Pangolins and Bats, Oh My

After sitting on this report for eight months Nature releases the investigation into the Wuhan wet market. Some interesting excerpts

Initial media coverage suggesting that COVID-19 may have spilled-over via pangolins has been refuted.

Here we present a unique and original dataset recording wild animal sales across Wuhan City’s animal markets between May 2017 and November 2019.

Across all 17 shops, vendors reported total sales of 36,295 individuals, belonging to 38 terrestrial wild animal species, averaging 1170.81 individuals per month (Standard deviation (SD) = 445.01, n = 31; Table 1). Including species sold by weight inflated this total to 47,381 individuals. Notably, no pangolin or bat species were among these animals for sale.

Notably, vendors freely disclosed a variety of protected species on sale illegally in their shops, therefore they would not benefit from specifically concealing pangolin trade or the trade in any particular species, and so we are confident this list is complete

h/t Richard H Ebright who has all sorts of interesting things on his twitter feed.

Then there’s Bejing’s Useful Idiots. And more in the Wall Street Journal

21 Replies to “Pangolins and Bats, Oh My”

  1. After they have to admit that it was lab produced and they have to admit that it was released deliberately then what?
    Then the really scary question for the politicians: What do we do about it?

    Trump knew what to do.

    Will we hear more and more about the Uighur slavery and the organ harvesting so as to engineer the proper narrative to manipulate the public?
    Or will we hear even less?

    1. Same reason the Warren Commission downplayed and covered up the Cuban Communist connections of Communist Sympathizer Lee Harvey Oswald when he assassinated President Kennedy. Imagine if it came out Castro and his DGI were in communication with Oswald? There would have been a HUGE public demand that something be done about Castro.

      Something like overthrowing him, and invading Cuba. Hell, the US tried that only 2-1/2 years before at the Bay of Pigs. We just went through the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, that humiliated Castro and Russia by making them remove nuclear missiles from Cuba. That was the year before JFK was assassinated. Getting rid of Castro was a Bipartisan Goal.

      Kruschev would have come to Casto’s aid. There is no way that President Johnson would have backed down. LeMay would have gotten his wish, and hit Russia, Eastern Europe, and China with about 50,000 MEGATONS of H-Bombs. Russia would have retaliated, and much of Europe, and every major North American city would have been nuked in return. NATO partner Canada included.

      Of course the Warren Commission covered up Lee Harvey Oswald’s Communist Sympathies and Cuba’s involvement.
      It prevented WW3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. rd, the warren commission was cover up for the CIA, FBI, SS, and Texas big oil, HL Hunt financed the JFK hit, git yer fasts in order before bullshitting in here.

        LHO, had neither the skill set, nor the Tool for the job, he supposedly did.

    2. Trump was already doing it. China was being isolated. Manufacturing was being returned to the US, and President Trump was trying to get Europe to do the same.

      Remember the USMC trade agreement? A big part was controlling 3rd Country sourcing, which meant CHINA.

      China and their Chinese Coronavirus crippled the entire world’s economies, education, and removed their biggest opponent, President Trump.

      I still think it was an accidental lab leak, but it sure helped out the Chinese Communist Government and Emperor Xi.

      It gave them President “Bought and Paid For” Senile Joe Biden and VP Kamalala “unlikeable” Harris. Their investment in Hunter, Kerry’s Kids, and dozens of other politicians and their kids paid off bigtime.

  2. Things it was never about:
    infection rates
    ICU occupancy
    flattening the curve
    protecting the healthcare system

    People on SDA still posting like everything in the MSSS (Main Stream Schutzstaffel) has been the truth all along:

    1. From before the beginning, from before the first infection; this has been about the “vaccine passport”. The plan has always been to shut us in, confine us, isolate us, consolidate power. Eliminate cash. All transactions become taxable and traceable.

      Power and control. Everything you have “always known”, “always been told”, is a lie. Until you admit that, no next step is possible.

      1. 1000% bang oN Kevin
        Right around Mar/April of last year, when everyone here and elsewhere were simply concerned about a potentially bad flu & all doing different things and approaches…..BAM..!! all of a sudden the Entire Western Hemisphere went LOCKSTEP….PERIOD.

        Virus my ass…Yea, Its here all right, but nowhere even CLOSE to requiring FULL ON NAZIISM.

    2. TBF … it WAS about many of those things but the very, very, BAD part is where we actually accumulated “granular” CLINICAL, biological, and statistical data … and summarily ignored it all for political reasons. The runaway interlocking directorates of Big Government, and Big Tech completely bungled the entire pandemic. Not accidentally. But purposely … with malice and forethought. Yes. First-degree MURDER by government action and censorship.

  3. Does the NDP’s lottery idea make you want to get vaccinated? Vote in CTV Regina and Saskatoon polls (scroll down).

  4. Everybody is still nuts. 99.8% recovery, bat flu, bat soup, no soup, jesus the stupid just keeps rolling along. How long do we have to put up with idiocy masking reality? I want an answer.

    1. VOWG … you’re so unawakened … 99.8%? Remember … if only ONE life can be saved then we are MORALLY obligated to RUIN EVERYONE’s lives to rescue that one person. The needs of the ONE outweigh the needs of The MANY … or something like that. Gotta keep up with the wokeitudes.

      But the same people who claim this “morality” … don’t believe in a soul … so what are they saving … a few more years of mortal TV viewing?

  5. Hardest hit is the Oozing couch boy, he has now been exposed as a CCP shill ,or useful idiot

    1. from article: “Notably, vendors freely disclosed a variety of protected species on sale illegally in their shops, therefore they would not benefit from specifically concealing pangolin trade or the trade in any particular species, and so we are confident this list is complete”

      The only SOURCE of the ‘list’ is identified as XX.
      This being information coming out of Communist China, we do not know if this ‘list’ is another exercise in disinformation.

      At one point early last year we were told that Lab animals from the Wuhan Lab were sometimes taken and ended up in the Wuhan Wet Market.
      Having seen a number of videos of the Wuhan Wet Market myself, I have also seen that sometimes rather than selling the animals to a third party at the market they are prepared as a food dish on site and sold to be eaten immediately by market customers on site.

  6. the libs are covering it up that the start may have been Winnipeg. wouldnt that be a kicker for prince selfisox and Teresa Trans.

  7. And, of course, nothing like this could ever happen in regards to other settled subjects like climate change and elections.

  8. Trump disposal complete. Trough safe. Return to regular order of business.