12 Replies to “If Women Ran The World”

  1. Having female family members who were working at Queens and several who still are, some are totally wacked out with not only the feminist BS but gender and transgender and all of lgbtqrxyz foolishness. I am surprised she survived.

  2. Love Fiamengo – and quite frankly I wish she got more attention.
    Along with the facts…I think it’s that calm and cool style of delivery that gets under her detractors skin.
    A voice of reason in an insane world.

  3. Key takeaway:
    “Only a total collapse of the universities could save us now. We need to find a way to start up private institutions”.

    IOW, the institutional left owns academia, it can’t be reformed and therefore can only be abandoned and replaced with an infinite variety of private and independent alternatives, untouched by the corrupting and dead hand of government.

    1. After my time as a grad student and as an educator at Armpit College, I came to much the same conclusion. The federal Liberals see their time in office as a seat at the golden hog trough. Regrettably, many academics see their tenured positions in the same way.

        1. I’ve come across a similar list for professors at a certain Canadian university. There’s no way in Hades that an academic is worth a quarter million dollars in salary or, for that matter, half that.

          My father made good money as a machinist, though I don’t know what his final wage was when he retired. He worked hard for it and that included a lot of overtime. But he produced something tangible from his labours, namely a finished piece of work that one could walk up to and kick just to make sure it was real.

          Writing some la-de-da airy-fairy papers? Is that really worth more than what a tradesman does?

          1. In the cases of law, computer science, electrical engineering, and medicine, to name a few areas, the reason for high pay is that the professors could get paid even more by being lawyers, software developers, etc. It’s the market at work.

    2. JC, is it Government, or is it the mental disease of Leftism. I prefer the latter, because it’s more aptly describes to problem. Yes lefties are currently in power, and nearly always are, but government is their vehicle. Although that’s a bloated rotting swamp all by itself.

      1. Leftists, including those with mental disorders, are ideologues but not the disease. Leftists believe in government (and group “rights”) as supreme over the individual, unlimited in scope, and of such importance that they warrant the ever increasing theft of taxation (real time and deferred) for funding. Governments today are so bloated in scope (involved in virtually every aspect of human action) that their employees comprise the largest voting block and given their unionization levels, together with widespread dependencies outside government, represent political activism unassailable to those seeking limitations on government. Conservatives cannot govern such monstrosities for long without succumbing to the pressure to become subservient to the state as reform is politically impossible leaving only exorcising immediately after attainment of power if ever again attainable.

        Conservative governance of the modern leviathan state is an oxymoron. They can only hold office over the monstrous creations of the left temporarily.

  4. I wish she had been one of my profs when I was taking English at university.

    “One good thing about the situation at university today is that so many students are so uninterested in what they’re studying that the indoctrination doesn’t affect them.” She sees more of this than I do but I can’t entirely agree. In my experience, the indoctrination does affect them, especially the young women (girls, really). I’ve seen it too often: likeable young girls enter university and, four years later, emerge angry, lefty, Marxist, screeching feminists. I can’t spend five minutes with most of them.

  5. I’m old enough to remember the beginnings of “women’s liberation”. Women now have everything that they asked for fifty years ago, and they’re angrier and less happy than they were then.