInister Vyacheslav von Plehve in 1904. The result was the Russian disaster of war with Japan in the Russo-Japanese War of 1905 which saw most of the Russian navy sunk in the Pacific, and much of the Russian army dead on Manchurian battlefields. This failure led directly to the subsequent Russian disaster starting in 1914 from which Russia has never recovered.

      This strategy of imagining a short, victorious war always ends very, very badly. The French after WW2 thought that Indochina would be a short war starting in 1946 and was to last nearly 30 years. Before it ended, the Fourth Republic was no more.

      1. I seem to recall that the US Civil War was supposed to be short and victorious, with ladies and gentlemen packing lunches and sallying out to Manassas to be entertained by the fighting.

      2. I wouldn’t say the war of 1905 led directly to 1914; the origins of the Great War had little to with Asia and indeed not all that much to do with Russia. But it did lead directly to the revolution of 1905, which created the conditions in which 1914 could lead straight on to 1917.

  5. The Nations who deny and defy the God of Israel will pay for their iniquity with annihilation.

    It is not a question of if the great cities of the Nations will be emptied, their denizens will die or scatter, and their ruins will be home only to wild animals. It is a question of how and when.

    The sooner Israel’s enemies make a burnt-offering of themselves to her God, the sooner Israel will know peace at last. Faster, please.

  6. WW3 or Civil War part 3?
    Our “helpers” have self declared as our enemies.
    Why leave the country to go to the mat?
    We know we know very little about the places our Progressive Comrades want us to go to,to die.
    Because they lie about everything.
    Not my problem,WW3,my enemies are much closer.