On Flu Out Of The Wuhan Nest

All of this you already know because you’re here.

Nicholas Wade a science writer and researcher says no plausible theory has emerged for the beginning of the pandemic, so all theories turn to a leak from the lab in Wuhan, China. The lab was engaged in U.S. funded ‘gain of function’ experiments which is a controversial science to enhance virus’ including coronavirus’ to see how they might jump to humans. All of the samples and online data suddenly went off line in September before the pandemic. The Chinese have not shown any trace to a natural outbreak so more and more scientists think the pandemic began with a lab virus escape. Nicholas Wade leads us through how the virus could have been a lab creation and how accidents in labs are common place. This lab used low safety measures he compared to a dentists office. The WHO appears to have been compromised in its investigation by the Chinese controlling who would investigate in Wuhan, and there are now wide spread calls for the WHO to reinvestigate.

Part Two.

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  1. An Ontario judge has upheld that all these layoffs imposed are constructive dismissal by employers and employees are entitled to their severance pay…
    Quite a pricey economic hit.

    1. I wonder how that works, because the employer didn’t quite unilaterally lay off the employees, but they were forced to close their doors by government order. If you can’t open, you don’t have need of employees. Laying them off was basically what the government instructed them to do to ensure they would get some kind of benefit. Typical lawyer and government bullshit that might either require a business forced to pay, or the taxpayer forced to cover the business paying.

    1. I’m surprised the Chicoms haven’t played this card yet, to deflect the blame.

      “We told Fauxchi we didn’t want those experiments done, but he provided so much funding and Payola to do it in Wuhan, we couldn’t refuse!”

      It’s Fauxchi’s fault! And DJT should have fired his ass early on!

  2. The new narrative is that Wuhan flu escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

    The same way Little Boy escaped from Los Alamos.

  3. Read “The Art of War”. They even got us to pay for the research that got them the weapon. Classic.

  4. Get the WHO to “re-investigate”… funny… yeah, lets get the CCP controlled WHO to “re-investigate”, that should help.
    This is effing war and the enemy is our own Governments, they will do nothing to piss off the CCP, but they will continue to punish and abuse the citizens of Turdholeland.

  5. There’s a reason why you shouldn’t try to vaccinate your way out of a pandemic.

    1. First thing is you actually need a vaccine. Then don’t use it until the whole thing subsides.

    2. Actually the first thing you need is a pandemic. Sixteen months in and I still do not know a single person who passed from the Chinese Flu. Doesn’t seem very pandemic to me. Maybe in the next sixteen months my friends and acquaintances will start dropping dead in the streets, like those poor souls in China!

  6. I remember reading about this, oh, about a year and three months ago.

  7. Of course it was the Chinese. Why is this even being debated. They screwed up the “gain of function” trials that Fauci paid for. And Fauci chose the China lab because it was cheaper. He pocketed the rest because he is a charlatan selling snake oil cures. Prove me wrong. please.

    1. Right on Chris ! Yuri Gurgi the virologist that Kate has mentioned often showed how the peptide that are the virus connectors had to be man made!

      Fauci and the Wahan Lab created this monster! For what purpose “ God only knows”!

      The Chinese Communist Party and assholes like Fauci owe the WORLD—-A time in Hell seems appropriate!

    2. please check the CDC patents related to Corona / SARS back in 2003, remember Toronto was a test run, GoF is only the tip

  8. Can someone remind me again why we need to enhance viruses!?!? Asking for a friend.