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    1. Interesting piece…. What’s happening in the USA is almost a carbon copy of what happened to Canada from the 60’s to its final demise in 1982. Looks like the Nazi/Globalists are using the “Just Society” blue print bullshit.

    2. Well. I will state/post once again:
      The REAL NAZI’s were Never Defeated…..only the German Military.

      What is the one thing that ANY POLITICAL PARTY anywhere ABSOLUTELY Must have.???

      MONEY. Lots n Lots of MONEY. Financial Backing so to speak.
      Without which they will simply would die on the vine.

      One must look back to the mid to late ’20’s to see who were HITLERS financiers. This LINK is an EXCELLENT window into who they were (and Still ARE..!!). I’ll bet most would not have Guessed: Henry Ford, the BUSH Family, Averrell Harriman among numerous others in the US, UK, Canada and in Europe.



      The NAZI’s are still active today- Klaus Shwab, Bill Gates, Dr Fauci, Big Tech, Big Harma & you could likely add EVERY Multi National Corp as well. THESE are you 21st Century NAZI’s and they mean you HARM…lots and lots of harm.

      1. Just a historical fact. In Hitler’s Nazi Germany not a single German Law was broken.
        PO&G. Like Canada Peace Order and Good Government.

      2. Good read Steakman. You should read the Anglo American Establishment by Carroll Quigley is you want an eye opener. Quigley was an insider and had access to a lot of documents. None of this was allowed to be published until after his death. And then when it was every copy was bought up by the CIA. He was a History Prof. in the US and taught all the US Diplomats world history for years.

    1. Pure fucking Orwell:

      “On May 11, the Province announced it would be pausing the rollout and administration of first doses of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. The decision was made out of an abundance of caution … blah blah blah

      Residents who received the first dose of AstraZeneca did the right thing by taking the first vaccine they were offered, protecting themselves and their community.”

      Always trust the experts mushrooms.

    2. Go to Principia Scientific and read about the dramatic increase in deaths from the shot. These numbers reported through VAERS and the CDC. Canadians are very, very stupid for taking these experimental shots. Anyone with even a modest intellect can see there is a serious problem.

    1. This has been discussed months ago yet people are still foolish enough to take the shot.

    1. That is just hilarious, I sent that to all my friends. Thank you just priceless. I even sent it to my UCP Useless Conservative Party MLA. Told him this is how stupid UCP looks.

  1. Excellent bumble bee pic.
    I love bumble bees. They often rest on my screen door in the evening this time of year.

  2. If the evidence of Dr Fauci’s involvement in the creation of the virus in Wuhan proves true, should he be charged with ‘crimes against humanity’?

    1. I think even our own health bureaucrats are guilty of crimes against humanity.

    1. I would put money on the likelyhood of NSA or others have ALL this data…… They’ve been watched since 2016.
      Oh GOODY!
      “We have it all …”

  3. Huh, Tricolored Bumblebee.
    First time seeing such.

    One note. The fuel crisis of the early 70s wasn’t from a shut off. The event was more gradual and a supply remained, although staggered. My area ran out of fuel today. All the stations are empty except Costco as they have short hours and, I suspect, slightly larger than average fuel storage. Tomorrow will be an interesting day in the D.C. Metro area. Watch us to gauge what may happen if the Enbridge no.5 gets shut.

  4. When I suggested that there should be 2 COVID-19 a little while back, I did not know of these actions of the Chinese Communist Party. I said the viruses should be named

    1- COVID-19C for the mild virus released in China.
    2- COVID-19W for the the deliberately malicious mutant virus they released to the rest of the world.

    This article seems to confirm that the CCP was thinking along those lines as far back as 2015.


    Actually, wars are so much easier to win when one side doesn’t know that the other side is already thinking and fighting it.
    And this really confirms what an incompetent, ignorant and complete idiot Justin Trudeau was in allowing the Chinese army to train in this country.
    How eastern Canada, or anybody for that matter, votes for Trudeau is completely beyond me.

    1. rockyt, all one needs to do is look at the intellectual level of the average Canadian for the answer to your question.

    2. The average Canadian voter DOES NOT KNOW that Chinese troops trained on Canadian soil. Our “journalist” class have not reported this information to them, either due to incompetence or deliberate omission. A society kept in the dark and misled by their rulers will eventually fall.

  5. Our Canadian Media did their part in NOT reporting on the US fuel shortages with a slight reference that our fuel prices rising is strictly by inflation and a little bit of Carbon Taxes.

    1. Well, as I have said before there are many more of us than them, they need to shut up and go away before they get what they deserve.

    2. And if we gave everything we had to them as “reparations”, that still wouldn’t be enough. They want us completely wiped from history.

      What’s saddening is that a lot of whites agree with it and would help.

  6. All my info to date on line 5.
    The Canadian Government has put a claim in the US courts on Treaty Rights.

    The US is putting in two claims against Canada and Enbridge Gas…
    The US Line 5 was agreed to a single line and there is two lines flowing fuels.
    One is gas products and the other is Propane.
    The second US claim is that the gas company broke agreements in the line maintenance by not fixing pipes damage by anchors. The company does not want to fix this damage, just add cement to prevent further damages.

    So, who do you think has the better case to shut these lines down?

    1. Actually no one has a moral case to shut down any lines that are proving necessary fuels for survival and make no mistake, those fuels are needed for survival.

      1. Then why did our politicians not prepare for an emergency contingency of moving oil across the Provinces rather than time the clock out hoping the US would change their minds.
        Also, why didn’t our governments try to fix the pipes as they own a pipeline.
        And to sneak in two lines on one permit is illegal…

  7. We are all in this together. Blackie’s CBC reports that thousands of foreign private flights have arrived in smaller airports around the country. No hotel stays required.

    1. And we are locked down for their privilege of spreading the virus more.
      Makes no common sense to me.

  8. Trudeau has promised a “one dose summer”. Still waiting for further info as to what the hell that means.

    1. Scott Moe has promised a second shot spring.Direct “JAB” at Trudeau I’m thinking.

    2. In the case of Prinz Dummkopf, the term “dose” may have a different meaning, if you know what I mean.

  9. One of the men was seriously ill and admitted to hospital but the other only had mild Covid, suggesting anyone infected may be at risk.

    Experts not involved in the study said it was the first evidence that Covid had been found in the penis.

    The virus is known to be able to damage blood vessels and internal organs, and this research suggests it can block blood flow to the genitals, making it difficult to have sex.

    It may do this by triggering swelling and dysfunction in the linings of blood vessels that run through the body and into the penis.

    Dr Ranjith Ramasamy, who carried out the small study, said: ‘We found that men who previously did not complain of erectile dysfunction developed pretty severe erectile dysfunction after the onset of Covid infection.’. – Daily Mail

    Oy! Between the virus and the vaccine, we are going to be finding stuff for decades probably.

  10. Blackie’s loyal Bell Media is having a live interview with Blackie this morning, at its Toronto CP24 TV station. He will explain how wonderful he is and what wonderful things he is doing for the city. Nothing to do with the election of course.

  11. But there’s no disputing the fact that Line 5 is shaping into another significant bilateral irritant in the Canada-U.S. relationship — with a president who’s supposed to be friendlier to Canadian interests, whose election was supposed to signal a more constructive relationship than the one Canada had with former president Donald Trump. – CBC

    LOL, that was the line you guys were pitching, sure, but it was BS as everybody can clearly see now.

  12. Some (I think) good news out of Gulag Manitoba. In the trial between the Justice Center for Constitution Freedom & the government of MB. Sgt Schultz Roussin & the governments medical “specialist” testified under oath the the “gold standard” PCR test has “significant limitations”, & “cases” are not infections. Virtually ever test using a cycling threshold of over 25 results in a false positive result. MB uses a cycling threshold of 40 & even 45 in some cases. Confirms what we have known all along – the the government can manufacture waves & spikes as required.

    1. From Sask Health:
      “The number of cycles (number of times sample viral RNA (ribonucleic acid) need to be amplified to reach a detectable level) depends of the assay (test) but the general standard for most PCRs is to go through 40 cycles.

      From Public Health Ontario:
      “At PHO, we have developed a PCR test in our lab, with positive and negative cutoff points. The cutoff point for a positive result for PHO’s developed lab test is 38 cycles. This means that if the virus is found at or before 38 cycles are completed, then the test is considered positive. ”

      Alberta Health Services:
      “Q: How many cycles are used in the amplification process, and what is the cut-off threshold for determining a positive result?
      A: The number of amplification cycles required to determine whether a COVID-19 sample is positive generally ranges from 15 to 35 cycles, but the threshold is dependent on many factors specific to each test platform, the equipment being used, as well as the quality of the samples being tested.”

    1. https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/warmington-bnai-brith-questions-why-some-protesters-not-ticketed

      Palestine House board member Hammam Farah objected to the entire premise, telling the Toronto Sun “my aunt’s home was just bombed by Israeli war planes in Gaza, and you want me (to) comment on social distancing and allegations by a dishonest and discredited Israel lobby group of anti-Semitic comments by individuals at a large protest against Israeli ethnic cleansing and apartheid. I’m sure I speak for many in the Palestinian community, and as a board member of the Palestinian Canadian Community Centre, when I say this: LOL.”

  13. A major second push to have Kenney removed as Leader of the UCP and thus Premier of Alberta. From within the UCP MLA rural base.
    As I wrote to my MLA several times. Either you get rid of Kenney or we get rid of you, even if it means we get NDP.
    He is less popular than Turkey Neck Notley, that is how low he has sank with Albertans.

  14. Getting close to home … Just another murder you won’t see pushed by the Press.


    No, this 12yo girl was shot and killed … by a ‘gun’. Nevermind the male who pulled the trigger. And if you ask for his name or race … you’re a RACIST!

    Antioch police detectives are interviewing witnesses to help identify suspects or persons of interest.

    Bullshit! The girl was shot to death in her upstairs bedroom … everyone knows EXACTLY who the shooter was. He walked in through the front door. I suspect they are delaying the release of his name pending the development of an ‘alternative’ narrative

    1. Sad story Kenji.

      Antioch, California was where a youngster, Jaycee Dugard was held captive for 18 years in a backyard, on Walnut Avenue by her kidnapper, Phillip Garrido and his wife. Dugard wrote an autobiography titled “A Stolen Life.” (which I read) Her second book, “Freedom: My Book of Firsts,” was published in 2016.

      More details:

    1. “It’th not cowwupthion if you get away with it.”

      1. “U-ha! Harrow Mommy? Yeah yo werth wite, dey said I wasth a goody boychickth andth dith nuttinth wong. Wets celebrathe, dere’s a jointth awe wolled up in a bigth ZIG-ZAG paperth. (Whooothe inhale, ff-ii-s-t, exhale) Where’s da chipsth and coketh?”

        This ruling is unacceptable. P.M. Sneaky is an arrogant law breaker who thinks he can get away with anything.

        “Did he technically break the law, according to our conflict of interest law? No. But if we asked the average Canadians did that look, kind of sneaky? I think they would say yes.”

        Deleted what I really wanted to say, only three times, ha!

        1. This just occurred to me. One good thing has come out of this phony-baloney plague. We’ve been spared the nauseating sight of Prinz Dummkopf taking selfies of himself in the company of some comely young lass.

          The fact that he can’t do that must irritate him to no end and that too is a good thing.

  15. Love these stories of Government Incompetence and I am sure some grease here somewhere. The story is about the Construction of the Ottawa LRT. It seems that a huge sink hole developed as they pushed through the tunnel for the LRT. Now huge lawsuits have surfaced, one for 361M another for 11M etc. THE RATS HAVE TURNED ON EACH OTHER.
    And of course because no one in Canada has ever built a tunnel they hire SNC-Lavalin, in a consortium called OLRT Constructors which included Ellis Don, Snc-Lavalin and a Spanish Company with links to Powercorp through it’s EU Connections called Rideau Transit Group. Now not only do they have a massive substandard rail line. But they also bought defective Bombardier Light Rail Cars. I can imagine the caviar dinners and wining and dining that went on and expense paid vacations to help facilitate the choices of the Parasite Ruling Class.

    1. Doesn’t Ellis Don have a somewhat dubious reputation?

      1. They all do, BAD. The Spanish outfit connects back to Powercorps EU division as well. Talk about all inside connections to Trudeau. His Daddy the PET worked for Desmarais and Powercorp as did The PET’s Daddy.
        At one point during Chretien “Da Widdle Slack Jawed Drooling Idiot’s” Tenure has Head Teef. Paul Desmarais was even on the Privy Council. So had direct access to all inside info directly. Canada is one Big Criminal Organization.
        Just like in Nazi Germany.. In Hitler’s Germany even tho they broke every law in Civilization they never broke one German Law. All the legislation, Government Bureaucrats and Judges made sure of that fact.

        1. From what I’ve heard, there’s a construction company in the Edmonton area (and it might be Ellis Don, but don’t quote me on that) that gained a certain reputation. Apparently, anything that outfit builds doesn’t last very long and has to be fixed, modified, or replaced within a few years.

          1. Exactly what someone once said about my husband’s hernia doctor. Turned out to be true.

    1. Nah. Disney should have kept it in, but with the comment that the prince was a party worker for the Democrats and was trying to solicit her vote.

  16. The media reports that Greyhound shutting down its operations in Canada is racist. This is because a lot of indians and blacks use their buses. Everything that happens in Canada is RACIST!

  17. A woman asked question about gun violence.
    Very impressive response of the governor of Kentucky, the year was 2018.
    The governor slowly and methodically responded in excellent discourse on what changed over the decades. It is not guns. It is the culture, if you can call it that.

    Gov. Bevin Responds to Alleged Hypocrisy

    Apparently the woman that asked the question made faces to mock the governor.