25 Replies to “O, Sweet Saint Of San Andreas”

  1. I know someone who is visiting there this week. I asked them to bring back “feces” pictures 🙂

  2. They have exactly the excre-verment they deserve. Let them enjoy what they voted for. Good and hard.

  3. San Fran knows what they want, they have voted for it, and they deserve to get the fecal-oral disease route good and hard.

  4. San Francisco’s tutkeys have come home to roost and now their stuck with them

  5. people poop in the streets and no one arrests them. ok, now tell me just why are they pooping in the streets? there must be a social underlying cause that can be addressed by curtailing the freedom of people who don’t poop in the streets. this sure is a shitty situation.

    1. In fact, the city of Denver has gone the other way. Since ICE announced it will deport illegal aliens with any kind of criminal record, Denver repealed the city ordinance criminalizing public defecation. So now presumably one can defecate in the corridors of its city hall. Better that than help ICE deport illegal aliens.

  6. Even Vancouver doesn’t say that injection sites clean up the streets anymore. That lie died very quickly when the reality of the DTES intervened. Now we are told the sites prevent overdose deaths, not overdoses mind you, just the deaths. YAY! The BC government is now running ads trying to convince us that heroin junkies are just like us normies, they are our sister, our brother, a student, they have jobs, contribute to society and they just happen to inject heroin and we haven’t noticed. They are normalizing drug addiction to get rid of the stigma.


    1. They forgot valedictorians. Aren’t junkies as good as illegal aliens? I’ve been told ll DREAMers are valedictorians.

    2. That BC government ad is cute. The woman featured in the ad looks a bit too rosy cheeked healthy or certainly like no drug-addicted person I’ve seen.

  7. ?
    why not use the doggie house training trick so common, rub their goddamn nose in it
    until they goddamn LEARN to crap in a portable latrine.

  8. $37,333.33 per homeless person? annually! Real American dollars, not Canadian peso’s!

    And nothing can be done….

  9. Read the whole thing, couldn’t find anywhere that somebody suggested paying the junkies to pick up the garbage.

    Free fix for ten pounds of poo? Free fix for ten dirty needles? The streets would be operating theater clean in days.

    Just gotta give the peeps what they want.

    (Yes, I am aware of the legal and moral implications of the above suggestion, for the inevitable trolls reading until offended. The point is there’s certainly many ways to clean up the city that don’t involve mass deportations, mass arrests, mass tax increases etc.)

    Or they could arrest every idiot that poops in the street and make him dry out for two weeks. That would be a hell of a punishment. Withdrawl is not a fun thing.

    1. Do the math – they’re already spending $37,333.33 per homeless person annually. Of course no one would suggest paying them to provide a service, that would be like “work”, and you most certainly cannot suggest that anyone work if they don’t feel like it, that would be “oppression”….

    2. “The point is there’s certainly many ways to clean up the city that don’t involve mass deportations, mass arrests, mass tax increases etc…”

      Yes, but the city rarely stays cleaned up for long.

      You should be asking why drug addicts and dealers are allowed to live in North American cities at all, and aren’t summarily dispatched to labour camps (to do the jobs globalists insist white people won’t do), when that would only have to be done once, and it might even result in lower taxes.

      Heavens, drug addicts might even become an asset to society, once plaved in a completely controlled environment where they are obliged to do something constructive with their days.

      (You should also ask why trade with China is still permitted at all while it remains the world’s largest exporter of fentanyl.)

      Of course the charlatan “experts” on drug addiction would oppose it. They make a living pretending to manage an intractable problem when in fact the problem would only take a little effort and courage to solve for good.

      1. Bah! SF should provide free Fentanyl – unlimited free Fentanyl. Corpses all over the place will be disagreeable for a while but it is a self-limiting problem.

  10. ….and the new leader of SF is now suggesting that the adult street people need to be given “potty training”. I wonder how many more tax payer millions will go into that new program. Will this insanity never end !

  11. This is such WONDERFUL news … that SF has elected a WOMAN ovvvv culllller … for the FIRST TIME in the history of this prooooogressive city. That’s all that matters. Oh, and the feces? SF’s new mayor will ask the homeless industry tycoons to … please … ask their ‘clients’ to clean up the sidewalks after they defecate upon it … by using newly city issued disposable plastic gloves that are also used to collect doggie waste, and to dispose in proper city issued receptacles for that purpose. Because SF doesn’t ‘punish’ the hapless homeless residents … they cater to them.

    So… dear San Franciscans … enjoy your new Mayor … and enjoy your pets. Your homeless pets. Enjoy your ‘rescue city’. Enjoy your ‘sanctuary city’. Where everything is ‘sanctified’ … except NORMALITY. Except; Law, order, punishment, consequences, or decency. So, step lightly … dodge the urine streams, and enjoy the cities wildlife … it’s pets … it’s homeless pets.

    1. Kenji – if this is the first woman mayor in the history of San Francisco, then it’s been the male mayors who have let this problem fester.

      1. Current US Senator Dianne Feinstein was the first female mayor of San Francisco. London Breed is the first black female mayor of SF. Willie Brown was the first black mayor. SF’s history of failing to do anything productive about its homeless (and frequently insane) population has been the case regardless of the sex or race of its mayors.

  12. In a clean and “supervised” injection site, is the content of the needle inspected? What happens when someone injects something deadly in a supervised site? Who will be held accountable (and it will be financial) for failing to supervise? Hint: begins with “tax” and ends with “payer.”

  13. Side note…. watch your step while readin… ewwww!
    The video which followed this was on the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing.
    Remember this is the one where Russian intelligence warned us about the Tsarnaev brothers… and we didn’t listen. Because, you know,our intelligence people are the best of the best.

  14. They keep trying to make it better for the homeless. That’s in conflict with the most basic truism, which is, ….. if you build it , they will come, …. from all other non progressive communities across the land. But then again, …… left and logic has never been compatible. It’s a downward spiral that always hits the hard wall of reality. It’s a liberal/socialist thing. Slow learners.

  15. Me and my special class took a two day trip to San Francisco when there was a little more Common Sense when they were not a Sanctuary for Illegal Aliens(Future Democratic Voters)and Height Ashbury was the Duggie Capital