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  1. Saw this guy on utube called “The Den of Tools” address tool shortages. He had it up to the supply chain being broken, showed some google maps or whatever of all the container ship with transponders…many have been stuck in docks for weeks, instead of the usual couple of days for unloading and loading, and how that’s messing with rail and truck schedules. The world economy was like a finely tuned watch, and they threw buckets of sand into it… Then there’s the chip shortage. Hyperinflation, here we come…!

  2. I was looking for a new bicycle for my son. My local bike shop has no bikes this season. I went in a few weeks ago and all the racks that are normally filled with new stock were filled with customers bikes for repair or pick up after repair, presumably so the place didn’t look empty.

  3. Ammo. It’s rarer than toilet paper last year.

    Thanks to the US government stimulus, guns are flying off the shelf too.

    Probably not by the same people buying tofu though.

    1. I’m guessing there won’t bee too much of a shortage on tofu and insect protein paste….Soylent green for 2022? Any takers?

      1. But . But . Soylent green is people.

        Fun fact Soylent green is set in 2022 so you’re bang on.

        In 1973 when they made the movie (book is ‘66) we were supposed to have a population bomb and catastrophic pollution and be starting an ice age. Oh well.

      2. Why can’t they make Soylent Green out of Extinction Rebellion activists?

    2. Fortunately my ammo supply is …adequate, never enough of course, but somehow I’ll try and get by, until prices level off (holding my breath as of …now!)

    3. Ditto. Just paid $100.94 for one box of Buffalo Bore Heavy 30-30, 20 rounds. It was that or yelling BANG while dry firing.

    4. And reloading components. Dealers in Canada can sell old stock of e.g. primers back to their U.S. suppliers at more profit than retailing them here, because the price would be too high and most of us don’t feel desperate enough to pay it. Auction prices here for ammo and components are getting high enough to tempt people to do foolish things like sell theirs. (If things settle down and level off the prices won’t go back down enough to make it a good thing to have done. )

      1. I may have to get a flintlock.
        If you are desperate enough , powder can be made, but primers are a whole nother level.
        I have seen some creative souls on YouTube reuse primers by reforming them but refilling with the proper chemical and manufacturing it, is a bit challenging for me.
        I guess it can be done but what a drain on time and resources to do it.

  4. Prices in FL for fresh fruit and veg seem to have doubled post COVID. I expected it in Canada but not US.

  5. At my wife’s company they are trying to get stock shipped from China. They required 4 containers, only got two and the cost to ship has increased by over 200 percent as their is a bidding war for containers. So, yes the supply chain is broken right now.

  6. My biggest client is a steel fabrication company. The price of steel to them has increased 75% since December.

    They are expecting another increase soon.

    1. We use galvanized steel from 24 ga to 12 ga. October price int $.48/lb range. Last week $1.05/ lb. Price increases predicted for May and June. Any quoted price is only firm to end of business day.

  7. I do international shipping. Shortage is entirely due to a long downsizing that took place over 5 years followed by pent up demand post Covid.

    Shortage of ships and especially containers. But the biggest issue is port congestion.

    It should loosen up by August but then we get into Christmas crap that starts in September.

    This has absolutely nothing to do with some great conspiracy. It’s simple supply and demand.

    The best way to cope with it is to delay and do without. Something that is easy for me. Something that is difficult for spendthrift “I want it now” morons. And most people are morons as we know.

    1. What the hell happened to all of those ships that were anchored off of Singapore?

    2. Funny that….just drove down 114th Ave this MOrning (SE Calgary)…passed by a Distribution yard and there had to be at least a couple Thousand containers there stacked 5 high in places…WTF.??

      As for pricing…check out Lumber. I bought a 24 x 48″ pce of 5/8″ std plywood: $ 30.00 and a 2 X 4 ..stud. 8.65 per & bacon has hit the Freaking roof..!!

      …and go see if you can even FIND an RV 5th wheel or bumper pull..Ha..fat chance..!! May be time to sell my Citation Supreme…26RKS…??

      1. Brother in Law just sold his 28′ RV trailer, forgot the brand name but was classy and clearn. Used maybe 4 or 5 times in the past 7-9 years.

        They are getting older so no sense in tying up the driveway.

        Put an ad in Kiijji for $29K and in 10 mins it was sold.


      2. That’s part of the problem. North America and Europe are accumulating containers because reverse trade dried up too. I heard on a call a couple weeks back that major shippers have 5 TIMES as many ships moving EMPTY containers as they did in 2019.

  8. Pool pump crapped the bed – called the big pool place (Ottawa) for a replacement.
    Their recorded message explains that no pools or installs are available for 2021 inground or above ground.
    No liners available for 2021

  9. Acrylic (Plexiglas) sheet is up 50% to 75%.
    Polyethylene sheet up 50%.

    Hydraulic hose and fittings up an average of 10% without any warning in the last couple weeks.

  10. My job has me in an industry that deals with automotive parts supply chain. For six months, we’ve been reeling under the extremely exorbitant costs relating to materials and container shipments from the far east. Just as one reference point:

    We used to deal with just 2-4 shipping companies…now it’s around two dozen that we are in constant contact with…desperately trying to find one whose price will stay stable for the 24 hours or so it takes to confirm that they can commit to a shipment without the price changing.

    As of last week, our cost per container is up 520% over last year.

    That’s just on the shipping/container side. Raw materials are exploding in terms of cost as well.

    Expect monumental inflation. No one in the Americas will be spared. My guess is Canada will get it especially bad as our political betters will be forced to continue to devalue our currency after all of the spending-with-no-income policies they’ve adopted.

  11. Lumber
    Circuit breakers
    Nails – certain types

    All things I have had to pay huge inflated prices to obtain, and wait for delayed periods of time to receive.

    1. That’s a dealbreaker for me. I’m French (in part) … and Thyme is my #1 go-to. I always have Fresh Thyme and several bottles of dried Thyme at any given time.

      1. @Kenji: Tomatoes. Not long ago, 99 cents/lb was a sale price. Now we are lucky to get them for 1.99/lb on sale.
        Many other fruits and vegetables are up by various degrees. Yes, I know, it is a First World problem. At least our food shelves are full.

  12. Circuit breakers. Waiting since October to close a permit. No arcfault Homeline by Schneider

    1. Wow. 6 months. I’m assuming that code requires that brand? No cronyism there.

      1. Not the code, but breakers are specific to the electrical panel. Code requires arc fault for bedrooms in new construction.

    2. All my breakers are AFCI/GFCI … yes, by the International Elec. Code, as adopted by CA

      1. When necessity is needed, I had to bypass the 25 year old breaker that was impossible to get anymore.
        It kept tripping and not allowing the smaller breakers to do their job.

    3. On another message board I frequent an electrician who works in the part of the USA where I live has complained quite a bit lately about the skyrocketing prices for supplies he needs to do his job.

  13. Lumber has tripled in a year.
    Cant find a decent bicycle for under $300.
    And, has anyone looked at insurance?

    1. My airplane insurance was up over 50% in January.

      Mind you, the value of my plane is way up. 60 yo plane and worth more than double what I paid for it in 2014. Might be something to do with the fact that a new one (updated of course) costs North of 1 million.

      1. I remember getting a chance to buy a beat out Cessna 310 for $15000 about 5 years ago.
        Airframe was at 2400 hrs and the 2 engines were over at 2300 .
        The engines were still serviceable and in good shape.
        It needed a total gutting on the interior and avionics to glass and some upgrades and repairs to the landing gear.

        I should of bought it and hold for parting out .
        Same goes for a few C150’s had a chance to buy cheap.
        Oh well.

  14. I notice that in our local grocery store the $12 “on sale” roast is now “on sale” at $15. That’s a hike of 20% in the space of about a week.

    1. Lemons at Safeway used to cost around $1 each for a period of a 2 or so years. Yesterday, I paid about $1.40 when, a few weeks ago, they were $1.30.

      Thank you, Prinz Dummkopf, for making items like that needlessly more expensive thanks to your $#$%$#%^&!#$@@@@ carbon tax.

      1. We have been frequenting our Local Italian Grocery store…all the fresh goods you could want and at reasonable prices. Acadia X Southland SE (Calgary), …if you’re in the Area..!! Great store, Best selection of canned tomatoes I’ve ever seen, Awesome Frozen gnoccis, Lasagana noodles, Ravioli that does NOT fall apart in the pot…!! Cheese coming our yer Ears… I bought 1 kg of Romano cheese. $21.00 ..!! Said Kilo lasts 3 times as long as the shredded stuff at Costco…by a long shot.

        Love that place..

      2. Speaking of lemons, BA…have you noticed there is no U.S. citrus anymore? It’s all from Spain and the Southern Hemisphere. Grapefruit and maybe some Navel oranges from Florida, if you’re lucky. Limes still come from Mexico but the quality lately has been awful. Hard as a rock and very little juice, no matter how long you hold them. Avocados are also garbage and have no flavour.

        I haven’t been able to find Lawry’s Seasoned Salt for months, anywhere.

        Over the past year, I’ve noticed Walmart has been replacing brand name items on their shelves with their own brand. All made in China, of course.

        1. For several years, the lemons in Safeway came from South Africa. I don’t recall off-hand what the source for them is now. Hey, Prinz Dummkopf, the lemons weren’t by any chance grown by whites and, thereby, are racist?

          I mentioned apples on a previous thread. Most of the ones in Safeway are grown in Washington state. Any that come from B. C. are rare and, often, in poor condition. I guess the good ones are saved for the export market.

          1. “Hey, Prinz Dummkopf, the lemons weren’t by any chance grown by whites and, thereby, are racist?”

            Yes, they are racist. The orchards were planted by Afrikaners. Since the negroes murdered the Afrikaner farmers and took their orchards, I’ve stopped buying S.A. lemons. Maybe you should too.

          2. Since the SA lemons aren’t coming in any more, that might not be a problem. If I wanted some that weren’t from there, I might be out of luck as I think Superstore and Food For Less may have the same suppliers.

          3. Yes indeed BADR. My late grandpa was an orchardist and packing house foreman in the South Okanagan in the 70s and 80s. At that time, the primo fruit (cherries, peaches and certain apple varieties) were indeed export market only, typically Japan was the destination. I don’t expect that to have changed too much, though the end destination may be different now.
            It’s ironic isn’t it, that we get Warshington State apples cheaper, but those Mexican pickers are cheaper than the Quebec hippies that have been invading the Okanagan since the 70s.

        2. Sorry Kate, I need my Lawry’s seasoned salt, with whisteshire sauce and a little oil…
          I make one mean baked mixed nuts with cereal.
          Roasted 400 degrees and flipped in a roasting pan every 10 minutes. For 2 hours.
          Making me drool right now.

          1. JoJo It sounds like your nut-roasting is in need of an invention to flip the nuts every 10 minutes with a timer.

          2. Mixed nuts. At least a couple pounds or more.
            Cereals are trix(if I can find it), shreddies and cheerios and small pretzels.
            Using a double sided roasting pan.
            Put them in metal tins if possible.

          3. I need my Lawry’s too, dammit!

            In all seriousness (in my Bobby Bittman voice, lol), I believe stores are doing their best to keep shelves stocked and looking good but, sometimes, it looks like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. I recall last March’s first lockdown, we went shopping and the produce section and shelves were decimated. You couldn’t even buy flour and yeast to bake your own bread. We were a little uneasy at the time. Having worked in the food industry at one time, I used to believe we had one of the largest, safest food supplies in the world. March 2020 shook me out of my hubris.

          4. There are two things that literally make me hurl if I smell them. Why? Because for a short period of time … I had wayyyyyyy too much of it, and now I’m repulsed by their smell

            #1 Southern Comfort -drank way too much of that in HS (it was a fad for a while)
            #2 Lawry’s Seasoning – my mother-in-law smothered everything she cooked in the stuff. Literally EVERYTHING! And she carried a tube of the stuff with her and seasoned restaurant food with it. She was an awful cook. Now, I wanna hurl when I smell the stuff.

    2. “And brothers and sisters, Big Brother has announced the weekIy chocoIate ration has increased to 25%”…..

      Sounds famiIiar.

  15. Increased food prices due to supply issues affect me financially. That third worlders problem may be different. Then we have the Sam Kinnison solution, “Get in the truck, we’ll go where there’s food”. So my prediction? A massive global truck shortage.

  16. Smokeless powder, primers, and bullets. They can’t be found in the States.

    I just can’t imagine why so many people would want things like that. /sarc

  17. This sounds like inflation to me. With Trudeau and Biden’s spending our prices for everything will go higher.

    1. Michael.

      THAT is CRIMINAL..!!!
      …Waaaaahhh, the HUMANITIES…!! and Essential product to boot..!!

    2. Them’s ballpark prices!!!!
      On the positive side at least you can go to a bar. I’m very jealous and envious.
      There’s a local pub across the street and my wife and used to spend an evening there at least once a month prior to Covid. Been there twice in the last 6 months only because the patio was open. Once they were allowed to open after last year’s lockdown capacity was limited to 10 ppl. In a place that is licensed for 150. Who wants to sit in an empty pub with a 90 minute time limit?
      F$*&÷ng politicians.

  18. Flip side of the coin, sort of: Second Hand stores are now packed with people.

    1. Second Hand stores are now packed with people.

      Yet, I can’t seem to sell the stuff in the house inherited. Furniture seems to be the hardest. Nobody wants anything that’s 40 or so years old. Never mind that the frames are in good condition and that the items need to be re-upholstered.

      Nope, it’s gotta be the fancy-schmanciest made-in-China crap that’s over-priced and is ready for the junk heap within 5 years because it’s made from the lower-grade particle board.

      I’ve got 2 sets of vintage china that I’m trying to sell, as well. The ads got lots of views in the last year but no inquiries.

      1. My house is located in NE B. C. Thanks to Prinz Dummkopf, Horgan, and Knothead, most of the free money in town’s been sucked out.

        It’s odd that I can’t sell some of my stuff. Fort St. John’s earned the reputation lately of being a place for, like Medicine Hat, “the newly wed and the nearly dead”. There are a lot of young families in town. In fact, there’s a brand new elementary school about a km down the street from my house.

        1. Same problem for my mom’s estate in Nenshi’s utopia. Our parents valued furniture, silver, china, etc., they viewed it as their legacy.

          Now the new generations don’t want it. Fine china is unwelcome, my mother’s gorgeous dining room set willed to my millennial niece ended up at habitat for humanity. I made her move it, her legacy, the resentment was epic.

          I talked to several furniture appraisers and the story was the same, no wants dining rooms anymore, they eat in front of the tv and don’t entertain or have family meals the way our parents did.

          Houses are being built with nooks and kitchen islands not dining rooms. Living rooms are fading as well due to the outsourcing of funerals, rather than viewing in the living room as they did pre-war.

          Still can’t sell the china. My brother’s garage is full of the treasures of the last century.

          1. Now the new generations don’t want it.

            That’s what I heard from my next-door neighbour.

            Soon after I started advertising my furniture, some smeghead responded to it my telling me that it’s junk and that I should pay someone to take it to the dump. Nice attitude…..

            I eventually plan on moving once the estate is settled and the house goes on the market. Depending on my next residence, I might keep some of that furniture and have it re-upholstered.

        2. I sympathize with you. I’ve noticed over the last 20 years or so that fewer and fewer people want old or used items. Even garage sales seem to be dying out here in Edmonton. As I enter my ‘golden years’ I find myself donating a lot of family treasures and heirlooms to Good Will as my children have made it clear they don’t want them. My youngest even refused an 8 year old van I offered her for free. And I bought it new, she grew up driving around in it but to her it was old and tacky.

      2. Them’s ballpark prices!!!!
        On the positive side at least you can go to a bar. I’m very jealous and envious.
        There’s a local pub across the street and my wife and used to spend an evening there at least once a month prior to Covid. Been there twice in the last 6 months only because the patio was open. Once they were allowed to open after last year’s lockdown capacity was limited to 10 ppl. In a place that is licensed for 150. Who wants to sit in an empty pub with a 90 minute time limit?
        F$*&÷ng politicians.

        1. Sorry…this was a duplicate. I’m such a moron after some good Chianti and fabulous veal marsala. I wanted to say this…

          My Mom moved into LTC 2 years ago and I was fortunate to get her Wedgewood bone china set of plates. Incredible quality!

          1. The sets of china I inherited are at least 40 years old and the patterns are no longer being made. Replacement pieces are hard to come by and they’re not cheap (say, $70 for a plate).

            It’s good quality stuff, but I’d rather not give it away for next to nothing.

      3. sold my 94 yr old mom’s Royal Albert collection, full set of vases and tea cup nick nacks, plus a bunch of Hendroy figures. Plus real (not plated) SILVER ware, Scottish antique single pedestal lions claw table, some 18th century dish cabinet, some antique dresser, and a early 1900 stand alone silk lined clothes closet like the one you see in the Sound of Music. Couple of antique lamps too.

        …all for $1200. Mom paid $1800 about 20 years ago just for one of the dressers…

        1. One of the things that surprised me was that I couldn’t sell much of the fabric that my mother had accumulated over the years.

          I had about 6 cubic metres of all sorts of cloth, material that my mother, a fashion designer by trade, bought and though she could make something out of. I advertised it but it appeared that people don’t sew any more. There were a few who stopped by the house and bought some bits, but most of it didn’t interest anyone.

          I decided that I needed to make room, so I donated it to a local fabric shop. I think my mother would have been pleased with that rather than sell it for an insultingly low price.

          I’ve got 2 bedroom sets that I want to sell. Someone who refinishes furniture wanted to buy most of the pieces, but her offer was a joke, quite frankly. Her way of doing business was to buy low, splatter some paint on it, and sell for a nice profit.

          Uh, no. My parents bought that furniture and it meant something to them. The least I could do, if I wanted to sell it, was to get a price that they would have been pleased with.

          I hate the tactic that some people use, namely the line of “oh, I’ll buy it for cheap and then you’ll finally be rid of it” as if the stuff was junk and they were doing me a big favour. No, thank you. I have far too much respect for my parents to be taken in with that.

  19. Huge excess of liberals.
    Severe shortage of common sense (could be related to the above).

  20. I tend to buy electronic parts for my hobby. Over the last year, prices have risen slightly, but the real problem is lack of parts at any price. Shortages are common, and are forecast to last for longer than a year in many cases.

    1. One suggestion I have is to take old circuit boards and strip off any parts that are useful.

      Over the years, I had amassed a stack of defunct electronic gear. I tried to remove parts by using a soldering gun, but that took a lot of time. The site Hackaday.com suggested using a heat gun, but that had its drawbacks as well.

      I finally bought myself a Hakko desoldering tool and that made the whole process a lot easier. I now have a collection of leftover components in my junk box. You name it, chances are I have it now: resistors, capacitors, ferrite toroids, etc. Being a ham, stuff like that will help me with a quick repair or breadboarding a circuit.

      The tool, however, was not cheap, but it did the job for me. Think of it as a soldering gun with a suction pump.

      Unfortunately, a ready source of parts here in Edmonton dried up when Active Electronics closed its outlet. There’s a place on the south side I can go to, but it caters more to the industrial market. Failing that, it’s on-line ordering from places like Mouser or Digi-Key.

      1. Maybe ham radio flea markets should be designated as an essential service. Like a lot of radio hams of my vintage I have a stock of hard-to-find parts that will need to be re-homed sooner or later, and the best way to turn good vintage stock into unobtainium is send it to the landfill before its time…

        1. Maybe ham radio flea markets should be designated as an essential service.

          Ain’t gonna happen. Hams are seen as luddites and cranks because we don’t rely solely on smartphones.

          I guess people who think that way should find an alternate form of communication when there’s an emergency and the phone networks are out of commission.

          1. Good thing I bought some relays 2 years ago to fix my furnace that fried the circuit board .
            Can’t get a decent board to replace so I fixed it myself.
            A $3.00 part with shipping with minimum of $30 so bought some more .
            Still far cheaper then buying a new furnace and trying to source it.

          2. I fixed one of my laser printers that way.

            The USB connection was no good, so I found a leftover one in my junk box. After some use of a soldering gun, plus a few questionable verbal expressions, I got it off the original board and soldered onto the one out of the printer.

            The printer worked after that.

  21. If you are in the houssing market, you should see the prices in Ottawa. I’m trying to downsize but you should see the shacks they are asking $340k for. And how nuch do you offer? $400k? Probably too much for the shack I saw but it’s real difficult because you have to buy before you sell or you will be out on the street without a paddle.

  22. I get my meat and veg home delivered from local farms. No supply line problems there, and no rampant inflation. Buy local and build relationships.

  23. That feeling when you stocked up on everything (mechanical parts & materials) last year… Plywood is 100$ a sheet…. More expensive than 2018’s hardwood flooring…..

  24. Plywood is so expensive here in NW Ontario, the natives are using glass for windows.

    1. You actually got a laugh outta me. Last week, paid just over $80 for 5/8 4’x8′ plywood, untreated.

  25. I bought a tub of Johnson & Johnson FIoor wax about 7 years ago; it’s good for keeping rust off the tooIs. I paid $8.90 for it.
    I am down to 1/4 tub Ieft, and went to Amazon. The exact same wax, is now $65.


    And the two by fours I bought 2 years ago at the IocaI Home Hardware were $2.95 apiece. Two weeks ago, I had to pay $57 for four of them.

    I just had quote to put 3 new doors in my home. Nice doors, but not reaI wood. They had sideIights, and nice hardware. Cost for materiaI and instaIIation?

    I shitt you not. I toId the wife I am going to buy some white Oak and make them myseIf. It is insane what these crooks try and get away with when they think they have an excuse.

      1. So what is it about insurance and solid wood interior doors?

        My home insurance company did an annual assessment and was asking whether the interior doors were solid or hollow, I couldn’t figure out why and didn’t think to ask at the time.

    1. Here in Edmonton, there is at least one outfit that specializes in selling re-cycled windows and doors. A place like that might be worth checking out.

    1. Crap, I just sent a whole truckload to the scrappers.
      Should of kept them and sold em off piecemeal.
      But got my commercial landlord on my butt to get rid of it.

  26. I have a freezer full of Moose so I don’t keep up with the price of beef. I harvested a nice young spike bull last fall and I’ve harvested 3 in the last 7 years…it doesn’t take that much to feed just the two of us. So I haven’t bought any beef for 7 years. We do get our eggs delivered from the farm – but he just let me know this week that the feed prices have doubled since last year so they are going up slightly.

    1. I buy my beef from a local butcher whose husband is a cattle rancher. I paid $4.29/lb for half an animal. The price of beef over the last few months has gone from insanely high to reasonable to nonexistent in store to high again. It’s all over the place.

  27. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. I carry around a 100 TRILLION dollar Zimbabwe bill to remind me of just how stupid politicians politicians can be who think they can print money out of the problems they have created.

    1. Be carefuI, Art…..

      Seeing a note with that many zero’s on it……and you wiII have the IiberaI party caIIing you and asking for donations…

  28. I no economist but I believe the government has three methods to cope with the liquidity bomb that got dropped last year (and this year).
    1. Taxes – coming
    2. Debt- sure
    3. Hyperinflation – yup. That’s what we are now seeing. Unearned cash floods the economy and more people chase more stuff (including stocks). Demand increases because those with cash did nothing to add to supply and we get scarcity and price inflation.

    Buy ammo, oops too late.

  29. I am in the Atlanta area. No houses. No inventory. They are sold before they even hit the market. I would sell my place no problem without doing any work but I have no place to go and I am not buying in a sellers market. The real estate broker I work for has a rental management division. Anyone that thought about ditching some rental property(s) is doing so now.

  30. I went to Home Depot to get a couple of course thread 1/2″ nuts. I found some for $0.24 each. I realized they were fine thread. I looked a little harder and found the course thread variety. $1.04 each. BTW there is no citrus fruit in the store I shop at.

    1. Never buy fasteners at Home Depot or Canadian Tire etc. Go to the local industrial fasteners store. 10x cheaper. Plus, if you ask for two 1/2″ nuts and you’re in a lot, you’ll get them for free. Home reno stores and crappy tire are rip off departments.

  31. I ordered and paid for an American made RTV at the end of January. It has finally arrived in Manitoba and will be delivered Monday. It was supposed to come in three weeks. It took three months. The accessories I ordered are not coming until June.

  32. My neighbour’s son worked in a supply warehouse for electricians in Winnipeg. He says they are running out of everything. I checked out the supplies in our local Canadian Tire because I want to replace a plug. Most of the bins were empty, including the part I wanted.

  33. Francisco, Kate….
    An interesting thread would be :
    “How do you find the basics on the cheap?”

    If bet SDA is more savy than the average Whole Foods shopper. Might soon have to give up our “Pumpkin Spice Latte-Flavored Beer” .

  34. Putting all our Western eggs in the Chinese basket wasn’t the smartest move, was it? Only thing we really accomplished was making our enemies rich. And us poor.

  35. Here in Edmonton I notice that about a year and a half ago I could live on about $10 a day in food.
    Now it’s more like $15 a day.

    1. About a year ago, I needed about $400 in petty cash each month for things like groceries and laundry. It’s now closer to $500. Now, can anyone tell me if the climate’s improved because I’m paying more?

  36. I just ordered another butcher lamb today, we’ve only a few meals left of the last one. We loaded a 3/8 beef in the freezer two weeks ago, on top of the pig we bought in November. All Saskatchewan sourced. If you’re in the SE of the province, email me privately, I’ll send you to our beef supplier. The price is obscenely competitive with the grocery store.

    1. An excellent post would be a post asking commentators where great deals can gotten and where. Anything and everything.

      1. You would be surprised what you find and where you find it.

        Don’t forget timing too.

        Walmart…..yeah Iknow….but, they had strip loin roast a few weeks ago, for $7/pound. Now, anyone that pays attention, knows this is over $10 a pound at a butcher shop, Costco, etc, when it is cut in steaks.

        So, About 2 days before sale ends, me and theMrs are out, we drop into Wallymart, and I go over to the meat aisle,fully expecting it to be sold out. Instead, these are all marked down 25%, AAA in vacuum packs, about 5 to 6 pounds each. Lots to choose from.

        I bought 5, spent $150 bucks. Shoppers are lazy and not thrifty. The typical shopper just walks down the aisle tossing stuff in, with little regard for price.

        Canadians, on the whole are stupid. Said it many times, plays out in many different ways.

        Steaks all summer long………

  37. My nephew wants to install a hot tub on his deck, got told 6 months, maybe.

    Unrelated specifically to the recent trade disruptions, I’ve been noticing for the last several years that you gotta be careful to check the size of packages when you’re buying groceries. I haven’t yet seen anybody selling 10 egg dozens or 110 ounce gallons of milk, but I’m sure it’s coming. 14 ounce pounds are quite common, 12 ounce pounds even are frequent. 3-quart gallons of ice cream and 4 pound 5 pound bags of sugar are so old we’ve forgotten there was ever a different size.

  38. Ammo & guns are unobtainable here
    Western Md

    Food prices are up, but no shortages yet

    Parts / supplies are still available
    But, most car parts have doubled from a year ago

  39. Alecincg……I hear there is a chinese woman in Lacombe I tgink that buys our beautiful English China sets for next to nothing – ships them to China and sells them at a YUGE profit.
    I take it this woman has a Consignment store.

  40. No Yamaha 115 Outboards to be had anywhere. One dealer said they are hoping to get some next year. I also noted someone bid a plastic side panel for a 1979 Yamaha RD400 up to $700….and it needed paint.

  41. As a joke I took a picture of a random 10 foot 2X8 I had leaning against the house and posted on Marketplace for $100 with the description that it was rare and a better investment than Gold right now. I got a couple of responses and chucles from a couple of friends but It’s gone now for $80!!!