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    1. Something management would prefer not be remembered. That alone should tell you something.

  1. It was probably the clip when they realize under the new law there you can’t take a shower and run a load of laundry on the same day.

    1. It was $1000 per day fine for going over, with increases to $10,000 per day. The news readers were shocked. ‘Who passed this?’ one asked. The Leftists you elected was the unspoken reply.

      1. can you imagine….fill a glass of water…..then run out to your meter on the street…and see if you have enough water left to flush
        ..every thing you do….you would have to go out to the meter and check

    2. Kenji should be able to enlighten us. He was mentioning water in a previous post.

      1. OWG … several comments below. This law isn’t going to get enforced anytime soon. It seems the Enforcement won’t start until 2022 … right when I plan my escape.

        In a somewhat related story, the State Air Quality Board is running television and radio advertisements TELLING everyone (who still has a wood burning fireplace – which have been outlawed for years) to NOT burn … at all … during the winter. Not just on their designated “no burn days” … but NEVER to burn wood. In response to this related story … I have been burning ALL winter. Up theirs! This State HAS become a Communist State. Shocking. NOT the beautiful State of my youth … where I could hike in the wilderness and never see a soul … esp. not stumble upon a Mexican cartel pot farm and get killed for it.

    3. I saw that on TV. I usually don’t watch the local news (or any TV news, actually) but caught that news story while going through the channels. I’m not shocked. A Life-long Californian, I’ve seen all kinds of nonsense coming from the pols of the Golden State. That’s why so many people are finally leaving ‘Deep Blue’ (California) for, well, anywhere else. I’m hopeful things will change for the better, eventually. Meanwhile, I’m digging in. And taking shorter showers.

  2. Saw the clip before it was tubed. They thought the restrictions/fines would only apply to everyone else. What’s the bets they all are registered Demokratz. Enjoy your stupidity, whiners.

  3. This type of governance is inevitable in progressive jurisdictions because they need to protect the prior ridiculous policies they put in place. To do otherwise is to admit to their failure in delivering as promised, an ideological failure that cannot be acknowledged. Therefore, the cycle of failure is maintained because there is no self-reflection or consideration for consequences. Ideology always comes before reality and results. Just look at the reaper’s massive body counts that litter Big Progressive’s wake. They are a feature, not a bug, of totalitarian rule.

  4. Love the anchor saying in disbelief that they can smoke maryjane no problem, but get fined for using too much water. Could tell he was bitter and disgusted.
    You get who you vote for. Now he knows what it feels like to be living in western Canada after our last election.

  5. No Glacierman, that stupid reporter, or reader is a more accurate description, still has a job. So it is a little different than watching Moronto elect our Masters, out here in Alberta.

  6. Is this not the same story posted by Robert, yesterday?

    If it is, no wonder the video was taken down, what an embarrassment for the media.

  7. It is the same story. I laughed when I watched their outrage…ha ha ha.
    Leftist inbred Cousins of Moronto.

    They ALL get what they all voted for: More fires – More Power outages – More stupid laws – Defecation on the street is fine but GOD FORBID you eat a sandwhich on public transit..or shower and do laundry the same day..?
    The State Gestapo will be at your door.

    Kalifornia has become one well beyond, Fkd up State.

  8. You can desal all the water you want. That requires natural gas, oil and coal to provide the power . California has plenty of that. Or nuclear which Nevada has plenty of next door as Uranium.

    The nice thing about desal is that it puts a fair price on the cost of water.

    You pay $X for cheap reservoir water but as reservoirs deplete and you fire up your desal, up goes your water price.

    The solution is easily within their means yet they refuse to act by placing ridiculous regulations on themselves and politicizing their fossil fuels and nuclear potential.

    1. Agreed. Nuclear is an excellent power source which can help provide low cost desalinization and hydrogen, prepping us for the next generation of vehicles.

  9. I am pretty happy with the water situation where I live and because I know I need clean drinking water everyday in order to survive, I don’t bitch about its cost.
    As much as I loathe politicians and their power-mad stupidities, if these A-holes are trying to protect drinking water levels because the spoiled masses who elected them are a group of over-indulgent, wasteful retards living in a semi-desert, then tough shit.
    No doubt piss poor planning and corruption play big factors in the resource management.
    Just make sure you keep sending me cheap vegetables every winter, ok?

    1. Good catch Alec…

      The State seems more interested in Recreational Potential on any above ground proposed water Storage….and potential that seemingly Must appeal – apply to All Kalifornians.

      Brilliant. So if a new lake near LA is created, it must likely provide for a marina that those in Redding can use … or something like that. & Said lake must also be “fitted” with fresh water streams as well. Ok…

      Kalifornia: Where socialism migrates to rectal cranial inversion en masse.

  10. Why a criminal penalty system? Why not a progressive billing system? You are a little over your rate per gallon goes up a bit. You are over a lot and your rate per gallon goes up a lot. It’s just the goose stepping leftists wanting to control people.

    1. “Why not a progressive billing system?”

      Because you can’t swap money for water when the water supply is FINITE. Duh.
      The fines are meant to DETER people from going over the daily ration while still allowing people to pour over the border from Mexico,
      putting an ever greater undocumented incalculable strain on California’s water supply.
      Bye the by, does anyone doubt that Illegal Aliens get to use as much water as their Beaner Wetback hearts desire without getting fined?

      1. Already have that … from EBMUD. We, out here in suburbia, pay high tier PUNISHMENT water rates for having landscape and lawns which require much more water than the ratepayers over the hills in the Bay FOG zone. We also pay tiered PG&E rates … if we dare keep our homes warmer than 64 deg.F. The eco-leftists have successfully convinced the population that they must be PUNISHED for living like our parents did in the 1950-60’s, when they created Utilities with boundless excess capacity. The leftist supermajority has FLOODED our State with 10M illegal Central Americans and Chinese who have strained our utility resources which have not kept pace.

  11. Now it’s time to introduce legislation limiting California firefighting crews to 55 gallons/firefighter/day. Good luck with that during fire season.

    If actively enforced, this legislation (courtesy of Jerry Brown) will result in things getting VERY ugly indeed.

  12. “Showers? We don’t need no stinking showers!”
    The operative word being “stinking”…
    Kate, suggested new subtitle:
    “Are We Still Living in this State?”

  13. Actually with minimal management you can easily Average less than 55 gallons per day per person and maintain proper levels of sanitation.

    1. This will only impact the poor, the usual collateral damage of lefty policies (high taxes just one example). Who said “government isn’t the solution, it’s the problem.”?

    2. Having spent a lot of time living in places where I needed to truck in my water at some cost, I can state that it is not that difficult to use under 55 gallons of water per day with no ill consequence or inconvenience.
      Of course, I did not expect the state to provide my utilities for me. I had to provide them for myself.
      Spoiled city people who have no concept of resources or managing consumption would find this an alien concept.
      I am very thankful for my water, heat and power. It is not something I have always had so readily available.

  14. the aspect of this story that stand out most for me is the FACT this ‘edict from on high’ is basically unenforceable as yet.
    monitoring usage, meters, inspectors, etc up the wazzo . . . . NON-EXISTENT.
    perhaps it will be ‘voluntary’ like the LIEberal sheila copps and the telemarketers with the ‘do not call list’
    according to her was going to be ‘voluntary’.
    see there ‘baby’, people do remember your nonsense.

    and let them all eat cake, just make sure to measure any water for the ingredients first there oh great state of californicate.

    1. Very true. The 55gal. per day is for domestic use … with some “other” allowance for landscape water. The State mandated separate water meters for landscaping … for new homes … several years ago, and placed an ABSOLUTE limit on lawn areas based on parcel size. It’s only a matter of time before existing homes will be retrofitted (soon after the excess water rates swell the Utility coffers). If these ridiculous water limitations ACTUALLY get enforced … just imagine all the Mexican gardeners who will be out of a job? I guess they will all have to … “learn to code”

      It’s rumored these water limitations will be enforced in 2022 … as my wife said … right when we are fully retired and are LEAVING this shithole of a State … run by mental patients.

  15. Yeah, this is kinda stupid. California is in a permanent drought condition because they tried to save an invasive specie of fish that no one can actually prove existed (Delta Smelt) and have to divert a good proportion of fresh water into its alleged spawning point. I wish I was making all of this up. But I’m taking one for the team, I’m not moving out of this state despite of all this going on.

    1. When we still had a fighting chance to elect RATIONAL politicians like Duekmejian … I would consider staying. But they State is filled with so much flotsam and jetsam from every corner of America, Mexico, and further South … that I don’t have a fighting chance. I never pursue lost causes. Life is just too short for that. I need to migrate to where I can find more of “my people”.

  16. Oh, this again? I’m disappointed, to tell the truth.


    1. If they’re that stunned, more fool them for staying in the dark. The law in question was signed by Governor Jerry Brown in 2018. It just kicked in now.

    2. People who have to work for a living don’t care to waste money on wasted water in any case, and anybody who cares to keep his indoor water consumption below 55 gallons a day can easily do so nowadays without cutting corners on hygiene.

    If Sacramento were serious about putting a stop to wasting water on frivolity that could be used in agriculture, they would be stopping wealthy Democrats from watering the lawns and filling the private pools at their mansions. I shan’t hold my breath.

    3. They won’t stay redpilled, trust me.

  17. How about water pipelines into California from somewhere that has it (fresh) in abundance? Then there would be green protesters opposing it because it might contaminate the ground water.

  18. A cuckservative who wants CA to have an Earthquake is no better than a leftist who wants white men to die of Opioid overdoses, or who wants more Islamic terror attacks.

    You thought you are morally better than a leftist? Think again.

  19. Well, the classic Jack Nicholson movie “Chinatown” should be on everyone’s “Must See” list.

    Especially since California has been dumping fresh water into the ocean . . .