White Supremacy Is Always Descending On Trump, Yet Landing On Trudeau

Global News Exclusive: Video shows Trudeau in blackface in 3rd instance of racist makeup

It’s from 2003, according to Kinsella. Had this been Scheer or Bernier, they’d be gone already. And, then there’s the obvious.

Christie Blatchford: He is always quick to judge others, condemn them, and always with that rich Trudeau smarminess.

Update: This is what the media keeps calling “brownface”.

(I think the “brownface” guys are real.)

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  1. I’m beginning to think he is actually black and has been painting himself white to pander to the racists in the quebec party.

    Don’t worry though, I am sure he isn’t feigning his stupidity as that seems truly organic.

    1. Turdoo is not actually black, but he his actually stupid.

      He should have applied to take over the job of Mr. Dress-up. He is obsessed with costumes and would have been better at that.

      He is a pretender, pretending to be a leader.

      He is failing.

      It is sweet.

      1. Now he argues his privilege prevented him from seeing the obvious. like his fake virtue signaling.
        Not a good argument imho, especially when he presents himself, once again, as the saviour of the “middle class.”
        While simultaneously screwing the working poor to the wall, without a car or heat, with carbon taxes.
        Will he try to duck the only English language debate (and two French as well) to keep himself from being swarmed?

    2. The Canadian Media is ferociously scouring the world looking for a compromising photo of Andrew Scheer.

      Hearing that the Red Star and the CBC, along with the rest of Canada’s Government dollar ink stained wretches have gone berserk as they outbid each other for something, anything, to incriminate Andy.

      Once again, the Canadian Media covers itself in something.
      Not glory.

      The Canadian Media vetting of the Liberal Party and its so often dishonorable members, approaches the ineptness of the 74-75 Washington Capitols or the 1899 Cleveland Spiders.

      Their integrity right up there with the Black Sox.

      1. Bell Media CTV is attacking Scheer for calling out Turdhole as a racist, “why not forgive Turdhole” says the Media… “Turdhole apologized to racialized Canadians”, whatever that is, nauseating. The corrupt poutine Media thought their campaign for Turdhole’s re-election would be a walk, business as usual, good luck with that scumbags. CBC, UNIFOR, CTV Bell Media, Glowballs are in panic mode, how can they save their racist criminal actor. Holding the opposition to account for Turdholes racism is a start.

      2. I considered printing a photo of Scheer, using a black sharpie on his face, then surreptitiously leaving it at the local CBC.
        But then again that would be insensitive, and having no privilege I recognized that immediately.

    3. Brown Face?
      Red face Trudo is apologizing on Fox news for his microtransgressions against poor blacks, transhindred natives, 250 genders, his white privileges and tan wife.


      1. I was amazed that CNN is talking about this. It is rare indeed to see anything about Canada on any US station.
        A ‘Blackface’ issue really turns Americans on.

  2. And this is what you get when you take a dumb candidate and run him on name recognition. Like the movie “The Distinguished Gentleman”, where the line is: “That’s a name that even our Alzheimer’s patients can remember”. Trudeau is a puppet and the Liberals know that they are going to lose, so they are gelding their candidate to avoid the blame. That way, the Party and its elite can separate themselves from the mess that they have created for the next run. After all, Time is not a right wing magazine so who leaked the photo to them? Cui bono?

    1. He’s goining to skate on this.. I just watched some streeters in Vancouver and people seem to think he has been “done a dirty”.. Now I am worried he’s going to win again.. Mind you it’s a small sample size, but the stupid is thick in this country of mine.. I’m not a Max fan, but his response was the best yet.

      1. Yep!

        Just like… “It challenges every high and mighty, sanctimonious Liberal and media pundit who demands racism be called out…”

        He’s already skated on sexual assault, why would he not skate on racism? “RIGHTS for ME, RULES for THEE! I’m Prime Minister – I can do what I want!” Just like he has for the rest of his narcissistic, spoiled-rotten life.

        1. BTW… the woman he is groping, nay – assaulting in those photos is really quite attractive. I would love to hear from her, about why she tolerated that embarrassingly “forward” PDA? Does she have no self-respect? Or is she just another swooning Canadian who cuts Justin loads of slack due to his surname? Due to his Trust Fund?

          1. Because, “He’s a dreamy dreamboat!”
            That’s also the excuse given for why she and her ilk vote Liberal.

        2. Gotta agree with your whole point.
          Scheer, the lame leader should have thought of that.
          A guy from Calgary, political “scientist” noted that Scheer, a week ago proclaimed that what happened in the past should not interfere with today. Then he asked, well which is it, a comment from a week ago or from yesterday.
          Yeah, the politicians talk stupid all the time.
          That is why statesmen are admired.

          1. Heh. I read a great comment on Scheer: “He’s the sort of man every mother would love to have as a son-in-law, but he’s not the man their daughters would pick.”

          2. Re the statement “What happened in the past should not matter today”:

            a) The left routinely brings up events from long ago.

            b) Trudeau has repeated the blackface behaviour from high school to at least age 29.

            c) Trudeau has repeated this type of behaviour as PM. Dressing up as more Indian than those from India.

            d) Remember when Trudeau mocked the First Nations protester? “Thank you for your contribution”

            e) his treatment of Celina Caesar-Chavannes

            f) his treatment of JWR and Philpott.

            g) his treatment of Mark Norman

            h) his repeated lies. By the way Justin how’s the libel suit coming?

            There is more but I leave that to others

      2. // I just watched some streeters in Vancouver and people seem to think he has been “done a dirty”.. Now I am worried he’s going to win again. //
        Well, that’s what the battle is about now – to determine how Canadian’s interpret this.

  3. That sound you just heard right across the country is the sound of every local Liberal campaign manager: “Ah… shit.”

  4. Won’t matter….Quebec/Atlantic/Ont will vote him in again. Poor media picking on him….

    as many have stated, if it was a conservative……nuf said…

    1. I am expecting Max to take some wind out of their sails in Quebec, and Ontario has a lot of people of colour who might just decide not to vote. Reminds me a bit of what happened to Patrick Brown. It’s a problem when you have enemies in your own party, and too many Liberals have been pushed aside by Butts. They want to get rid of him as leader.

    2. Atlantic will probably get a few Conservatives. Harper had a few. Several incumbents have retired. Greens will steal lots of Lieberal votes. Max won’t get many.

      Lieberals will lose the weed voters (with their short memories) they picked up last time. They stole a lot from Green/NDP last time lying about changing voting, they’ll probably flip back. Vote splitting will hurt them more than Cons. They’ll be really, really RED Tories, but, seat count.

      1. I think we might be headed for an east west divide with the old Quebec/Ontario linchpin restored.
        Bernier and Singh have their opening in Quebec, with two French debates, will they make hay while autumn skies shine?
        Funny things change votes, is this one of them? We’ll get a hint after Trudeau’s no doubt crocodile tears presser today.
        Then again PET ran around sporting a Nazi helmet while giving Canadians the finger and the debt of his interventionism.

    3. That’s right Lance. My coworkers had heard the story on their beloved CBC…and felt it was a dirty trick to pull on poor Justy. When I showed them the picture, “it was just a costume”. They were not ready r able to make any connection to the Libs and MSM continually labelling CPC candidates as racist and homophobic.
      I asked them how they felt about his hand on her chest….”meh”

  5. His dad ran around dressed like a German soldier/ nazi and still managed to get elected PM by the less than intelligent Canadian electorate decades later. By the way we have not paid off one dime of the debt that PET started rolling. I personally don’t care about black face, brown face or any other face, his liberal socialist policies should be more than enough to kick him out of office.

    1. He did, and they seem to have scrubbed that Nazi picture from the Internet, though it may still be available in some old books.

    2. True enough OWG…but lets allow this to simmer and come to a boil. As per LindaL, There is a massive Brown/Black population in the GTA and I too think this will have an effect. Kudos to the Globe and Mail on this one

      His “Policies”…??
      He has only one: Destroy the ROC for the betterment of Quebec.

      1. That massive brown and black population in the GTA will still vote for this costume clown because he pays them with our tax dollars and he lets them bring in their dubious relatives to suck on welfare.

        Turd world immigrunts come here and get on the dole it’s like being in retirement for the rest of their lives …. all they have to do, is keep voting liberal.

        They know how to generate under the table income (for the extras) and some of them know how to blow shit up.

    3. OWG … I understand your indifference about Black, Brown, Red, face as “harmless” fun. I too, believe we all have paperthin skins these days. However. The Al Jolson ship sailed … about 100 years ago. And Al Jolson could actually sing. Justin can’t sing (and we KNOW he cannot dance).

      Nobody … I mean nobody … I know did this sort of thing in the 1980’s. Not even in my fraternity, where we did all manner of “rude”, and “questionable” things. No … this is aberrant behavior by hypocritical racists who believe THEY have license to go slumming in blackface. And it appears to be quite a commonplace practice in the MOST elite of leftist institutions. What’s up with THAT!?

      But the REAL question is why the media has turned on Justin? Someone is afraid of something (to paraphrase Ilhan Omar).

    4. errr…I thought Trudeau Sr wore spiked imperial German helmet. WW1 style. Not that that was less sickening while Canadians were being killed by Germans, but, accuracy. Not sure when it was either, but probably same time as collaborationist Vichy France. Guess he was cool with that arrangement? France didn’t need liberating, they already were

      I sort of vaguely thought young Trudeau would have been more of a Communist than a Nazi. But, now that I think about it some more, he did see the appeal of a nationalist government with instead of Aryan master race, pur laine Quebecois running things.

      1. He probably wore a Picklhaube because he could get his hands on one; likely a war trophy from the Great War. All the WWII “coal-scuttle” infantry helmets were, inexplicably, in use.

  6. Well, now we know why he didn’t attend the first debate. There wasn’t enough of the right makeup available.

    1. That was likely Butts: a brilliant bit of strategy, IMHO. If Sockpuppet was there, the other leaders would’ve spent the whole debate tearing him a new one – with facts, figures and lots ‘n lots of incidents for ammunition. And he would’ve got flustered, then mumbling, then huffy, then angry, then stormed off in a huff with some comment along the lines of “I’m Prime Minister, and I don’t have to listen to you!” In short, it would’ve been a disaster; and the voters would’ve seen him in his full ugly hubris – Scheer would have the election in the bag.

      Instead, the other two leaders spent all the debate tearing-into Andrew Who, and he looked chinless and spineless in response, as he always does. So Sockboy got-in some quality campaigning, and his chief rival was left holding the bag and looking useless on national television. Win-win for the Liberals.

  7. The Liberals have built their whole political strategy around showcasing and promoting the phony leader. That makes them vulnerable. I do not think they will easily recover.

  8. “No white privilege here, no, no, no”

    At least Trudeau dresses the part while building Canada’s little brown people Plantations across the country.

  9. When the first “blackface” accusation was made, it showed a man with a rather clumsily covered blackened face. In this case, it shows a fully covered black face. However, neither that first accusation nor this one are actually “blackface”.

    “Blackface” was a phenomenon seen largely in the USA from 1950 and before. It had a face covered with black with a white area around the mouth, exactly like the area around a clowns mouth. That was because it was, in fact, a clown face. Since 1950, it has disappeared. The recent claims that it has never disappeared are false, if it does not have that clown like white area around the mouth, it is not blackface.

    In non of the recent accusations of “blackface” does this white area appear around the mouth, therefore neither that one nor this one are actually “blackface”.

    However, they called the one before “blackface” so that they could attack that man, so, if not-blackface is called “blackface”, than this also can be called “blackface”. And this one is clearly very black, at least in the picture with the turban, so it cannot be called “brownface”, and my spellchecker agrees that there is, in fact, no such word as “brownface”, try it yourself. If this is “brownface” and not bad, than the earlier one was also “brownface” and also not bad, and that man deserves an apology and restitution. If, as we can see, this one is almost exactly like the earlier one called “blackface”, and the earlier on resulted in calls to punish, than we must call this one “blackface” as well, and remove him from office.

    1. What do you call … black FINGERS? The duude magic-markered his FINGERS!! He’s totally saturated in blackSKIN!! I wonder if he colored his whiteboy pennis? In an effort to “impress” that hottie he’s seen groping entirely inappropriately.

      Trump “talks” about what women will allow him to do to them, because of his wealth and fame … Justin actually SHOWS it! Demonstrates it.

  10. I don’t care about this either but the woke left does. Like Alinsky says,”make the enemy live up to their own rules”.
    It has also traveled to the US and if it’s one thing Canadians hate its having Americans laugh at us. Canadians (especially Ontario) have a smug but insecure love of Progressive American approval. The sneers south of the border will sting like the dickens.
    Also the immigrant vote is going to turn on him now.
    This is a turning point folks. Jagmeet got his bacon saved and Scheer is looking at a majority.

  11. Does this mean, Time that broke the news initially, will not be getting a cut of our $600 million? The woman at Global reporting on Trudeau’s third “black face”, seemed to be barely able to hold back the tears, while she was on air. Frankly, I normally could care less, but considering this behavior is coming from Mr. Multiculturalism the High Priestess of Politically Correctness, I am enjoying the moment.

    1. I’m guessing that Time being American, and Turdeau hates Americans, was not in line for part of the $600 million in bribe money. Time is an odd choice. I’m sure this photo was shopped around to the local media who all covered it up. It would have been nice if they had given it to Ezra to see some payback.

      1. If it had been given to Ezra, then the rest of the media would have ignored it or called it fake news.
        Ironically, the home of fake news, The Times, is being credited with reporting something truthful AND damaging to a left wing demi-god.
        Not sure if they’ll be allowed to keep their left wing decoder ring after that.

        What’s next for them? Reporting the truth about the Trump administration?
        I won’t hold my breath.

  12. Obviously anyone who votes Trudeau is a racist complicit with Lynching black people in America’s early south.

    Shame on you all. Black people deserve better than Trudeau and his racist followers.

    1. This is the message that will hurt the Liberals. It is the media message always implicit in the slander attacks on the Conservatives; the message that you are what you vote for.

  13. Well well, little Justy from Canada is getting a little taste of what its like to be a meat producer, or an oil company executive or a rigger, or a farmer or maybe just a plastic juth boxth plastic straw producer. All the good people and wonderful things capitalism creates have been under attack by this globalist special needs pm and his bought and paid for media, and it’s quite enjoyable to see the moron hero of Toronto squirm. One is judged by the friends one keeps, this dork has a lot of friends that are sick, another thing his bought and paid for media don’t tell you. Canada is not a post national country yet, but it will be if this clown has its way.

    1. Faith Goldie should chime in on this.. It’s her who has taken the brunt of criticism from the libscum.. Go Faith!

  14. The fake News (CBC) just can’t call it Black Face… The rightful mocking of CBC’s attempt to slip it under “Brown Face” ( as the search word) would have missed the truth…..They have always known about the Turd before the picture dropped and just covered it up… CBC cleaning staff on level 5

    The PC freaks have knee-capped themselves…..Flush the fake Canadian Values & CBC bobble heads….

  15. i dont buy it, nothing he says on anything he has 2 sides to him, which is very evident to all his controversies.
    As for the blackface saying he should known better. He was an adult and a teacher Not a university student, He grew up in a household where he was exposed to all races so he would have learned to show respect.
    Nope there are 2 sides to this guy.
    Now other incidences coming out, Trudeau your a hypocrite You have embarrased canadians all around the world.
    Step Down, Resign not to late.
    i remember once when i was around 14 i said the n word in front of my mother and father, Man i have never forgot the slap i got from my mother and the stern talk from my dad telling me the story of when he was a kid there was a black family living next door to him, and how he never forgot the grandfather of the family, the man came to canada by the underground railroad, the scars on his back, My dads mother a very devout baptist explaining to him and 7 siblings about those and how you will never make fun of them or call them racist names.
    Dad said that old man was the kindest man he ever met and how they helped dads family out when his dad would go off on his shell shock rants and drunk times.
    Dad said he attended the old mans funeral yrs later with his mother and siblings and they were the only white there, My dad passed a few yrs back and i never forgot what he taught me iam now 63 and i have passed those words onto my kids and gr kids.
    So this PM growing up in a elite family most likely always being waited on by servants, and was an adult to say he should have known better is BS.
    RESIGN you are a Disgrace to Canada

    1. Bryan.

      Well said. Although I never got the “slap”, we sure as hell had pounded into our heads that regardless who, we all bleed RED. I’m sure we are not alone in that.

      As such being referred to as a NAZI, Alt right Racist by our supposed “leader” is the one thing numbering in the hundreds of things this intellectual slug has said/done, that severely ANGERS me.

      As I’ve said before, as a Vet who served, An Oil/Gas worker whose lost plenty due to this Family & a naturalized Citizen who had to wait 10 yrs before applying for citizenship…I would see him not only lose this election, but be Charged/Convicted under the QRnR’s and HuNG.

    2. Can support. I was in Grade 5 in 1966 and one of the punk kids in the class called a female classmate a “squaw”. Our teacher practially leaped out of his chair, over his desk and grabbed the punk and tossed him right out of the room into the hallway.

      Our teacher didn’t say a single word and didn’t have to say a word. We all knew. It was a “Holy Eff” moment for us.

  16. Liberals need to boot him. Put any one of their cabinet jokers in for rest of campaign.
    Can’t see how they can keep Trudeau.

      1. Chrystia Freeland would be a hoot for a replacement. The slate is not looking too well stocked. It will have to someone who can take orders from Buttsie.
        Since we’ve been told climate change is top issue in the country, in fact an emergency, perhaps they could put Climate Barbie up front. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about so she’ll be a natural replacement.

    1. I would be tempted to say let him stay and let the voters decide, however, there are too many brainwashed ill-informed voters.

  17. The problem has never been Trudeau, or Clinton, or Tammany Hall.

    The problem has always been the people who show up for pay checks at Tammany Hall, who continue to pickup the trash, clean the blood out of the carpets, and never say anything to anyone.

    The problem is the people who have voted Liberal their entire lives, donated to Liberals every chance they got their entire lives, and will never stop.

    The problem is the voters who could literally be stabbed in the face by Ralph Goodale, but they would cast a vote for Ralph Goodale anyway.

    The problem boils down to two simple words; PARTY FIRST.

    Pretty clear we are no longer dealing with simple secular organizations; when you have followers willing to do whatever you say, vote for whatever you tell them to, you are running a cult.

    Canada has not had political parties for a long time; the Liberal Cult of Canada, New Democratic Cult, Conservative Cult of Canada… Vast majority of the population is under the control of one cult or another. We don’t have that many deprogrammers.

    1. spot on sir. *one individual* has NEVER seized control of a nation. it requires layers and layers and
      ever increasing sized layers of gofers and fart catchers.

      the TURDoo 2.0’s handers know this.
      p.s., the bla– er, *brown*face scandal is TOP in a google search.

    2. So SO true.
      I grew up in Atlantic Canada.
      My old man was a successful small businessman.
      He loathed PET, his black leather-jacketed thuggishness, his utter ignorance of economics.
      And YET he voted for him.
      Always, no matter what, voted Liberal.

  18. Gotta love CBC saying how Scheer was not in a suit and tie when they heard about and how they had to wait for him to put a suit on trying to look Prime Ministrial.
    Yaaa CBC thats what a Man that is Prime Ministrial does.
    Stop the deflections and spin do your job Canadians are Pissed.

  19. I really don’t care about this other than it exposed the hypocrisy of the progressive left. I’ve never been one (I don’t think I have) to insist that we rename or condemn the past because the past and history is what it is. Our responsibility for today is not to repeat the errors of the past and to learn from them – unfortunately we do neither but that is a different topic.

    But what I find really interesting other than the media compliance with the LPC (because these images were readily available if anyone in the media were at all interested in finding anything on Trudeau) and, as mentioned, the hypocrisy of the progressive left – what really is behind the release of these images NOW?

    Are polls maybe showing that Trudeau isn’t quite the asset that LPC had hoped and the knives are out for him? But if that is the case, who would replace him? Bill Morneau (another out of touch trust fund baby who lies by omission or ‘forgot’ about his chateau in the south of France – what you have so many residences you forgot one!)? Chrystia Freeland – our very own Grade 8 mean girl who did such a stellar job on dealing with the US (LOL) and has those very inconvenient relatives that were in with the real Nazis? Maybe Climate Barbie since she has done such an excellent job in explaining the science behind climate change – I’m sure Greta could help her with the science or maybe she should go back to Grade 8 and learn the basics again.

    But I think the reality is that the media and the LPC knew that these images would come out sometime and they are convinced that it will be a big nothingburger since they have the media bought and paid for. We see that already because apparently this not blackface, but ‘brownface”. The international media is having a field day with this. And as many have mentioned, Trudeau has already skated on the groping charge by the silly explanation that the media along with women’s groups accepted that people experience sexual assault differently.

    1. I would like to see Domenic LeBlanc replace him. Unfortunately, he is not well, but he certainly would make a far better leader.

      1. I live in New Brunswick, LeBlanc’s home province. He is our supposed “regional minister”, but has been involved in various sleazy, yokel-local projects here. He has leukemia, so we here are giving him a break. But no, he is not prime minister material.

      2. No. Leblanc is another old school Liberal hack. Corruption and nepotism are his trademarks. As a Liberal Prime Minister, he’d be more of the same.

    2. // they have the media bought and paid for //
      Who are “they”? Have your read Kinsella’s article in the Sun?
      KINSELLA: Trudeau traded in the foulest racist stereotypes

      The money quote [& that’s deliberate]
      // Trudeau’s acting like an ape. Sticking out his tongue, waving around his arms, shuffling around like a simian would, in a zoo or a jungle or something. //
      The Sun provided only a screenshot, but here’s the video:

      The “acting like an ape” is pure Kinsella — it says more about him than Trudeau. It reminds me of that lovely Reagan/Nixon conversation, where Reagan characterizes Africans celebrating a UN vote that went against the US as acting like monkeys.

      1. dizzy when you don’t git the context, staing in STFU mode makes you look smarter than opening yer pie hole and barking ignorance. Kinsella has an ax to grind with the turd, and he writes for the sun which is marginally right leaning

  20. Ten warning signs of a potentially unsafe group/leader.
    Absolute authoritarianism without meaningful accountability.
    No tolerance for questions or critical inquiry.
    No meaningful financial disclosure regarding budget, expenses such as an independently audited financial statement.
    Unreasonable fear about the outside world, such as impending catastrophe, evil conspiracies and persecutions.
    There is no legitimate reason to leave, former followers are always wrong in leaving, negative or even evil.
    Former members often relate the same stories of abuse and reflect a similar pattern of grievances.
    There are records, books, news articles, or television programs that document the abuses of the group/leader.
    Followers feel they can never be “good enough”.
    The group/leader is always right.
    The group/leader is the exclusive means of knowing “truth” or receiving validation, no other process of discovery is really acceptable or credible.

    Ten warning signs regarding people involved in/with a potentially unsafe group/leader.
    Extreme obsessiveness regarding the group/leader resulting in the exclusion of almost every practical consideration.
    Individual identity, the group, the leader and/or God as distinct and separate categories of existence become increasingly blurred. Instead, in the follower’s mind these identities become substantially and increasingly fused–as that person’s involvement with the group/leader continues and deepens.
    Whenever the group/leader is criticized or questioned it is characterized as “persecution”.
    Uncharacteristically stilted and seemingly programmed conversation and mannerisms, cloning of the group/leader in personal behavior.
    Dependency upon the group/leader for problem solving, solutions, and definitions without meaningful reflective thought. A seeming inability to think independently or analyze situations without group/leader involvement.
    Hyperactivity centered on the group/leader agenda, which seems to supercede any personal goals or individual interests.
    A dramatic loss of spontaneity and sense of humor.
    Increasing isolation from family and old friends unless they demonstrate an interest in the group/leader.
    Anything the group/leader does can be justified no matter how harsh or harmful.
    Former followers are at best-considered negative or worse evil and under bad influences. They can not be trusted and personal contact is avoided.


    1. Those “10 warning signs regarding people involved in/with a potentially unsafe group/leader”…

      “Extreme obsessiveness regarding the group/leader”
      check and double check with both Scheer and Trudeau

      “A seeming inability to think independently or analyze situations without group/leader involvement.”
      check and double check…

      “A dramatic loss of spontaneity and sense of humor.”
      triple secret check…

      “Anything the group/leader does can be justified no matter how harsh or harmful.”
      running out of paper and pencils over here…

      “Increasing isolation … unless they demonstrate an interest in the group/leader.”

  21. Blatchford in the National Post on the Honorable Groper:
    “He is always quick to judge others, condemn them, and always with that rich Trudeau smarminess.
    In other words, it’s his hypocrisy that is so galling”

    1. Absolutely agree, nold. This is what I too find so nauseating: the self-righteous, baying, lynch mob rush to judgement, the smarmy, holier-than-thou hypocrisy like the TV evangelist who goes ranting on for an hour about fornication, then as soon as the cameras are off goes back stage and bonks the secretary. It’s blatantly obvious that Liberals themselves don’t believe their own B.S. but try to make themselves out to be paragons of virtue by holding others to a standard they themselves don’t even approach. If Liberals didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

  22. I heard the news driving home last night and I laughed so hard I nearly hurt myself. Grand Dragon Turdeau is such a tone deaf child. He is gone. The Liberals can’t possibly keep him. But could Scheer even defeat Climate Barbie or the Somalian guy who looks just like Turdeau in the photo. Ahahahahaha!

  23. hahahaha.. Christmas came early this year.

    As they are now saying online:

    So let’s start adding this up.
    Says he is a feminist, but disrespects women.
    Says he is for equality but goes blackface.
    Says he cares about the middle class but raises taxes.
    Says he cares about the environment but jets around like a movie star.
    Pattern? Yes. Pattern.

  24. This all seems to be coming from inside the tent. Perhaps the polling numbers are starting to look grim. Better to lance the boil (… boil the lance? …) before we head down the road much further. What is the order of succession if the leader quits during the campaign? Do we get the Deputy PM or is it open season?

    Morneau would play OK in Quebec, and he’s a bland accountant type who would be more or less acceptable to those who don’t like Trudeau’s flash. Freeland would be more problematical, but would kneecap some NDP support. Catherine McK. would be a disaster.

    CBC dashed out last night and managed to find a bunch of brown people to interview who were OK with the PM’s hijinks, and now they’ll have to dash out all over again. Damn the populace!

    1. Sheila Copps? Haha

      Morneau has the stench of SNC Lavlin all over him and then there’s the forgotten villa and likely other “forgotten” conflicts of interest. With so many Liberals either directly or indirectly tainted with corruption from going along with SNC, the two best replacements would have been former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould or Dr. Jane Philpott…but Trudeau kicked them out and the other Liberal MPs cheered him on.

      1. Brilliant. Bring back Sheila Coops. She is still probably pretty feisty. Bob Rae would be a better choice, but I do not know how he could begin to rescue the mess made by Butts and Trudeau of the once respected Liberal Party. And here is another scary thought. Dalton McGuinty is back in town. Interesting times. Part of the problem for the Libs is that so many experienced Liberals were sidelined. They may still be in the caucus or Party, but they currently have no profile.

        1. Copps would be a fantastic comedic interlude.

          TBH, the Liberals need a blue Liberal next time. Someone with economic literacy and a dignified persona. Harper in a red cape.

  25. To be honest, these aren’t the types of pictures that I thought would bomb Trudeau’s election chances. With the way Trudeau acts around women, my bet would have been boudoir photos or racy texts pointing towards infidelity. Perhaps even accusations around lack of consent – think of the kokanee groping incident and his sense of arrogance and entitlement.

    I guess the signs were there of his poor judgment with POC. Firing an aboriginal woman attorney general, yelling at a black woman MP over the phone, and who can forget the snarky “Thank you for your donation” to the aboriginal woman protester fighting for clean water on her reserve (to the applause of big Liberal donors).

    Trudeau appears to be neither a feminist nor woke on matters of racial sensitivity. You’d think this would bother progressives but many seem to be making excuses. Odd how a rich, white, private school, well connected, trust fund guy gets so many free passes.

    What else is Trudeau hiding?

      1. No idea but his behavior around women ranges from odd to disturbing. The long looks, the face locks, the intimately placed hands, the doe-eye expressions….it reminds me of the covers of 80s harlequin romance novels. I’ve worked with harmless flirts, shameless flirts and those who want to take things beyond flirtation. Let people make their own judgement but the eye contact and body language aren’t exactly subtle. I don’t imagine this goes over well in most marriages but to each their own

        Then look at how he treats women who don’t submit to authority, who aren’t swayed by his charm, don’t buckle to his pressure or his manipulation. He destroys them. These are not the traits of a man who respects women.

        1. He’s gay. It’s very obvious. Gay men like other men, not women. Closeted gays go for lots of women to hide their true nature. Women are just part of the disguise

          Butts too. Started political career working for MacEachen, famously gay good “buddy” of Trudeau Sr. Moved on to Smitherman. Trudeau Jr took his other old uni “buddy” Seamus Oreagan on his romantic trip to Aga Khan island. Seamus checks into rehab a couple months later, Trudeau rewards him with Cabinet posts. No hetero man (or woman) in the history of Pride Parades has ever shown Juthtin’s enthusiasm for leading them. Wears little girls’ socks, loves playing dress-up at the slightest opportunity. Where would be a better place to troll for gay/bi/curious teenage boys than a highschool drama class?

          That’s the big “leak” (not really a leak when he’s so blatantly screaming it) I’m waiting for, but not really expecting. They seem to have a very strict code of silence, abetted by media

        2. but many wimins give these type s of clown a pass, even in regular life, I know of one who always makes a nuisance of himself with wimins and gets a pass by other women who know what he does,

  26. I think JT just involuntarily released a dribble of sunnyways in his pants while asking Canadians for the forgiveness that he would deny everyone else with his self professed ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY against such acts of HATE. He is a cruel joke foisted upon Canadians by a Party of Liars and Thieves. He has none of the qualities we expect and require as a national leader and seems never to rise much above a child that can’t stop playing with the contents of his dirty diaper to smear himself over and over. I truly hope Ontarians have enough good sense to put their shoes to his and his party’s backside next month in the ballot box. This paper cutout of a grown up is utterly disgusting. CANADA DESERVES BETTER!!!

    1. Oh you think elections actually matter.

      Here’s some scary, freaky prescience.

      It’s a horse race, neck and neck.

      Oooh. Two weeks left. Kick in the Media.

      Conservative Washington Generals Party can’t sink a basket.

      Liberals trending higher.

      Media puts the boots to the Generals……err….Conservatives, again.

      Liberal majority.

      Generals..err….Conservatives missed that easy layup again.

      It’s Ground Hog Day again!

      Don’t trust Lucy, Charlie.

  27. Read on Twitter : I guess Mr. Dressup reached into his tickle trunk one time too many.

    Probably more than once too many, if you add in the Indian costumes and at least 2 other blackface incidents.

  28. Where’s Ezra? He should offer $10,000 to $20,000 for Turdeau dick picks. I’m sure there are lots out there. The preening fairy is always performing.

  29. It would be magnificent if he would do the rest of the campaign in costume and full makeup. One day Dutch Santas helper Zwarte Piet, the next a Charlie Chan, I imagine he could pull off a respectable Judy Garland (someone find that PM a Toto).

    Maybe have an entire week of US Presidents. Honest Abe, Barrack, JFK (with the caucus dressed as either Marilyns or Jackies ), fat suited Cleveland (can’t leave out the horizontally challenged).

    Now that works be politics I would pay attention to.

  30. What the sam hell is wrong with this guy?
    we have seen him call a little old lady in quebec a racist.
    we have seen him tell a veteran there is no more money for you.
    we have seen him interfere in the judicial system in this country.
    we have seen him call out and throw out mps of his party for less.
    we have seen him tell a student that we dont say Mankind anymore we say Peoplekind.
    we have seen him try to explain water drinking box type things.
    we have seen his arrogance and dismissiveness to the leaders of other paries in the hoc Qp.
    now we hear the vid was from 2003! 5yrs before he was elected acting like a ape as warrenk said remember that the fake shock when he became a party leader how much did he pay off his opponents, putting his hands on his face, the fake tears.
    Gawd what else, Again just what the sam hell is wrong with this guy.
    Most definate Not A PM.
    Step Down Resign you are an embarrasement to Canada, you cant be believed, what else have you hid from Canadians.

    1. Two things:
      1. Maritimes, Quebec and Ontario WILL still vote him in to be Canada’s next Prime Minister.
      (I hope that Yukon, North West Territories have learned their lesson from voting LIEberal in last election.)
      2. The Human Rights Commission will NOT prosecute him on hate crimes … though if any other leader of the opposition did this, they would pay dearly
      The media-party is his one hope … they will say nothing and hope the voters will forget this “misunderstanding” before election day . Is it any wonder that world leaders (China) do not associate with him.

      1. “1. Maritimes, Quebec and Ontario WILL still vote him in to be Canada’s next Prime Minister.”

        In my area of the Maritimes Conservative lawn signs are 3:1 versus Lib. However cities like Halifax (all cities in Canada basically) will still vote heavily Left-wing no matter what. They’d vote for the Khmer Rogue before a Conservative. That’s why I won’t live in a city any more.

        1. I am seeing a lot of Green and NDP signs in my area — more than usual anyway. Our neighborhood bounces between Liberals and Conservatives. Surely some of those Green signs are from earlier Lib supporters. Currently we have a Liberal incumbent.

  31. He’s toast.

    Hypocrisy has finally caught up to him. Fake feminist, most woke person ever, mr. diversity, the most sensitive person in the room. You name it he’s it.

    He didn’t look contrite or sorry when he apologized last nite. His words didnt contain genuine remorse. His usual narcissist personality prevailed.

    Will the liberal MP’s continue to back him or will open revolt occur?

    1. Fake feminist is right. I recently read a compelling argument that drag queens (increasingly showing up at leftist applauded story hours) are a variation of blackface. Blackface makes fun of blacks. Drag Queen make fun of women. It is a thoughtful insight, yet many politicians take the position that if you object to drag queen story hour, you are somehow a “hater.” Drag queens march in all those gay parades Trudeau is so fond of attending. He shows himself to be a shallow hypocrite there as well.

  32. I have no doubt that these photos were released by by anti-Trudeau forces within the Liberal party. They’ve seen the interior polling that we, the common folk, never get to see.
    Why was the original photo released by Time, a U-S publication? Could it be because the Canadian media accepted a payoff of more than a half billion dollars?
    Why has Kinsella been on Trudeau’s case for months? He’s a war room specialist. He’s seen the secret polling.
    Why has LeDrew, a former party president, been critical of Trudeau and his policies? He recognized Trudeau’s stupidity long ago.
    The Liberal insiders with brains know they have to start afresh.
    We now know of three separate times that Trudeau used blackface, not brown-face and not make-up.
    We also know that Conservative thinkers, in the main are capable of forgiving past mistakes, while Liberals and lefties go for the throat.

    1. I agree. They want him and his chum Butts gone — either by an election loss or leadership review. The pair have taken the Liberal Party far to the left of where most Canadians are. Canadians should have figured this out and not voted for Trudeau last time, but thry did not. Finally, someone has taken charge. Question, do the angry Liberals have an idea of whom to replace Trudeau with? Could it be someone from the old guard? I do not think Trudeau will survive this.

    2. Cantsmellya is working for Lizard May, by the way.

      He’s had his knives out for Trudeau for a long, long time.

      1. Kinsella stop working for the Greens a couple of months ago. He set up their war room and helped them hire the campaign managers, then he departed. Kinsella is an equal-opportunity mercenary. He’s worked with Liberals, Greens, Toronto Conservatives. As long as the cheque clears.

    3. The liberal insiders certainly do know he is a phony. The liberal brand is now the trudeau brand. He owns the party. The insiders are biting their tongues, hoping against all hope that he can pull off another win no matter what it takes or how disgusting a person trudeau is or becomes. All that matters is retaining power.

      They have no other option and because the old brand is no more. It’s trudeau and only trudeau. That is why a palace coup is certainly brewing if things start (it’s all ready begun) to go south.

  33. I can’t help noticing that “brownface”/”blackface” is automatically considered racist. Personally, I don’t think it is in itself. Context is an issue IMO. Our society has moved the goal posts so many times that actions and words of a decade ago…hell, a week ago, are now concretely 100% racist without consideration of the time, place and reason.

    It falls under the “new rules” category. In essence, tolerant parties have lowered themselves to the level of the intolerant in order to compete and serve a healthy dose of what has been created on all parties, not just the right.

    This won’t end well….for anyone.

    1. You know, in the long run I think it will end well for the country. They will wake up to Liberal hypocrisy and manipulation and seek out a more moderate (Conservative or Liberal) government. People are not racists just because they express concerns about how immigration is being handled.
      The other beneficiary in the long run will be Trudeau himself who was put in a job he was not at all prepared to handle. People learn from set backs and I think this will be the moment when he starts to mature — long overdue.
      And another happy thought: perhaps we are not post-national after all.

    2. If that was a Conservative or PPC politician they would photoshop the face onto a KKK robe and put a burning cross in the background. The entire strategy of Justin/Butts is to slander their opponents as evil. That’s what makes the whole thing so excellent.

      BTW the people who say this is all coming from internal Liberal Party opposition are probably right. The Scheer campaign is too inept and directionless to accomplish anything of the kind.

      Somebody mentioned Sophie the spousal unit. Is she touring the Antarctic or something?

    3. You are right BUT.
      While I normally take the golden-rule highroad, in this instance I favour JT’s destruction via his own rules.
      While I would never ever favour the kinds of things done to Judge Kavanagh – the politics of personal destruction based on hate-hoaxed zero evidence – I’m keen to see JT go down with his rampant hypocrisy.

      As Jordan Peterson has said, while he had the right to, he had no business whatsoever running for PM of Canada.

  34. And people were actually blaming Sophie for the costume idea in India, now it appears Justy has a fetish for pretending.

  35. Mowgli was only a couple of inches away from squeezing the Charmin in that pic too. It seems his roaming hands have a creepy mind of their own. I’m thinking those that know him also know there’s other stuff to that will come. Methinks JT’s unsinkable media-proofed ship just struck his 11:40pm iceberg. Question is if there’s enough time for all the Librano rats to make it to the life boats before he takes them all down?

  36. I see a flaw in the liberal thinking. What about all those Oriental votes? Should he not do a Charlie Chan routine? Butts can be number one fruitcake.

  37. You know yesterday I saw a First Nations person in Levis , cowboy boots and a cowboy hat . Cultural appropriation? The whole dress up thing really shouldn’t matter. The hypocracy is unacceptable. Having said this why didn’t Scheer step up and say this instead of going full pc ? Trudeau will skate on this anyway and it would ha Ve been an opportunity to show something sensible. Doesn’t even matter who wins the election we are so screwed with any of these people in a position of power.

    1. Only aboriginals dress like cowboys. Real cowboys dress like truckers. Truckers wear turbans.

    2. Concerned @ 11:10 am

      Every September a nearby town in that province has a rodeo, so the guy you saw was legit. I know, it seems improbable for Quebec, but this is for real and an ongoing annual tradition. See the following info:


      P.S. Now I can just imagine the jokes here about the name of this place. It always makes me smile too!

  38. CTV political reporter Michel Boyer was just on the BNN-Bloomberg network, trying to explain the Trudeau “blackface” scandal. I never watch CTV News (trying to remain sane), I was am not familiar with Mr. Boyer. So all Boyer did during the interview was a series of pro-Liberal apologies. Mostly what he claimed was from what “he heard on the ground” and “from inside the Liberal war room”. Katie Telford and Gerald Butts must be constantly on the phone with their client reporters.

  39. Here is the deal.
    The idiots that voted for the airhead will vote for him again.
    The airhead should not be allowed anywhere near a governing position in normal country.

    The face coating looks like black. To call it brown is running a interference, so people like I will be taken off the main meme. Does not matter one way or the other.

    There is nothing racist with someone painting their face of whatever color they want. Seem to recall that Maory (spelling) paint their faces white for some reason.
    If the idiot painted his face green they would protest that he is insulting the little green men and trolls.
    Stupid is the maximum bad in reference to this.

    All of that being said, it is good to see the schadenfreude of the virtuous idiots that the socialists/fascists and the $600 million to the media cartel of other people’s money that the airhead gave them, the media cartel brought upon themselves.

    In case of the media cartel, they just want to generate controversy, socialist propaganda and sell advertisements.
    In case of politicians, they started it, it’s good to see they are getting clobbered by it.

    Sheer should just shut up, it is completely useless for him to make hay, there is enough of it already.
    Come to think of it the leader of the socialists is for all practical purposes brown, one must say here, that nobody gives a damn, standing next to that other face there is no comparison.

    Waiting for the airhead and the media cartel to start spreading the teary apologies and how hard done by the idiot is.

    Just an aside, would any whitey care if a guy of any different shade painted his face white?
    Don’t think so,

    1. Exactly. This is a concern only for the tormented souls trying to live up to the insanity that prevails within the tent of the institutional left. Beer and popcorn for the rest of us. May the Spawn please be eaten alive by his own.

    2. On the radio on the way home, there were many Liberal members phoning in about Trudeau and forgiving him for his youthful follies; and he did apologioze after all. Why I think this was a Liberal operation was that all claimed to be “brown” people saying they were not offended and that the fact that he accepted responsibility was noble. One or two said “this is the first time I believed him” etc. They were all too eloquent and scripted.

    3. Just an aside, would any whitey care if a guy of any different shade painted his face white?
      Don’t think so,

      Of course not, nor would any other “racialized” person give a fart. It’s called fancy dress or theater. Only political operatives complain about this sort of thing, wanting to score points and take down enemies.

      1. It’s the hypocrisy…that is all.
        As a friend on social media said today: “You live by the SJW sword, you die by the SJW sword.”

        Now…can we hope the remainder of the election campaign will cover policies??

  40. RE. the Blackface vs. Brownface controversy.

    Everyone knows the skin pigmentation of Arabs isn’t that of sub-Saharans.
    So why would Trudeau parody sub-Saharans at an Arabian Nights gala and manage to offend peoplekind of both Arab and sub-Saharan ethnicity?

  41. Oh Noooo! Old Liberal backroom boy Warren Kinsella calls Blackface Groper “scum” in his new story at the Toronto Sun website.

    1. credit to Kinsella vs the other presstitutes for calling “blackface” “blackface” and exposing what it stands for.

    2. Not surprizing. It has seemed to me there is an effort to dethrone ol’ Cotton Socks within the Liberal establishment. How else does the G&M produce anti-Trudeau stuff.

      1. robert, christa has already approached the $$$liberal boys about going for ltop lib job, and so has some one else, so I think that the top dogs want rid of the fool, as when business hurts it also hurts the lefty bus types