Calling Captain Dialogue!

Where is the Shiny One these days, anyway?

The rail barricade on a train bridge over Wellington Street [Montreal] comes after hereditary chiefs and senior ministers of the federal and British Columbia governments struck a proposed agreement on land rights.
The group behind the protest, called Southwest Solidarity With Wet’suwet’en, said in a statement the action is due to the presence of RCMP and the Coastal GasLink pipeline on the territory in northern B.C.
“We are blocking this rail line in response to the call from Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs to support Indigenous sovereignty and in recognition of the urgency of stopping resource extraction projects threatening future generations,” said Sara Mullins, a participant in the protest.

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My money’s on publication ban.

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    1. The people who remove them will be.

      Secretly funded white supremicists (according to Gerry).

      1. You forgot to add “vigilantes”… as if being a vigilante in the absence of rule of law was a bad thing. We need a Pinochet.

    1. I am old enough to remember when publication bans were used to protect victims.

    2. “No known motive” is now also to be used for eco terrorism, not just muslim.

  1. One of Trudeau’s senior advisors is Sarah Goodman, formerly a VP of Tides Canada.

    Justin is doing nothing re rail blockades because that’s exactly what his friends (Butts) and advisors want.

    The Greens, NDP, and Bloc are all anti-hydrocarbon so they will support Trudeau.

    1. The Greens, NDP, and Bloc are all anti-hydrocarbon so they will support Trudeau.

      They’re only against Alberta hydrocarbons. Their motto is “delenda Alberta est”. If they could, they’d dismantle the province and salt the soil, just like the Romans did at Carthage.

      1. L-The Wexit political movement in Alberta and Saskatchewan may be so prescient. Historians will write about the critical moment in the tides of the affairs of men. Where prairie people’s instinct told them to act in the nick of time to ensure their very survival.

        The story has two possible endings:
        1. The prairie economy, based on natural resources and agriculture, was so devastated by the Trudeau regime. It forced those of child bearing age to flee to other jurisdictions to survive. The legacy of their prairie pioneering ancestors was erased from the annals of mankind.

        By the end of the Trudeau Liberal regime’s 4th mandate. They’d replaced emigre´native born prairie people with one of two international imperialist invaders, from the far east or the middle-east. Each of whom signed a 1,000 yr. lease with the Laurentian overlords.


        2. Seeing the grim foreshadowing of complacency, the prairie people went their own way politically in the nick of time, renewed the faith in an uncertain future, as their pioneer ancestors had done. Became prosperous and free, accepted the responsibility of self-government, of themselves and their body politic. Avoided the eventual failed-state status of the remaining post-nation state of the Canada of the Trudeau regime’s 4th term. Who, they replaced both in NATO membership and G-7 membership, and whose inspired borders eventually stretched from rural British Columbia unto the great lake waters of Western Ontario.

        1,000 years of history filled the journal of the achievements of them and their descendants.

  2. Until Canadians start rioting, they can get used to the “new normal”.

    Soon, we’ll have tips on how to talk your way out of an angry mob.

    Won’t that be fun?

  3. Wheres Sophie? I suspect she is having trouble respecting the “ol man”

      1. If Soapy gets his sock collection in the settlement, the Bongwhisperer will be devastated.
        That is untill he sees another phone, and then it’s SELFIE TIME again!

  4. Social Justice Warriors are trying to kill innocent people with these tactics, if they’re successful, then the backlash against Justin and his eco-pipeline friends in media and elsewhere could be a lot more than they expected now that the rule of law is no longer a thing.

    All types of Canadians, even the brand new fake ones, aren’t going to like it. Liberals and everyone else on the Left seem very angry and they’re out for blood, but there might still be enough civilized people left in Canada to ensure that the spilled blood isn’t coming from the innocent bystanders.

    Voters would all of a sudden be much more thoughtful about who they elect if this actual crisis keeps getting worse.

  5. Until we ditch this incompetent government and their enablers,the NDP, the Greens and the Bloc, all being led by a cowardly Prime Minister nothing will change. We are watching Canada disintegrate by the actions of a bunch of semisavages who get a check every month courtesy of the Canadian taxpayer, and their supporters from the Tides foundation and others. Somebody is bankrolling this and you can bet that the RCMP and Canadian security and intelligence agencies know who they are.

    1. Yeah because a retread like Peter MacKay who says “Pride parades are important” is the big change for #trudeaumustgo…
      Voting for a poseur party who calls itself “conservative” while acting liberal is why #LibCons came popular.
      Stupid Cdns love to “$1 for 4 $0.25 politicians.

      We have Maxime’s #PPC but he was a “distraction”…

  6. “… attend the Provost RCMP and speak with a member”

    RCMP, perhaps you might want to speak with your members who were there watching while this was happening.

  7. Per Kate’s cryptic question, I’ll offer up my bride’s theory as to Justin’s possible whereabouts. Margaret once suggested (and this was 15-20 years ago) that Justin was bipolar, just like her. Narcissism is often byproduct of bipolarism, and Justin certainly displayed signs of that. My wife’s theory is that on these days when he seems to drop out of sight are related to depression. Trudeau rode a wave of high from 2015 to last fall. But, there were a lot of blows to his psyche in the campaign and election. So now, a guy who often appeared almost manically high, is struggling with serious mental health issues, and has to disappear. He is possibly bedridden with depression.

    1. I hope you’re wrong, for his sake, and ours.

      However, even if you’re correct, someone somewhere in that government has to step up, emerge from the shadows and really, truly, lead.

      Set aside all things political and turn our Titanic away from the ‘berg.

      If only we had a deputy-to-the-Prime-Minister who could step forward (onto a box) and take the wheel and speak grandly and with great clarity and vision to reunite West to East, Indigenous to the rest, and save this nation.

      But I’ve been drinking.

      1. Leadership, or lack of it, is displayed most starkly during a time of crisis. If a deputy steps up decisively then Trudeau is toast for sure. It’ll be clear to all from then on that there are better leadership alternatives, and that could throw the LPC in disarray.

        If the deputy f*cks it up then the LPC as a whole will look even more incompetent.

        The LPC, and Canada, are stuck with Trudeau as the best face. Sad.

    2. Prime Minister Churchill suffered from depression and his accomplishments were far, far different than Trudeau’s misdeeds. Sad times for sure for Canada.

  8. Maybe. I think it’s more he needs to take time off to learn his lines.

    For instance if he is going to take 6 softball preplanned questions from the media, he’ll need six days to memorize the canned answers.

  9. OSS Training Film – Derailment(WWII)

    same WWII training film, different quality presentment(narration)

    I won’t give any clues as to my opinion concerning how to do it right. It suffices to say that the people who did the road spikes with the probable intention on halting a car/truck on the track don’t have a clue how difficult train wrecking really is.
    Whatever the skill or mechanical knowledge, the intent alone marks the people who did this as Terrorists.

  10. So let us summarize: no one heard the names of the allegedly 5 “hereditary chiefs”, but our PM has these terrorists on speed dial.
    That what had to be dealt with by local police and municipalities, is strangely escalated all the way to the PM level.
    This constitutes an orchestrated plot to blackmail the entire country and launder money on the federal level. This government must be ousted immediately, investigated, and convicted of treason, being accessory of terrorism, or actually leading the terrorist organization.

  11. Police say no motive in the CN fire has been determined, BUT they don’t believe it has anything to do with CN protests. Wow…that’s some fast police work to go from “no motive” to knowing it wasn’t anything to do with CN blockades within a sentence. Nice!

    That’s how stupid they know canadians are.