Biden Brings The Troops Home

Biden administration dismisses federal charges against Portland rioters;

They have dropped charges such as assault on a law enforcement officer, arson, and other violent crimes. Many have been dropped with prejudice, meaning they can’t be re-litigated in the future. According to a local news outlet, federal prosecutors have dismissed more than one-third of the pending charges from last summer’s violent protests in Portland.[…]
The local news report takes great pains to quote those involved who claim that these decisions were not motivated by politics, but rather by limited resources, large caseloads, COVID-19, and other factors. It strains credulity, however, to think a new direction has not taken hold among the federal law enforcement system as a new president has taken over and begun reversing every Trump agenda item it can target.

President Trump very publicly made law and order a theme of his reelection campaign, and a centerpiece of his agenda to get America back on track. With this quiet, under-the-radar move to cease the pursuit of justice for violent riot crimes, the Biden administration is sending a subtle, yet very clear, opposite message. To the new administration, law and order are selective, arbitrary, and dependent upon the politics of the offender.

(Now is the time at SDA when we juxtapose!)

30 Replies to “Biden Brings The Troops Home”

        1. Yes, no businesses were torched or looted during Capital hill Demonstrations. That is the key difference. FOAD

    1. Wow 250 or so people charged and most of these welcomed in by Capitol security. I suspect most of them had no clue there was any breach at all. I don’t know about Washington but I have been in many legislatures and you just walk in the front door. Why would anyone think this was different? My guess is that there are 50 or less who are guilty of anything and some of these were FBI.

    2. Meanwhile … Viking hat Guy … says Trump sent him subliminal messages via shortwave signal through his dental fillings. And so he is being held without Bail.

      No. There is NO Justice anymore in America. Oh! You don’t believe we have a social credit scoring system here in America!? Hahahaha ha ha … If you’re RED, you’re DEAD. If you’re BLUE, you get through. That’s our social credit scoring system. Lady Justice is peeking under her blindfold.

    3. Don’t forget to tell Grandpa, ” I’m from Portland!” Is the new, “I just crapped in my pants.”

  1. It doesn’t make any sense to actually “bring to justice” organizations on the Democrat and deep state payroll once the mission is accomplished especially when it was the other guy’s administration that brought charges. In a “rule of law(less) state”, to the winners go the spoils.

  2. Meanwhile CNN is ranting that Trump has ordered thousands of bare chested men with horns on their heads, to storm the capital today.

    1. The delusional left is WISHING WISHING WISHING for their make believe storming of the Capitol to occur. At AnyTime Now.

      Paging Pantifa, Paging Pantifa, Unca Chao Xiden on Line 2………..

  3. The Oregon State Bar, a part of the Oregon Judicial Department, has become yet another bureaucratic eunuch (i.e. castrated to serve a “specific” social function) of the global hydra. If flagrant abuse and misapplication of law has been added to the cauldron for progressing tyrannical socialist agenda the court houses indeed have been burned down. From the inside out. There’s apparently nothing now regulating grossly negligent professional conduct by those in the legal community. It kinda gives the answer to why the SCOTUS turned down hearing the Texas et al petition in the face of mountains of multi-state voter fraud evidence. Welcome to the Age of Unreason and the Presidency of Biden McBoing Boing Star Bellied Sneetch.

  4. Maybe “Nance” will dispatch those .50 cals that she wanted to defend the Capitol from the insurrectionists and put em on the Portland courthouse instead.

  5. People will tire of my repetition but … that which is rewarded is repeated. By not pressing charges, they have told the world and their own citizenry that crime pays and it will be repeated in greater quantities. All you have to look at is the California statutes that raised the level for misdemeanor theft from $450 to $950 and ask store clerks what happens.

  6. You can’t bury all your mistakes. Well, maybe later, after midterms is America doesn’t wake up from its self-induced nightmare.

      1. One is too many; that’s my point. BTW, if that’s so, if voters won’t change this bunch, why bother with elections?
        All hail the one party state and its unelected and unenlightened despots. Thanks but no thanks, I’ll go down fighting.

  7. BLM/Antifa is the Dems’ Sturmabteilung. One doesn’t prosecute your own storm troopers.

    1. No. You just purge them once they are no longer useful, as Ernst Röhm found out.

      Antifa hasn’t outlived its usefulness quite yet.

    1. When does Biden get his General’s uniform with lots of shiny buttons, stars, medals, a big hat, jackboots, and a new title of El Presidente.

  8. Simple solution to the Politicians screwing the justice system.
    They shall be held responsible for the crimes they dismissed.
    If they see no criminal activity on the part of the rioters,then they condone and support rioting..
    Oh wait.,we already knew that.

  9. And so the subhuman scum that hurt thousands of people are let free, only because they hurt people on behalf of the dhimicrat puppet masters and the hurt people tended to oppose dhimicrats.

  10. Don’t forget to tell Grandpa, ” I’m from Portland!” Is the new, “I just crapped in my pants.”