39 Replies to “He Admires Their Basic Dictatorship”

  1. JT the lil potato / trudope / airhead has trouble reading the room.

    Many have stated before… he is playing checkers(with an 8 year old) while the rest of the world is doing that 3D chess from Star Trek

    Glad im old

    1. You’re being too kind, the idiot doesn’t know what’s going on unless he is told by his handlers & the handler in charge, certain butt.

  2. Hahahahaha … Love it. If Xi can convince Putin, and the two of them can institute serious sanctions (like divert payments for Canadian resources to the UN, earmarked for a serious investigation) well Canada, you are pretty effed now. Lol…

    Smart Canadians are pulling their savings out and leaving.

  3. Are we supposed to care what China says about anything, that government is just a world-class collection of liars and psychopaths with no redeeming qualities of any kind. If we had real men in charge of this country, their diplomats would be sent home and their ships could sit off the coast until they gave up and went home.

    Just so I don’t sound too sexist, I would settle for Maggie Thatcher.

      1. I’d like Amnesty International to deploy teams with ground penetrating radar to find all the Mass graves of Mao’s cultural revolution … and Dear Leader Xi’s *ahem* opponents.

  4. L – No one understands their basic dictatorship than the C.C.P. themselves.

    We can have a nation-state w/a functional Constitutional Monarchy or be a colony of the
    C.C.P. Empire.

    A Nation-state, free, sovereign and representative democracy or back to the age
    of Empires.

    The 21st Century, will it be the age of Unrestricted Warfare? Jihad followed by C.C.P bio-
    logical warfare in the service of economic supremacy; a predating on a moribund Western Civilization?

    Or will the predators face evisceration after awakening the wrath of the Logos?

    To be continued… long after we are gone.

  5. I read the Chinese version of the Canadian Trail of Tears and Murder put forth in the United Nations racists charter against Canada for abuse of First Nation’s Native Indian Saskatchewans. Their race were forced to follow a route similar to that of the old sled dog trail used for years by trappers, the North West Mounted Police Beat and Starved the First Nations people to Death, If a sickened Indian woman or child fled or fell off the trail they were ravaged or run over with large Monster Dogs and Sleds, they had to travel between Prince Albert and La Ronge, Hundreds of miles of Death and Destruction.
    After reading about Canada’s treatment of those poor First Nations Native Indians I might quit coming to this Blog, Wiping tears from my eyes.

    Oh The Humanity !

  6. With an election coming Rambo Justin is strutting before the cameras, to show how tough he is towards China. Just ignore that he was kissing Chinese ass for years.

  7. I only wish the Chicoms had mentioned Juthtin’s father – Pegger Pierre – and his complicity.

  8. Maybe China should offer Canadian Indigenous people asylum. I’m sure it’s comforting for them to know they have a friend in China where human rights are never abused.

    1. No point asking that narcists if he’s learned anything. Lisping, fake eyebrowed, poofter.

  9. Great Theatre.
    Look who China has advising them on Canadian matter.
    Ole Mr 2 Face ‘Imself.
    And a “Genocidal Country” can hardly complain.
    I have a sneaking respect for the Chinese Game,they play our Libtards so well.
    Damn shame the rest of us are getting FUBAR as well.
    Still when you stand for nothing,you will stand for nothing.
    Canada,the federation is dead.
    A better country can form here ,in the West,if we have the guts.
    Whimper into oblivion.

    1. John I agree,but Don nails it WE IN THE WEST HAVE SAT ON OUR HANDS FOR TOO LONG! TRUDEAU’S Liberals and the CCP have the same characteristics , both are Narcissistic and Psychopathic!
      An example of how Sask. is getting screwed —2017 Moe asked for pharm manufacturing plant at the U of S! rejected by Trudeau———-Where do they build it in Montreal for 126 million!

      We in the West must separate!

  10. Here’s an idea. Countries quit beating up each other over bad treatment of minorities and indigenous groups that occurred over a generation ago, and focus on the ones that are still actively homicidal. No peoples or nations have a clean past, because we are essentially carnivorous aggressive hominids that have fought each other over territory since prehistory. Every group has been enslaved and enslavers, aggressors and refugees, at some point in their history.

    The issue is whether we’ve learned enough, and have established a system now, that at least minimizes if not abolishes title by conquest. My best guess? No, we haven’t.

    But playing moral superior on the world stage is just asking for someone to dredge up your own past and throw it in your face.

      1. Everything. Beyond even the “traditional” concept of converting crisis into opportunity, it’s about leaving no stone unturned if there’s some way to profit by it, however one defines profit.

    1. If you want to heal the world, put the Jews in charge of it—the real ones who fear the Lord and keep His commandments.

      Then you’ll see justice served to the nations.

    2. Canadians have a false sense of superiority. They will not be told that they are wrong or inconsequential and everything that they don’t like is bad, wicked, heathenish and American.

      This spat right now is the paper dragon lashing out because it was caught once again being the global b@$#@rd. Whether the claims of mistreatment of one tiny segment of Canadian society are merited or not is irrelevant. The Middle Kingdom will not countenanced.

  11. First, Putin goes after Biden, then Xi goes after Trudeau. You’d think these dictators don’t like us and wish to undermine the west.

  12. Call him whatever but as long as Trudeau of black or white face wishes he will remain Prime Minister. He can play Mr Dressup, make an ass of himself anywhere, any time and still there are enough boneheads to vote for him.

    Many of the boneheads sit in Parliament, they are called NDP who wield the power in Minority situation to keep him there. Assholes the lot of them, not an iota of care what’s best for the country , it’s what best to keep their butts in Parliament.

    1. Face it Canadians have failed the country, the politicians they elect are just a reflection of that failure. I’m hoping to live long enough to see the country split up.

  13. Finger pointing Kabuki theater – We are officially joined at the hip with China and have been for quite some time thanks to treasonous liberals like Chretien who couldn’t set up shop in Bejing fast enough once he left office… and a quick perusal of the Canada China Business Council membership will make you weep for this country only because you have to know it’s a one sided business relationship where they’ll throw a bone to Canadian companies every so often just for the optics, while they spy and pilfer over here.
    And then there’s retired Supreme Court of Canada Justice Beverly McLaughlin who has a seat on the Hong Kong Court of Appeal which basically rubber stamps whatever CPP wants her to while our useless media looks the other way.

  14. The cultural Marxism of which the identity politics nihilism is alive and well, hollowing out the west where the Spawn is truly an overachiever is a useful tool of Xi who has achieved global fascist and socialist dominance as a result. That Canada can so easily produce a popular family of useful idiots (PET was actually a communist ideologue while his Spawn qualifies fully) is verification of the success of the march through the institutions starting with “education” as well as emotional dominance of the average voter.

    1. About the only thing in Canada less talked about than the Libranos and Adscam is Little Red Sasha Trudeau.

  15. The puppet head of the Vichy government in this country has continued his appalling spate of bad acting by pretending to be affronted by China’s laughable condemnation.

    Watch how many people fall for it.

  16. Glad to see Bob Rae singing for his supper.
    “We respectfully disagree”.
    Attaboy Bob…that’s sticking it to them.

  17. China and their surrogates in the Liberal/Bloc/NDP Government playing silly games… its cute when the CCP and the LIberal/Bloc/NDP Alliance Government pretend to be adversaries… funny stuff… I wonder what the CCP will be ordering the LIb/Bloc/NDP Globalist/Communist Government to do next.