Enemy Of The People

When I was working for The Washington Times, we did not seek to prevent the distribution of The Washington Post, nor during my years as a correspondent for The American Spectator have we ever sought to silence any competing publication. Yet CNN and other so-called “mainstream” media operations are now actively engaged in a smear campaign intended to “de-platform” alternative voices online.

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  1. The left finally feels strong enough to come right out into the open to shut up and dissenting viewpoints.

    First they came for Alex Jones.

    1. Not that I watch any of his material. It is generally a little overpowering for me and maybe stretched a little.

      The left is also in the process of shutting down many other dissenting voices. They did a great job on SunTV here in Canada, and are trying to shut up Faith Goldy and Lauren Southern. They were somewhat successful with Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilly.

      I’m sure I have missed many names that are on heir list. Brock and Soros are busy.

      Read Sharyl Attkisson’s “Smear” and much of this becomes very clear as to what is going on.

      1. “They did a great job on SunTV here in Canada”

        “They” did nothing SunTV was just terrible unwatchable nonsense. Even Theo agrees. Gosh maybe the deplatforming wouldn’t be so easy if the people being deplatformed weren’t so unhinged.

        1. Why did the CRTC hold Sun TV to a standard not yet in place that no other channel was required to adhere to? The CRTC lied and said the new standard was to be no basic news channels – all had to find their subscribers. Of course this has never happened.

          1. Care to elaborate? The CRTC simply didn’t give carry privileges to Sun TV. Not that making that dreck mandatory carry would have helped.

    2. I do not think they are doing it cause they feel strong.

      For instance, have you ever went to the effort to besmirch the reputations of people who own unicorns? No, that would be wasted effort.

      Have you ever went to the effort to take apart a piece published on mother jones, or daily kos? No, that would be wasted effort.

      CNN used to have great power. That power is dwindling; but they still have SOME. This is an effort to at the very least maintain the power they still have, and best case return to the glory days.

      In military terms, this is a rearguard action.

  2. “CNN and others on the Left are seeking to silence Alex Jones because he has been effective in calling attention to various facts that the Left desperately seeks to conceal from the general public.”

    Of course. The truth will set you free.

    Here is the truth CNN do not want revealed:

    Our ruling class want the Christian and Jewish faiths destroyed, along with Israel and the nations of the Christian world, to make way for something more to the taste of their master in hell—a world that knows not the Name of God or of His Law, where Satan’s followers are free to do as they please—including, but not limited to, devoting themselves to the fulfillment of all their fantasies of rape, torture, and murder of the innocent. Today raping and killing children is thought an abomination. In the new order it will be a religious sacrament.

    Globalism is a Satanic faith, which teaches that its followers shall be as gods, above any human or divine law.

    1. As Canadians we are worried about CNN? Somewhat hypocritical don’tcha think? Conservative news outlets have been shutdown in Canada for decades now. The Harper government could have supported Sun TV but did not. They allowed FOX news to be minimalized in Canada. They were so worried about cozying up to the CBC that they did not get rid of it. Trump has found a means of by-passing the MSM and they hate him for that. Now they are trying to shut him down via the back door of Twitter regulation.

      1. “The Harper government could have supported Sun TV but did not.”

        Good. That’s how markets work.

        “Trump has found a means of by-passing the MSM”

        Reagan and Friedman did it better.

          1. Fascist markets work by public private partnerships. That is, if you want to grow to be a big company, you will do whatever the government tells you to do, and you will be allowed to grow and/or be granted a monopoly. The CRTC exists to maintain that effective monopoly IMHO.

  3. free speech for me but not for thee. the left has been trying to crush all speech and thought that they do not approve of. if they could make it a crime to be a freedom loving conservative they would.

  4. Is it not possible that this deplatforming action might actually be in their interests as a profit-making company? If this increases the bottom line, then they have a duty to shareholders to deplatform. In any event, the right to freedom of speech does not imply a right to a platform.

  5. I guess it is a pretty simple rule then:

    In a fight, anyone, who has ever uttered the phrase “we’re better than that”, will be useless to you. It is the equivalent of going into the trenches beside a guy who says “when you kill terrorists, they win”.

  6. In recent months, John Batchelor has had weekly discussions with Michael Vlahos of Johns Hopkins University about the new American civil war. One of the points that they make is that one doesn’t necessarily recognize that one is in such a conflict until it has already begun.

    Vlahos makes comparisons between the situation in the U. S. leading up to when shots were fired at Fort Sumter and what’s happened in recent years. There are indications that history may well be repeating itself. Those events included violent debates in Congress as well as the actions of John Brown and his followers.

    In many ways, the attempts by leftists news services to silence what they consider dissent is part of that.

  7. Unwise said,

    ” … Is it not possible that this deplatforming action might actually be in their interests as a profit-making company…[…]…they have a duty to shareholders to deplatform”

    so what you are saying is that if Foxnews one day manages to make CNN go away, manages to silence it completely, you will defend Foxnews actions.

    1. I think a closer analogy to de-platforming is a pizza delivery service. “you’re allowed to deliver pizzas, but you’re not allowed to use the streets of our town to do so.” So they invest in drones, and the city then demands helicopter pilot licenses for operators of delivery drones.

      If the normal way of delivering the service is removed then that will usually kill the service. That was the intent.

      1. No it isn’t. It is not remotely similar to that, because the platform-Facebook, Twitter, etc-are private property. You don’t have a right to use them in the same way that you have a right to use public roads or airspace. Really shouldn’t have to spell this out for you.

  8. “Yet CNN and other so-called “mainstream” media operations are now actively engaged in a smear campaign intended to “de-platform” alternative voices online.”

    First off, I don’t know anyone who watches CNN anymore. They must be out there somewhere but I haven’t met them. And second, who are the “other” mainstream media operations being referred to? Why not name them if you’re going to make an accusation??
    Somewhat aside, I note Stacy McCain’s attack on Charles Johnson, blogger comrade leader of Little Green Footballs (LGF). Anyone else remember him from yesteryear? Johnson was the guy who outed CBS’s Dan Rather and proved the letter on GW Bush’s National Guard Service was fake. So Johnson was a hero for the right for a while. Then, without warning, he became a prissy, California stereotype, bicyle riding, left wing fanatic.
    His blog exists today but is very limited, quite closed to new traffic, and very dogmatic. Always wondered what happened to make him do a 180.

    1. He noticed that the fanbase he built was comprised of completely unhinged lunatics, and he rightly disowned it.