Disturbing news from Sudbury

SDA commenter ‘jdkirlan’ has brought to our attention the Demands of a BLM group in Sudbury, Ontario:

Black Lives Matter Sudbury has issued the list of demands it plans on putting before Greater Sudbury city council on Tuesday evening.

The demands, the group said in a news release, are aimed at producing “meaningful and long-lasting change.”

  • Demand One: Black Lives Matter Sudbury calls upon the Greater City of Sudbury and Council to provide funding for the implementation of appropriate culturally sensitive programming for Black, Indigenous, and Youth of Colour.
  • Demand Two: Black Lives Matter Sudbury calls upon the City of Greater Sudbury, Council, and all Arts and Culture organizations in the community for an appropriate level of inclusion of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) representation in public spaces including, but not limited to, murals, galleries, festivals and performance venues.
  • Demand Three: Black Lives Matter Sudbury demands that the City of Greater Sudbury and Council to immediately defund and redirect 10 per cent of the $62-million Sudbury taxpayer dollars utilized for the Greater Sudbury Police Service (GSPS) budget.

“Demands” is the word that terrorists use. Is Black Lives Matter Sudbury a de facto terrorist organization? If the Sudbury City Council and residents of Sudbury Regional District don’t succumb to their demands, is there an implied or even direct threat of violence and destruction from the BLMS members and their comrades who will arrive from elsewhere?!

Here’s an alternative idea for this recently formed group of entitled thugs: Do the hard work of creating your own political party and convincing Canadian voters to support your ideas.  Then when you get elected on your platform of ideas, you’ll have an actual mandate to deploy them.  Or does this democratic approach clash with your Totalitarian Marxist ideology?

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      1. Neo, it ain’t a disease, it’s a lifestyle. When they grow up poor with poor parented and single parent families, and can’t be bothered to complete an education as its “hard”, the only life they are equipped for, is in the gangs and drug trade, (at least it’s a trade eh) which they appear to accept with relish. Until there is the will to intervene and change this “lifestyle” there will be no change, and the average J Q Public is the one that suffers and pays the extra bills. If and or when they manage to take over, and begin their new BLM lifestyles, will they realize that they actually had it good before the change, but returning to what they could have had will be a lot harder, if even possible at all. By then it will be the new wild wild west, and anyone with any sense of survival will have long vacated that Tronna hell hole. Don’t worry though, the new reality will follow them shortly. Even in that criminal sense, they too, will follow the money! Our own worry and hand wringing about how they were so badly treated will be our own signed warrants of abdication, and our eventual downfall and death. At least we can say we feel good about how we supported their issues in their time of enlightenment, but they sure as hell won’t be supporting us in our time of downfall and death!

    1. That would be nice, but they are manufacturing more in a public school near you.
      Hell my grown kids,can’t be reasoned with when it comes to “white priveledge”, and they had to earn everything they have.
      This crap is spreading faster than wuhan flu. The “oppressed” will never be happy,as long as they are catered to by usefull idiots.

  1. Yes everyone can remember those chilling photos of black slaves toiling in the cotton fields of Sudbury under the scorching January sun.

  2. North East Ontario has been a haven for socialism for decades now. NDPer Charlie Angus has been the federal MP for ever. BLM seems a natural fit down there

  3. “As it has been forced to do multiple times with stories involving Black Lives Matter, Sudbury.com is closing comments preemptively on this story. The amount of hateful and racist comments BLMS receives means no meaningful discussion occurs and moderating the comments that are received becomes an impossible task.”


    In other words, they were told, in no uncertain terms and in overwhelming numbers by the normals there, to F.O. and pound sand.

    1. “comments BLMS receives means no meaningful discussion occurs”

      ‘Demands’ and ‘meaningful discussion’ are not kissing cousins.

    2. Yeah, “meaningful discussion” which is right up there with the Liberal trope “we need to have a conversation”… where they talk and you listen.

  4. Demand Two ( murals, galleries, festivals and performance venues) tells you who these people are: feeble artsy twats. The (slightly) disturbing news from Sudbury isn’t about this tiny collection of pathetics, it’s that Greater Sudbury City Council even entertained them.

  5. I think the appropriate answer to Sudbury’s black lives matter is … ‘fuck off’.

    I had no idea Dixie ran that far north.

    Increase funding to Sudbury’s poe leece right now and do not put up with one single act of rioting or burning or anything else from these fools.

  6. Well we will find out if anyone on council has the balls to tell them to go back to mommy’s basement and STFU.

  7. If blacks, Indians and other assorted pieces of cack—sorry, “people of colour”—were actually oppressed in Sudbury, they would be leaving daily. They are not. North American blacks are the richest, most spoiled and least grateful Africans on the planet.

    The real question is what decent people in Greater Sudbury gain from keeping them around.

    The hour is late for decent people in that fair city to deliver an ultimatum to their diverse neighbours, to the effect of “sort yourselves out or get out.”

  8. Those same “demands” could easily be found within the policies and sentiments of the Greens, NDP, and Liberal parties. Is there any real difference? BLM in Canada is just an import of the Democratic party / Canadian media political action contractors.

  9. Judging (yes, JUDGING) by their picture I take to be their “leadership cadre”, several of them don’t vote yet and apparently none of them have any common sense. “We demand….” is not an opening statement. It’s normally used by the victor to describe the spoils of war. If they haven’t fought just yet, it’s coming. We will watch to see how it turns out. Punks.

  10. Total appropriation of a U.S. issue. Btw…who are these people? Lets have some names. Who funds them? Because if there are some corporate heavy hitters…I wanna know who to boycott.
    BLM Sudbury sounds about as ridiculous as BLM Nunavut.

    And if Sudbury hasn’t got the nads to tell them GTFOH, we’re lost.

    1. BLM Sudbury sounds about as ridiculous as BLM Nunavut.

      Even Fort St. John had its own BLM protest this past summer. Yeah, that’s the sign of a real city, isn’t it?

      1. Yeah BA, Even my little town on the west coast of BC, pop 15,000 – 20,000, had a BLM action day of four white people at city hall, and I think three spray painted BLM signs in town. There was a nice picher in da local paper, that prints just about any and every local opinion that is polite, didn’t print my fun fact filled diatribe opinion about the BLM movement, heck the local lefty editor didn’t even acknowledge my “letter to the Editor”. It ain’t easy being a Righty Whitey these days.

        1. If I remember correctly, there’s a park in the south side near Wal-Mart and that’s where the fun and games were.

          Tims? Which one? I think there are 4 in Fort St. John now. There’s one right beside the court house and I think there’s one about a block or two from WM.

          It seems each time I go to FSJ, I’m like Marty McFly in reverse. I keep going by certain places and I find myself trying to remember what used to be there or, in the case of a building, which firm occupied it.

          1. Four Tim’s? Last I was going through there, Tim’s was just off the highway at 86A St. on your way into or out of town…a “mandatory thermos” fill, or up near the court house, if you were headed to Cecil. My other whistle stop was Humpty’s, for gas and a late night bite, on my way to Pink Mountain, 115 & 117 Road, 135 Road, the Sikanni, or Fort Nelson. Had a boo at the map online and the place is unrecognizable today, especially along the highway. Only furriners were the Chinese restaurant, some Koreans and oh, all those Chermans, hiding out in the bush. My fave drill job was a bit south of town on a buffalo ranch. We were close enough to town, the pizza place delivered to the rig under the watchful eye of the herd.

          2. When I moved away in ’77, there wasn’t a whole lot south of the highway except for some shops and truck yards for a few blocks along Mackenzie Street. Now I can’t find my way around that part of town unless I look on the Internet before I leave my house.

            It doesn’t help that many of the streets there aren’t numbered but have native names. (In the neighbourhood in NE Calgary where I used to live, the street names were similar, so one at least knew that one was probably in the right part of the city.)

            I scarcely recognize the place now.

  11. The CBC has been trying for a while now to import all the problems of the US, but we can’t have any of that freedom or prosperity because that would lead to inequality.

  12. I wonder how long the protest/crime will last in Seattle, WA. We have set a record for rain fall and it’s getting much colder in the mornings.

    First time I wished for winter to show up now!

  13. Since BLM – Sudbury is including other races in their “demands”, the powers that be in Sudbury should demand that they resubmit the demands as ALM – Sudbury, and once it is done, tell the to go to hell.

  14. According to the latest census, taken in 2016, only 1,460 of a total of 164,690 residents of the greater Sudbury area are black. That’s fewer than 1% of the population. And yet they have all these demands?

  15. Love, by which I mean disgusted* by, the celtic cross in the background of the photo in the linked story. It reminds me of the apparent Diversity Hire at the level of University President by someone who had very little qualifications other than her Imid (immutable identity) https://usudbury.ca/en/news/current-news/972-university-of-sudbury-welcomes-new-president-and-vice-chancellor where she got rid of the Catholic chaplain in lieu of a “spiritual” chaplain.

    *Note I’m not disgusted by the cross. I’m disgusted by communists who use it as a prop.

    1. L-The Celtic Cross exists because St. Patrick converted the barbarian, nature worshipers to Christianity, and as the legend goes drove the snakes out of Ireland, likely using a shillelagh !

      The snake being a symbol of evil, such required exorcising the ideological (demonic)possession of their minds. The Celtic Cross should still possess that power against the ideological possession by Cult. Marxism, with it’s Critical Race Theory. It was preceded by Critical Gender Theory, which softened our critical faculties for the current Maoist insurgency.

      The Socratic dialogue, starting the exorcism would be: “Are there any lives that don’t matter?”

      Compare and contrast, Cult. Marxism with Judeo-Christian free will and personal responsibility; of the equality of opportunity to make bad or good decisions. To some degree, for all of us, to be the authour of our own misfortune and/or achievement.

      It’s the “All Lives Matter” proverb, that gives rise to their narcissist resentment against competency, a resentment that leads to the Gulag Archipelago, to the killing fields…

      All Lives Matter is the axiom that defeated internecine tribalism. It possesses that power, still.

    2. I think your Sophie shuffled off to Winnipeg last year, where she will no doubt be eager to bring similar “progressive” change to what was once a pretty decent Jesuit college and is now the Universite de Saint-Boniface. https://ustboniface.ca/en/office-of-the-president

      Not worry though, she probably can’t make things much worse than the last two “progressives” who occupied that post. Even the ghosts of the Jesuits have long fled.

  16. I’m kind of hoping any BLM riots (sorry, demonstrations) are met by a group of hard rock miners. When I worked in Thompson, Manitoba back in the day, the miners and smelter workers wouldn’t have put up with this crap.

    See Stompin’ Tom Connors Sudbury Saturday Night (the girls are playing bingo and the boys are getting stinko).