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      1. I heard KAH-ma-lah speaking tonight. She sounds like a teenage flirt. Really remarkable. Joe Biden and this gal. The Dims have nothing. I’m not judging since I did vote for McCain (and Romney). Of course, I knew McCain was a jerk. Romney was a recent surprise.

  1. Conspicuously absent from the signing … “Palestinian” “Leaders”. Nor Hamas … Fatah et al Terrorist rogue States. Oh! And Iran … Iran was AWOL.

    Buh bye Obama-Iranian-Shia Legacy … buh bye.

      1. But! But Valerie has all that loot stashed in her Iran hidey-hole. Nice USA $ that Iran could use to buy a get -out-of-Jail Free Card….Poor Jug Ears

    1. “Conspicuously absent from the signing” is the United States Congress without whose ratification the “treaty” and ALL Treaties are essentially meaningless and unenforceable.

      1. Congress has to decide if they are for peace or are they willing to let the Middle East dangle in the wind while they try to thwart any good news for Trump. The BDE, anti-Israel Democrats cannot be happy. Tough luck for them.

      2. OZ.. The Peace deal is between individual Nation States… NOT THE USA…Nancy needs more than Botox

        1. There were 4 heads of state sitting at that table and signing that document with 4 signatures, including Donald J. Trump’s.
          Given that the United States of America is not in the Middle East, can you hazard a guess, Slap shot, as to why the President of the United States would be signing the document?
          I’ll tell you why. The United States is signing as guarantor of the Treaty. Guess what that means and entails.

          1. That’s a fair question, OZ. How much of the Farm did PDJT give-away to broker this deal. I would like someone to publish an executive summary of the deal. Not that it will be different from any other; treaty, agreement, accord, or whatever the US is signatory to … we’re always giving-away the Farm. Just so long as some US Farmers are getting a new customer … or Grumman is getting a few new weapons systems orders.

    1. Repeatedly … with a stick. The Imam advises body blows that can be covered in a black tent-like garment

  2. If this was achieved by Obummer, the MSM would be demanding the Pope make him a saint, because it’s Trump, it’ll be poo pooed as an attempt to get re elected by grandstanding. No other president has achieved such a triumph, and because of who he is, they will always try to bring him down. Again, I don’t care for Trump the man, but I salute Trump the president, for his accomplishments and promises, delivered under more duress than any other president before him. I’m a life long atheist, but I will be praying for his re election in November, if the Dems don’t manage to cheat their way back in to power. If they do, the west is permanently screwed!

    1. Obama won an actual Nobel prize for giving a pleasant, platitude-filled speech in Egypt about peace in the Middle East. Trump will get no such consideration.
      BTW… months after Obama got his reward Syria fell apart, hundreds of thousands have been killed and millions have fled their homes. Good job Barack!!

  3. The U.S. has weaseled out of any number of “Treaties” that were signed by the POTUS but never ratified by congress. One of the most recent weaselings by the U.S. was as guarantor of Ukraine’s security when Ukraine handed over their nuclear weapons to Russia and the U.S. was supposed to guarantee Ukraine’s territorial integrity. Another famous example was the Treaty of Versailles where as one of the Great Powers signatories the United States of America was bound to guarantee that Germany would stick to the provisions of the Treaty.

    I have brought both of these treaties up here at SDA on more than one occasion and was assured by the Americans who comment here that the Treaties meant nothing and were not binding until they were ratified by the United States Congress. Which they never were. I could cite more treaties that were signed by U.S. Presidents or their Secretaries of State that were not ratified by the United Sates Congress and therefore DEAD LETTER as well, but why bother?

    That said: Congrats are premature. Until Congress ratifies the Abraham Treaty, let me be the first to assure you that it isn’t worth the paper that it is written upon.

    1. This puts the Democrats in a corner. Does President Harris stick with her Palestinian and BDE-Anti-Israel friends? Does she want to stand apart from an Israel-Jordan-Eqypt-UAE-Bahrain (and potentially Saudi Arabia) peace block? What does Biden think? Does he think at all? Does he know anything about any nation that his children don’t have shady dealings with?

      This is a win for Trump.

      1. Yes, this is a potential win for President Trump. Given that Nancy Pelosi, Congressional House Majority Speaker, and her Posse spent all of their time during 2018-2019 trying to Impeach Donald J. Trump, what do you think the chances are that she and her sycophants are going to ratify this treaty between now and the new sitting congress in February?
        And what do you think the chances of ratification are if the Democrats retain majority status in the House after November?

        1. And what the hell does the House or Pelosi has to do with ratifying a treaty? See my post quoting the U.S. Constitution below. Just close your friggin’ mouth before you put your foot further into it.

    2. This isn’t a treaty between US and any of the participants. We merely participated in getting them to the table and to agree on things. No ratification requires for any of these deals.

    3. Article II Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution states:
      [The President] shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur;
      Your pejorative term for the action of the U.S. in case the Senate does not concur with a treaty is completely uncalled for. It is how the Constitution specifies the U.S. to act, right there in black and white, written before the fact. A proposed treaty is not a binding treaty on the U.S. until the Senate ratifies. You may disagree with the process, but that is what the Constitution specifies, as a safety feature requiring concurrence by two branches of the federal government. And what the hell, you aren’t even a U.S. citizen. But the signed piece of paper is important, it is part of the process. Without it, there is no prospect of a treaty. With it, there is prospect of a treaty.

  4. Silly argument about the crucial role of the U.S. Congress.

    The signatories are free to normalize relations among themselves.

    That’s called peace.

    1. “The signatories are free to normalize relations among themselves.”jukie

      Sure they are. Always were too. So much for the hoopla of negotiations and the signing of documents eh? We’re smarter than that,eh?
      These folks were all going to just normalize things and sit around singing kumbaya anyhow, right? RIGHT?!
      Is that really your position? Because it seems like all they needed was permission from Donnie Two Scoops and BAM, normalization.

  5. President Donald J. Trump and his Administration negotiated a treaty between Israel and a couple of their neighbors. There is no place for either the upper or lower Congresses to play in this.

    I expect a couple more to join in the next few weeks, before the first week of November.

    This has largely evaded being settled by previous Administrations. The $ billions that Obama sent to Iran was wasted effort, they continue to hate everyone that isn’t like them.

    Will the Nobel Committee notice? Who knows, they’ve got a year to make up their minds on if they’re going to remain relevant. That’s almost time enough to bring North Korea back to the table, if they’re noticing this sort of thing. All it took was someone who actually knew how to swing a deal.

    1. “There is no place for either the upper or lower Congresses to play in this.”

      If the United States has no part to play in the Treaty, why is President Trump’s signature on the document? Go ahead, guess.

      1. Trump brokered the deal and is getting the appropriate and well deserved political recognition.

    2. Will the Nobel Committee notice?

      The only way Trump would win the Peace Prize is if he handed the keys to the White House to the Burn Loot Murderers and told them to come in and act naturally.

  6. Lived in Dubai for a couple years. Never thought I’d see this. If the rest of the Arab League signs similar deals, it will be the biggest accomplishment of US foreign policy in decades.
    I am not sure why people are going on about treaties. Trump signed as a witness. The USA is not party to theses deals. You can read them online.