44 Replies to “Deep Bern”

  1. He looks like a confused resident of an old age home that wandered off from his outside bingo session. THIS wants to be POTUS?!

      1. People were dumb enough to vote for his counterpart in this country, weren’t they?

        1. Bernie would be at a loss in terms of what he could actually do in Canada. Were mostly commie already

          1. Greg, do you still have money in the bank? Investments? A home? If yes, then there is still a lot commies can do here.

      2. 38% of Canadian voters did not vote. Of those who voted, some voted for NOTA. So all is not lost. Not everyone has his/her head screwed on backwards.

  2. Post that along with photos of his three homes plus the amount he has spent on air travel and maybe the message will get thru to the black Dem voters. Doubt it would make an impression on his young supporters but if it helps to reduces the number of blacks supporting him, that will make a big difference in Nov. I would think. One can only pray.

    1. gellen, those who believe in communism always think they are going to benefit the most even as they are starving. They really are intellectually deficient. Just look at the protesters in Canada these days, they are actually protesting that which makes them prosperous and comfortable. Foolish beyond belief.

      1. “Give me a child until he is seven and I’ll show you the man” – Ignatius Loyola

        Teach kids communism and they’ll become communists.

        1. How odd that a communist would echo the words of the founder of the Roman Catholic Society of Jesus hundreds of years later.

          The same society that created communism in Paraguay centuries before.

          1. uncle joe was taught how to rat out his contemporaries at a CATHOLIC school ‘Tiflis’.
            what do the following all have in common: xians, muslims and communists?
            the ONLY long term larges scale belief systems that turn their swords and gun barrels inward.

            what a lively interesting bunch eh?

        2. “Give me a child and we’ll make him PM”

          30 to 40 percent of the Canadian electorate.

    2. His first full-time “job” came at age 39 and only because he won an election.
      Let’s face it, without term limits, winning an election is like winning a Cash For Life lottery.

      1. Buddy, in Canada two terms give you cash for life and the spawn has managed to get that, plus millions put into his foundation for perpetuity from the commies/globalists he is funding with your money. Now have I said that Canadians are stupid? I must have.

    3. “All reformers, however strict their social conscience, live in houses just as big as they can pay for.”

      – Logan Pearsall Smith

  3. Odd that the fellow posting works in some cyber security conglomeration effort? This isn’t gotcha stuff. It’s a wierd invasion of privacy. Of course he flys in private planes. We all know this. I must be missing the point.

    I think this guy’s cyber company needs to fail. Now.

    I’ll bet he’s an establishment democrat and a hacker. No ethics at all.

    Hank Thomas is the swamp.

    1. So Bernie advocates that everyone should sit in first class when they fly? Da?
      The point is lost on the obtuse who attack the messenger while failing to identify the blatant hypocrisy.

      1. The obtuse fail to see that the messenger is likewise a hypocrite of the same magnitude.
        Left vs. left. Enjoy popcorn for now but please remember to ask who’s watching the watchers, and perhaps, more importantly, why.
        Do read through Hank’s twit posts.
        Swamp defined.

  4. In 2016 Bernie Sanders received $398,089 from the defense sector, more than any Republican. The next Democrat was Adam Smith at $196,650. The defense lobby could smell a corruptible politician.

  5. Bernie, worse than antifa… Same idiotic message and let’s everyone walk all over him, like a shitty door mat

  6. Speaking of socialism/communism, it appears to be the only indicator you need (ie. necessary and sufficient) to determine if someone, or some group, is fundamentally intelligent/rational, or stupid. The percentage of a population that has volunteered to join this cult (not even JWs proselytize as much as pinkos), tells you all you need to know.

    Clearly, American blacks been DAF (Dumb As F) for a good long time. You look at places where they have been the majority, and the policies/people they continue to support… There is no other logical conclusion to come to. How many consecutive Mayor’s of Chicago/Governors of Illinois been shipped off to jail now? How long have cities like Murdermore and Killadelphia and Chiraq and the Murder City had those disparaging nicknames? Chicago has the nickname, because more people are murdered there in a year than soldiers lost in the entire Iraq war.

    Interesting that countries that have gone full commie, never really seem to recover. Cuba, Russia, China, … Must be a result that intelligent people either GTFO, or get the gank from their own government.

    1. Found an interesting little essay on why socialism requires murder.


      “… Thus the entire socialist country must be run as a prison, and all the citizens are lifers, and the nomenclatura are merely trusties.

      Needless to say, when this system is introduced, a great many people misbehave. You cannot send them to prison, they already are in prison.

      You have to murder them.”

    2. However, many eastern European countries who were forced to live under full commie by a foreign dictatorship (USSR) are now the beacons for liberty and western civilization in Europe, while western Europe is in terminal decay, still harboring wet dreams of socialism and globalism.

  7. Nothing says renewal like following and voting for an 80 year old communist wingnut. His arm flailing anger and rage ,at everything the crazy old azzhole enjoys, like 1st class air travel, (fossil fuel hating moron, fly that solar plane Bernie,) is going to waltz the commie right into the massive one on stage at some rally of like minded useful idiots,

  8. “A photograph is worth a thousand words” – Life magazine. Caption contest: my entries.

    “What is Bernie afraid of ?” answer: “The responsibility of elected office ?”

    “There is no coot, like an old coot.” (Trump wields a killer meme like Zorro and Cyrano de Bergerac wield a sword)

    1. Indeed, the MSM against Trump brings to mind a hundred against one for Cyrano. Interestingly, what Cyrano was defending was precisely freedom of speech. Of course, Cyrano wielded quite a killer meme in his own right, literally … “and as I end the refrain, thrust home!”

  9. I wonder when Bernie will get himself a special train like the one Leon Trotsky had to whisk him around Russia. It’s hard for communists to break old habits.

  10. Okay, one one hand, he did take public transit rather than private jet. However, on the other hand, he was typically elitist and flew first class.