28 Replies to “New Rules”

  1. I guess he didn’t pass math either. You can’t stop or slow an aerosol based particle of 0.3 microns in size with a hole that is, at a minimum, 10 microns in size, or a mask with less than a perfect seal around the outside edge, Ryan, and this is not open to debate or dispute – it’s just simple math and physics.

    1. Dizzy and Allan S would disagree with you. They argue that the virus attaches to water vapour which is much larger and is strained out by the masks. Never mind that countless studies clearly show that paper masks are useless. Not just based on the physics, but by empirical data comparing the results from locations that mandated masks and those that did not.

      I haven’t heard a whole lot from them lately ever since pfizer actually released their first tranche of data. I expect the next batch to be worse. I look forward to a timely release.

      1. You aren’t wrong about Dizzy and Allan S. I was in Costco in Guelph, Ontario today, and I would estimate that 50% of the Costco personnel were wearing masks , and between 60% and 75% of the shoppers. People have been conned into believing that masks will save them and they won’t. They have been conned into believing that the vaccines will save them, and they won’t either. All over a virus with a 0.5 percent fatality rate for people 70 years and over. You can live in fear, or you can just choose to live today without fear.

        1. Just for fun start reading the obits in the papers back pages.
          Seems to be an alarming uptick in recently passed under the age of 50.
          The tell is ” died suddenly ” of no apparent cause.

          I know, I know , I always had a morbid curiosity.
          Was always drawn to the ” how they lived life ” part of the flowing prose.

  2. The education level in the school he went to, might not suffer that much, had the building burned down.

    1. He “stands with Ukraine” right beside you. So what does that make him, exactly, a foreign policy genius, or a lowly sponge for WEF propaganda? Don’t forget, kielbasa diddling shirt lifter, to “believe in science!”

    1. Raised by a single mother with lotsa boyfriends. Low testosterone. Repressed homosexuality.

  3. Ryan Inbred….?

    Yea, Looks that way.
    Moron should be wearing 5 masks..concurrently.

    Gotta be safe no..??

  4. I wonder what this asshole teaches.
    It isn’t English.
    It isn’t math.
    I’m going with teaching pre-teens about LGBTQ sex.

    1. It’s teachers like these who make me insist we need PUBLIC streaming cameras (multiple cameras) in each and every classroom.

  5. Teachers and their unions have represented institutional laziness and selfishness at a time of incredible strain for parents across the country.

  6. Should we know who this cuck is?

    Given the complete inability to make rational comparisons I am going to assume he is a Simp for Greta and took a lot of Fridays off.

    Shall we go through the actual example?

    Burn School Down? Chance of not having a school tomorrow P=1
    Have full school assembly? Given that even Omicron has actually been shown to spread like frozen butter, chance of the entire school population getting Fauci? Tricky to say, but based on the ratio of Tests to Cases we are probably looking at something like 0.005 to the power 500. (Probably of testing positive for every single person out of a sample size of 500)
    Having Fauci Flu physically destroy the school building? P=0

    This guy is either deliberately trolling or may be a danger to himself.

  7. I pity them because there indoctrination and fear leaves them unable to think clearly enough to understand the real risks and manipulation. My much larger pity goes to the minds they are shaping. The masks do next to nothing and by now they should have figured out that they cannot contain this virus. My whole family had covid recently. For me it was like a cold with a couple of uncomfortable days. The unvaxed kids were sick for a day. The ones who work in health care and triple vaxed were by far the sickest. But # 5 has just been approved.

  8. His name, in German, would mean “in ground”. In other words, he’s buried his head in the sand. On the other hand, he may have put it in a certain body cavity as, evidently, he can’t tell his rectum from a hole in the ground.

  9. A leftist advocating terrorism. Nothing will happen to him, least of all by the FBI.