3 Replies to “And The Budget Will Balance Itself”

  1. Remember when the corporate media told us that the financial markets were pressuring Chretien and Martin to rein in federal government spending, that the profligacy must stop or the dollar will disintegrate?

    How times have changed. The major central banks must all be swapping currencies with each other as they all inflate currencies and monetize government (and corporate) debts. Nothing else could explain why the loonie isn’t already worthless.

    The consolidation of corporate media into the hands of a few entities also explains why the propaganda is now so different. Look up who owns a corporation like CTV. Bell Media is owned by hedgefunds like Blackrock, Vanguard, etc. These entities derive their profit from debt monetization and currency creation. Politicians are just the financiers’ craven stooges. I’m sure the politicians have been promised that their tax-free charitable foundations will be exempt from the imminent reset.

  2. I’m sure they can find one or two used ones in the US, that had more digits, but not enough for the US trillions, they might be a bargain. If it can be done with Submarines and jet fighters, a used number clock shouldn’t be much of a problem. Have a chat with that actor that sells gold on TV ads.