11 Replies to “Help Wanted”

  1. “…a strategy for biometrics to deal with border issues including pandemic controls”

    Covid-19 is never, ever going away, not when it gave these bureaucrats so much unearned power to abuse.

    1. Your next ‘enforced vaccination’ will be marking your movements and government agencies will find you anywhere…
      In a scary voice…BOOHAHAHA…

  2. Any word on what the uniforms will look like?
    Brown shirts, maybe?

    “Papers, please.”

  3. The Liberals have turned Canada into a nation of “Your Papers Please”. Anyone wishing we had a Second Amendment in our arbitrarily equitable Constitution? That may have prevented a couple of Alberta pastors from being chewed up by a bad joke legal system. Can the rebirth of a global idea cleansing Einsatzgruppen be far down the road now?

  4. Vaccine passport, he’s going to silence free speech and then force us to get vaccine passports and the courts will uphold his fascism because he’s trying to protect us. I am so sick of liberals I could scream.

  5. Build back better, in the Canadian context means containing your serfs in similar manner to East Germany. Dear Leader, Spawn’s re-election, thanks to the zeal with which bovine Canadians welcome such tyranny is assured. It also helps when his only significant opposition is from the “me too” Conservative farce.

  6. Hugo Boss uniforms are recommended, riding crop, leather gloves, brass knuckles, arrogant attitude optional.
    Admiration of ‘basic dictatorship’ an asset.
    Slavish bootlicking a desirable quality.

    Vee vill ask ze questions!

    Ausweis und papieren!


    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

  7. On the top of the list for Nazis occupying England was to do away with the country’s politicians,artist,writers,actors etc. In this day and age they would likely keep them around as useful idiots

  8. Wait one second. I read yesterday in the US news. Canada was going to take in hundreds of illegals from the US border?

    Does anyone know what in the heck is going on.