40 Replies to “The Affirmative Action Vice President”

  1. She is somewhere on the spectrum of some kind of mental illness. Her continual inappropriate laugh is disturbing. No, seriously … it “triggers” something in my lobster brain that says to me … move slowly away from this person, and never have anything to do with her ever again. She’s a real creepster

    Oh!? And did she remind Lester that “she’s a woman” … and “she’s talking!” …?

    1. Agreed about that inappropriate annoying laugh. It gets under my skin and angers the heck out of me.

  2. VP ‘Kackel,’ and only one heart beat away from critical care disaster.
    Illegal Space Aliens please beam her up, might make some fantastic sperm experiments.

    1. Second thought;

      Leave her alone.
      Could you imagine a clone of her and a little green space dude running this world.

      Oh… Shit ?

    1. Why is she made-up to look like a white woman? I thought she was PROUD of her BIPOC status? Or does she have a “skin condition”, like Michael Jackson?

      1. Did she suck or blow her way to the top. She certainly started her political career in such a manner

  3. She was later heard humming to herself, “Well I’ve never been to Spain.” What a ridiculous response from this caricature VP.
    Is she the point person on Europe? Her regal we’ve been to the border was most entertaining, calling for obvious rebuttal.
    But still unexpected, forcing her into a non sequitur that challenges her shoehorning of climate change into every speech.
    The Queen of Hearts not Minds got pretty close to “off with his head.” What a sorry excuse for a leader. I predict many angry days.
    How good do Donald Trump and Mike Pence look compared to this crew of corrupted and maladroit incompetents?

    I heard from someone close to the situation that Harris will be appointed finances czar, since Joe is too frail to take on the responsibility of milking the entire nation of their money, freedom and dignity. We, but not her, will visit the budget office.

    Canadians need to be shown all of this in advance of their sure as sunrise voters’ remorse this fall if cabin boy gets re-elected.

    1. if cabin boy gets re-elected.

      What do you mean “if”? Don’t you mean “when”?

      1. Hope springs eternal my friend. Optimism is free but pessimism costs everything. Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

      2. If he gets re-elected, instead of just declaring an indefinite extension of his term of office because we can’t ask Canadians to risk their lives going to the polls while the latest variant of Covid …

  4. She is at the border….borderline insane.
    I have yet to see her talking without cackling and smirking like someone on bad drugs.

  5. I expected her to say: “At this point, what does it matter?”

  6. On the psychopathy spectrum for sure. They have the unique ability to lie through their teeth and with their very next breath deny even having said it. Only a truly stupid person can be conned by the likes of this woman.

    1. Now listen up turtle, she is smarter than Twadles, the supreme leader of North Kanada.

  7. I had to see and listen for 2 seconds. Nothing more need be said.

      1. The idea that Holt is “far right” or that NBC would employ someone who is “far right” is hilarious. These days, apparently, asking a real question is a trap. You’re only supposed to ask the cackling hag what kind of ice cream she likes.

  8. The worse exchange I saw was when some Left Wing Late Show (Colbert?) talking head asked her about the debate where she accused Biden of being a woman abuser. “Politics makes for stange, uh, partnership” (from the host). One moment she accuses Biden he is a rapist and then later it’s quite OK to be his vic-prez and running mate. She did the laugh and said about 4 times “It was a debate!” like this explains everything. So it’s OK to accuse a man of being a pev and a molester (which Joe is) on National TV, you can just laugh it off later. Big Legal mind here.

    1. What politics makes for is strange hypocrites, especially with statists, progressives and Marxists (but I repeat myself)

  9. Is she related to the clown in Ottawa? They both are impossible to listen to or look at. Both make me want to puke. But….we cant blame them – they are only the figureheads…..blame the idiots that voted for them.
    We are in SO much trouble!

  10. Lets face it the Dems in 2020 did not pick people that could think. They wanted people that could follow instructions. Harris has not followed instructions to go to the border because she knows it will make her look bad. Harris has never done anything in office as a politician. Harris not following orders has kept Old Joe in office. The puppet masters are in control of the country.