Margin Of Fraud

Nearly two months past election night;

Maricopa County in Arizona will carry out a comprehensive forensic audit of its voting systems to allay concerns raised by some constituents about the integrity of the November 2020 election.
The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously at a Jan. 27 meeting to hire two independent companies to conduct an audit that will probe whether voting machines counted votes correctly, and whether they were tampered with or hacked in any way.

This was after refusing the AZ legislature’s subpoenas for weeks. They must think their tracks are sufficiently buried.

Update: My instincts appear to be good.

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  1. …and who are these independent companies doing this audit?….non of them are that independent….I smell a rat

    1. I worked for a Real Estate Development Company in the 1980’s, and we had multiple Equity Partners and Lenders who invested $M’s in our projects. The contracts called for Financial Audits (on demand) . I watched … up close and personal … as our Chief Accountant and Partners were scrambling ahead of these audits … cooking the books and hiding the $$ that was transferred from one project to another. It was a real eye-opener for an innocent 20-something to see the outright THEFT and Accounting LIES that fooled the Auditors.

      Yeah … this audit will be a sham

  2. Exactly right about sufficiently covering their tracks. If the audit finds nothing, leftists will claim it as proof and the deniers will scream coverup. If the audit proves fraud, some low level nobody (probably the auditor) will get fired and leftist tyranny will march on.

    1. That low-level nobody will be branded a rogue or “lone wolf” and will be made to bear all the sins of the corruption. Those higher up will deny any knowledge of the matter and will get away with it.

  3. No way these political criminals allow a real audit… this is all theatre… they believe its safe now because they”ve obviously cleaned up any obvious fraud… this is all BS… Why didn’t they allow an audit right away ? What were they waiting for ? Another cover up plain and simple. The coup was a success.

  4. If they are simply recounting fake ballots, any guesses as to the result? If they are doing a full audit, it better be by a firm with professional standing and a reputation to protect.

  5. They agree, on condition that the audit is by one of two companies that they specify.
    Look at this link for more info on these companies – it s maybe even worse than you thought.
    (I don’t understand why the AZ legislature hasn’t just sent in the state police to arrest them all and impound everything in sight…)

    1. The criminals are in charge and they are in charge of the “audit”. More fraud plain and simple.

    2. What would happen in Alberta if a county defied a provincial government decree?? The county council would be punted and a paid up member of the United Conservative Party appointed trustee. Maricopa officials would have cooperated with a 12 gauge up their tailpipe.

  6. All they had to do was look over the voters lists and examine some of those ballots that were counted in the days after the election. I would imagine all that has been shredded by now so this exercise seems of limited value at this point in time.

  7. Are they going to carry out a forensic audit of the ballots that the voting system counted?

  8. Why the hell did the legislature agree to this obvious fraud?

    Demand Pulitzer be allowed to also audit.

    Or no deal.

    1. Because it seems the Republican state legislatures simply don’t care, nor do they have the spines to stand up to their Democrats who demagogue any & every attempt at election reform with “Voter Suppression!!!!”. It’s a very rare (R) who will tell the (D) to slag off and just do it, such as DeSantis in Florida.

  9. Here is the Bill that is going to kick off Civil War 2.0.

    Anybody with half a brain that thinks the election was legitimate only has to look at this Bill to realize that:
    A) The election was rigged or,
    B) Americans that value their Constitution all lost their minds on November 3.

    The Democrats must think that they are going to solve the deficit problem by charging the 330 million Americans that own guns a fee to register each of the 450 million guns that are known to the authorities. As they say the Devil is in the details and if this doesn’t start a Civil War I don’t know what will.

    1. Thanks for this Antenor, it was quite a read, and obviously was “arranged a good while before the election to be concise, and issued so early after Biden moved into the White House. So $800 for a firearms license, plus enforced insurance, plus draconian fines of $75 grand plus, and including long prison sentences. WOW!

      It would seem they are deliberately trying to goad firearms owners into a civil war. As Rich B says, I also doubt it gets past the Senate, but the fireworks that will be produced when this is debated in both houses will be worthy of a front seat with beer and popcorn! It’ll also give the sock monkey ideas as well. Interesting times indeed!

  10. If they allow this bull crap -there will never be a free & fair election again.
    The fraudsters counting ballots.
    That’s like the fox guarding the henhouse.

    We know this election was stolen.
    There are folks with machines that can tell if the votes are fraudulant, if the correct paper ballot was used- as in shipped in from china.

    Old joe led by obungles are traitors.
    Course their so corrupt if they don’t lie and cheat and steal their likely to hang!
    What a day that will be.
    I’m want a front seat!

  11. Anyone else having trouble with internet?
    I cannot get link that Kate posted here. Get Error msg
    Cannot get any Twitter…usually follow Rebel and Dave Rubin and Brian Lily…

    Msg says *Twitter not supported*…any suggestions?

  12. The firs doing the “audit” are the same ones who back in the day certified Dominion, if they find anything trouble for them. I predict it will be the cleanest election in history. /sarc

  13. * What you need to see are the “Ballot Images.”
    The “Ballot Images” are taken by the Voting Machine and entered into the Voting System.
    * You need to see the “Images” taken of ALL THE MAIL-IN BALLOTS and specific Voting Machines used to count the votes…everything else is moot.
    So disappointing. The Arizona Senate must get the word out on this bullshit maneuver and whitewash. The fraud must be revealed. President Trump won in a Landslide. Not one journalist wants to explain how these machines work.