Transgender Is A Stalking Horse For The Normalization Of Pedophilia

The new priesthood gathers to plot their next move.

The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) is strategizing on how to counteract the million-person march Wednesday.

On September 11, OFL President Patty Coates sent an email to the OFL executive board, executive council, union heads, committees, coalitions, and community partners.

Its notice read, “Urgent Action Required: Rapid Response to September 20th Canada-Wide (anti-sexual minority) Protests.”

The email warned, “the ultra-conservative right have planned nationwide events to protest teaching (sexual minority) content in schools under the guise of protecting children.”

Although the rallying cry is entitled, “A day to unite all religions in the defence of children against (sexual minority) indoctrination in Canadian schools,” Coates took a different view.

“We know that far from protecting students this will hurt them in so many ways,” she wrote.

“In this time of unprecedented hate and emboldened anger against so many people, it is time now, more than ever, for labour to show up as allies to protect targets of hate and bigotry wherever they may be.”

A video has leaked. I have trouble getting it to play but am told things get interesting at about the 20 minute mark.

58 Replies to “Transgender Is A Stalking Horse For The Normalization Of Pedophilia”

  1. These culturally Marxist organizations need to be outlawed. They have nothing to do with working people. They are merely institutionalized mouthpieces for the organized left, and are a threat to our formerly sane society. Just a cursory look at some of these clowns on screen should be ample evidence that something is very, very wrong with Canada.

    1. What kind of a psychotic lefty nut job would wear a mask on a Zoom call? Of course this is the mentality of the Alphabet soupers who wish to indoctrinate … and do worse … to the children

  2. Wearing a mask at home on a Zoom call. Nuff said.
    A pox on all their houses. And I mean that in the most literal sense.

    1. The mask is to protect others on the Zoom call. No doubt she has little tiny masks wrapped over the earbuds for her own protection.

    2. And you can hear the hypoxia. Talk talk talk…big gasping breath. At least you can see all the virtue!!!

  3. Um she’s organizing this on her own dime not the tax payer’s right? Using tax payer funded staff to form a counter protest isn’t legal is it? Oh and that stupid chick has no idea that fascism is the government colluding with private corporations to control our freedoms. Oh they’ll be taking time off and not paid while protesting?

    1. Rose:
      “Um she’s organizing this on her own dime not the tax payer’s right?” No. Of course not.

      “Using tax payer funded staff to form a counter protest isn’t legal is it?” I’m pretty sure it’s not even close to legal, but who is gonna prosecute?

      ” Oh and that stupid chick has no idea that fascism is the government colluding with private corporations to control our freedoms.” Her? Not a clue.

      “Oh they’ll be taking time off and not paid while protesting?” Suuuuuuure [wink wink]

      You summed it up nicely, Rose. That’s how they roll… on our dime.

      1. Our dime is the only dime they want to spend, when did protecting children from adults who want to allegedly groom them become fascism?

    1. I have said … from the beginning … that the USA-led WAR in UKRAINE is really a WAR against “homophobe” Putin. Can there be any more symbolic PROOF of that than a US “transgender” military reporter (read: propagandist) giving us all the “straight” news from the UKRAINE War?

      This war has little to do with Russia reclaiming a Russian-centric slice of Ukraine … than it does with the World’s FIRST world war of the LGBTQ+/- – – – against Christian values and morays.

      And our children are paying for it! With their tax debt and in their classgrooms …

      1. Not just Christian values and morays, also Muslim and Jewish values. Only they won’t say that part out loud.

  4. ” Just a cursory look at some of these clowns on screen should be ample evidence that something is very, very wrong with Canada.”
    It has been this way for a very long time…the same topics, the same collection of fringe minorities. The newest factor is that the media and internet have provided these strange people a public forum.

    1. These LOONs are definitely the FRINGE of society … yet they have the temerity to call us … “ultra-conservative right”. Always with the lefties calling the opposition what they actually are.

  5. Did anyone publish a list of names and organizations…. You know, for future reference and such…..

  6. Whenever you see the phrase “ultra-conservative right”, you can be certain those using it are full blown Marxists.

    1. Don’t like Pedos = Ultra Conservative Right

      “The fact is that pedophilia must never be considered anything but a crime. Yet according to the APA’s Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), should a person not feel guilt or shame about their pedophilic impulses, then this ceases to be a “disorder” and becomes a pedophilic “sexual orientation.”[1] After public outcry about pedophilia being designated as a sexual orientation, the APA released a statement that the phrase “sexual orientation” was used in error and that the correct terminology was “sexual interest,”[2] a term which still seeks to normalize a criminal offense.”

      More pedo at the link:

  7. The protests ARE being led by the parents!!! What a sack of lying shit these union people are.

    LOOOVe the nomenclature… ” ultra-conservative right”. “Ultra-right hate groups.” Next, they will accuse of being MAGA, and terrorists.

    They’re not exactly a “grass-roots” movement, aren’t they?

    1. Socialism has always been opposed to family. Socialism requires that individuals be absolutely loyal to the State. This applies to both National and Marxist forms of socialism. This is because loyalty or support to family is the only thing strong enough to draw the duped away from blind obedience to the State.

      Hence, the family must be destroyed. All the big socialists: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot – all hated the family unit as threatening their grasp on absolute power. That’s also why all of them hated organized religion as well. Hitler loathed the Roman Catholic Church, Stalin suppressed the Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Cult of Mao suppressed traditional Chinese Confucianism or Buddhism.

  8. They seem to really believe that they are fighting hate networks and right-wingers instead of parents and parental rights. Now that parents have government politicians on their side and overwhelming support from the public, I’m not sure how labour groups and SOGI activists can win. A more likely outcome from the protests and counter-protests is to force the child gender confusion agenda out of the shadows and into the daylight. Once it’s dragged out into the sunlight, the SOGI agenda will burst into flames and die like a vampire in a cheesy horror movie.

  9. The creeps started a “tradition of resistance” against parents resisting perverted government/corporate overreach and they see themselves as heroes. They actually believe they can “demoralize” parents to allow their children to be enslaved to the perverts and that’ll be the end of it?

    This won’t end well for the groomers. I don’t think they completely understand this. It WILL become very personal, just as “taking pictures of license plates” is intended. This act is useless unless one has access to vehicle registration databases to dox; a sacred totalitarian ethical right.

    Funny about that “myth” of what drag queens are doing in school. They shouldn’t be in schools. Myths avoided. That they are in schools at all, is proof of the groom. Admin/teachers supporting drag queens in schools shouldn’t be in schools either. Prison is more appropriate.

    Greatest irony is should these creeps “win” and we become full-blown Marxist/fascist, they, as primary disruptors, will be the first to be eliminated by the state. The state doesn’t want people whose only purpose is disruption, and this meeting of disruptors doesn’t know what follows their supreme “success.”

    Would be kind of fun to sign up and disrupt the disruptors.

    1. Quite so; SOP for the lefties since the days of Lenin’s Bolshevicks, who were in fact the extreme minority.

    2. This is a textbook example of political reframing: by calling normal folks “the ultra-conservative right”, they normalize Marxism. You may call socialists many things, but dumb is not one of them.

  10. Not sure if this is current or not but you used to be able to stop paying union dues and direct them to a registered charity instead.
    Might be good way for sane union members to defund the groomers.

    1. Not in Ontario, with the “rand formula” of mandatory dues, payable to the union, for any purpose the union wants

  11. Many of the participants are from public sector unions. They all have complete job security and can spend most of their time doing this totalitarian political activity, without public scrutiny and while being paid by taxpayers.

    And Canadian governments have added more than 400,000 public sector employees over the last four years, all of whom have to pay high union dues to feather the pockets of their union executives.

    It is the best of times to be a public sector union executive in Canada.

  12. So let me get this straight, Ontario had a Minister of Education that was a lesbian who later became Premier and her Deputy was a pedophile. So maybe, just maybe now that Drag Queens are reading “fairy tales” to our kindergarten classes and the teachers are now co-parenting and counseling the middle school kids on their chosen gender identities and our high schools are full of teens that are instructed on how to change their genders or get puberty blockers and abortions without their parents knowledge, parents are finally doing something about it and the Ontario Federation of Labour is outraged. I’m shocked I tell ya! Shocked!

    1. Several of McGuinty’s cabinet were stick-gobblers. One sold Samsung windmills, or something; another became Mayor of Ottawa.

  13. It would be nice if this was the tipping point that leads to blood in the streets. This IS the hill to die on.

  14. I think this is a cause too far for the OFL, a rather mundane organization dedicated to the preservation of the wellbeing of a small cadre of lefties and coat-tail flunkies, rather like school boards. The average working stiff will not appreciate this.

    1. Labour union leaders have been doing this for decades and when the occasional worker complains, (I seem to remember one guy who was a member of CUPE and worked for the City of Toronto), the union harassed him into early retirement.

      See my post below:

  15. In Toronto the past year there has been a huge amount of postering that hasn’t happened in years and many of the posters says they are sponsored by the OFL and often cosponsored by similar groups or community legal clinics, but most list

    Often one poster is either put above the other or on the other side of the pole, but it is clear they were put up at the same time and by the same people. In particular this is noticeable on Bloor Street.

    The posters promote open borders, climate change, and other causes, and I have started writing down the websites they promote:

    And yes, you would wonder why a labour group would promote open borders to bring in those who would compete against their own members for jobs, and thereby drive wages down.

    Under Syd Ryan up until 2009, the Ontario branch of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), was heavily promoting the slogan “Palestine will be free from the river to the sea” (thereby implying the destruction of the country of Israel) which has nothing to do with labour or government jobs, as well as pushing the open borders agenda. CUPE gave large sums of money to “activist groups” including foreign ones, all paid for by their members union dues, and I believe that CUPW (the postal union) was doing much the same.

  16. Funny thing, I was confronted by a person in the union that I had to be in to work and he was pissed that I missed the vote where he lost his chance to become Treasurer by 5 votes.
    I told him he would have lost by 6 if I voted.
    He left me alone after that.

    1. Bullies love cowards, and let’s face it, Conservatives have been cowering and/or running for 50 years.

      Canadian Conservatives have lived on their knees(when they’re not embracing Liberal bullshit) for low these many decades.

      Conservatives win and we still get Liberal Government.

      Canada. Nothing but lies and the easily fooled.

  17. I was wondering what the female version of Dr Evil would look like. I’m kinda dissapointed, I was expecting Fraul Farbissima, with some fembots and stuff.

  18. The very least Ford can do, getting around the Rand formula, would be to stop collecting the union dues at source. Have the union collect it’s dues from the members directly. They may be “entitled” to them due to Rand, but the taxpayer should not have to subsidize their collection.

    When member are approached every payday to pony up their dues to these racketeers, they may realize what a shake down this is.

    hell…if we had to write checks monthly for every deduction on our paycheck maybe we would see what a shake down racket the whole government is, the MOB would be envies’

  19. Question, can they be held legally liable for uttering slander and liable for their use of smears like Hate, far right etc. Is it remotely legal for them to be organizing this stuff and smearing the very parents that pay their forking lavish salaries?